Weve Seen the Enemy

Weve Seen the Enemy An Alien Ship Crashes On Earth Its Contents Make It Clear That The Dead Ant Like Aliens Inside Were On An Offensive Mission As Humanity Is Presented With The Prospect Of Their Doomed World, Construction Begins On Hundreds Of World Federation Ships And Extrasolar Defense Weapons To Be Used In The Inevitable War.WE VE SEEN THE ENEMY Is Set 700 Years After The Great War And Is A Desperate Race By A Suicide Team That May Finally Lead To The End Of This Interstellar War Meanwhile, Pockets Of Left Over Human Tribes On Earth Have Their Own Struggles, As They Face Power Hungry Dictators And Warped Religious Leaders Behind All This Are Multiple Alien Forces, Each With Their Own Agenda.As Truths Turn Into Lies And Friends Become Enemies, Can Humanity Unite Together To Fight Their Common Enemy I picked this up for free during an Read an eBook Week promotion It s 3.89 in the Kindle store as I write this review, and you will get a lot value out of it than the 3.89 purchase price.I use a modified version of the Baen criteria in judging science fiction the technology and plot lines needs to be believable, you have to be able to relate to the characters, and if there are aliens don t gross me out or overly confuse me with strange names and abilities This one hits it on all fronts.The basic outline without having a spoiler is mankind has an apocalypse based upon an alien invasion whose sole purpose appears to wipe humanity out of the galaxy The aliens do a pretty good job, and we then fast forward 700 years to where mankind has regrouped and is fighting back in a major way.The author does a great job of multiple story lines at the beginning, as well as good character development and dialogue, then bringing them all together throughout the b