Who Eats Orange?

Who Eats Orange? Who Eats Orange A Chicken A Bunny A Bear Find Out In This Unique Exploration Of Colors And Animals Favorite Foods.Animals Eat A Rainbow Of Different Foods Gorillas In The Mountains Eat Green, Octopi In The Ocean Eat Red, And Toucans In The Canopy Eat Purple Young Animal Enthusiasts Will Love Digging Into This Lively Journey Around The World To Explore The Colorful Diets Of Many Animals, From The Familiar To The Exotic. What do bunnies eat How about bears or octopuses or even quetzals And just what color is all that food all those animals eat In Who Eats Orange author Dianne White takes little readers on a trip around the world to explore the many different colors of food that animals familiar and exotic eatincluding what people eat Who Eats Orange with its bright colors, delightful text, and fun factual information put such a big smile on my face Dianne White s simple, yet effective text will charm and captivate little readers as they learn all about different kinds of animals and the various foods they eat And Robin Page s colorfu
Who eats orange Bunnies do Question and answers introduce readers to different animals who eat various colored foods What do you eat I eat the rainbow Lobsters are not red when they are in the ocean they are blueish green They turn red after being boiled. WOW, five stars for the illustrations in this title done by Robin Page The soft precious eyes looking straight at you will melt your heart I am in love with the goat, the giraffe, and the whale Each page is an illustrated very close u
Great book with interesting information, engaging structure, stunning illustrations, and lots of extra information in the back matter Loved this and will be ordering for my library asap As I read it, was thinking it could be a good pairing for some Lois Ehlert books. Yes, it s basically a concept book about colors, but it serves as a introduction to a variety of animals as well Clever Clever This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm Visit us for new picture books reviews daily Hello, friends Our book today is Who Eats Orange by Dianne White Robin Page, a gorgeous and engaging look at colors, food, and wildlife.Who eats orange Rabbits do carrots , and so do chickens cantaloupe Goats and pigs do, too And gorillas wait Gorillas don t eat orange, they eat green In this rhythm, the reader follows the diets of different animals, large and small, from different areas around the globe ocean, farm, forest, etc each themed around a different color At last, the reader is shown a rainbow of food all delicious natural foods of the human diet.What a clever concept It seems complicated, and feels a little hard to explain, but works so well in the finished product JJ was eager to name both the colors and the animals, all of which are illustrated with stunning realism in mixed media patterns and vibrant colors The text that signaled the transition between colors was a little awkward to read aloud, and might have been phrased a little differently It s a minor complaint, than made up for in the quality of art and information on the animals, their diets, and their habitats in the backmatter The len
Asking which animals eat what colors allows this book to explore both animals and colors at the same time Starting with the title question, the book looks at bunnies eating carrots, chickens pecking cantaloupe, goats biting oranges, and pigs munching pumpkins But what about a gorilla No, gorillas eat green And the book merrily moves on to that color and then on to other food colors as well The animals are varied and interesting including turkeys, foxes, quetzals, marmots, reindeer and many The book ends asking you about the colors you eat and revealing the rainbow of food that humans enjoy.White has created an energetic picture book that has a strong structure that young children will find enticing She has selected the featured animals cleverly, using both familiar animals and exotic animals side by side The book s s
First sentence Who eats orange Bunnies in their hutches do Chickens in the henhouse too Who else eats orange Goats Pigs Gorillas too Gorillas No Gorillas don t eat orange They eatPremise plot This nonfiction concept book focuses on the colors various animals eat.My thoughts I picked this one up because of the awesome cover It said to me READ ME, READ ME I had high expectations because of the cover The book didn t meet those high expectations, but that says about me than the book itself If you choose a book based solely on a cover without reading any reviews, then that s a risk you take being disappointed.So this one goes through a rainbow of colors White chooses a few animals to highlight per color My slight issue with the book again this says about me is that animals rarely eat just one color So while bunnies do eat orange carrots they eat plenty of other vegetables that are not orange You could just as easily list them under gr
Who Eats Orange by Dianne White, illustrated by Robin Page PICTURE BOOK Beach Lane Books Simon Schuster , 2018 18 9781534404083BUYING ADVISORY Pre K, EL K 3 ADVISABLE AUDIENCE APPEAL HIGHEvery few pages the question is asked, who eats a certain color, and then there are three examples of what animal eats that color Then an animal that doesn t eat that color is named and the book moves on to the next color For example, who eats purple Quetzals, toucans, and butterflies, but not reindeer The colors is the book are bright and engaging and they contrast with a simple white background The best part of the book is talking about what colors of foods the reader ea

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  • Who Eats Orange?
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  • 24 October 2017
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