Under World

Under WorldHill Is An Instinctive And Complete Novelist Who Is Blessed With A Spontaneous Storytelling Gift Frances Fyfield, Mail On Sunday When Young Tracey Pedley Vanished In The Woods Around Burrthorpe, The Close Knit Community Had Their Own Ideas About What Had Happened, But Deputy Chief Constable Watmough Has It Down As The Work Of A Child Killer Who Has Since Committed Suicide Though Others Wondered About The Last Man To See Her Alive And His Fatal Plunge Into The Disused Mine Shaft Returning To A Town He Left In Anger, Colin Farr S Homecoming Is Ready For Trouble, And When A University Course Brings Him Into Contact With Ellie Pascoe, Trouble Starts Meanwhile Andy Daziel Mutters Imprecations On The Sidelines, Until A Murder In Burrthorpe Mine Forces Him To Take Action That Brings Him Up Against A Hostile And Frightened Community As a lover of the Dalziel Pascoe T.V series I was hoping for great things from this and thankfully Hill lived up to my love of the series This has all the bits I love from the series including Dalziel s blunt and to the point approach to people, investigations and life in general and Pascoe s quiet patience as well as the added bonus of knowing what is going on in their heads and getting to spend than just an hour or two in their company I really did not like Ellie though, she annoyed the living hell out
I almost missed out on this tenth entry in the 24 book Dalziel Pascoe mystery series I thought I had read them all, when a member of a Facebook group mentioned this title in a post It s definitely one that should not be missed, with its first rate story, superb writing, vividly portrayed Yorkshire coal mining setting, great dialogue, and excellent characterization, with a notable development in Peter Pascoe s character at the end.Reginald Hill was among the most literate and imaginative of mystery writers, and references and allusions to literary works abound The sections of the novel are separated by excerpts from Dorothy L Sayers translation of Dante s
So basically Ellie is a selfish, self obsessed twunt who not only gets in the way of police procedures but actively harms them And is a bitch while doing so Right The book was great, but I really really hate Ellie What a self righteous nitwit. This series goes from strength to strength Beautifully done I don t get Ellie Pascoe though She walks around with blinders on Her life is a knee jerk reaction, why doesn t she ever think things through Another literary inspired mystery from Hill This time Dante provides the influence Published in the late 1980s, the novel presents a Britain, specifically Yorkshire, riven and still reeling from the miner s strike action of 1984 Criminality flourishes both above the collieries and deep within Unusually, Pascoe s wife Ellie takes center stage Her socialistic streak, her sympathy for the colliers and one in particular chafes with her view of her husband s strong arm police practices Ellie may have fair minded concerns and beliefs but she is also somewhat shrill and strident in voicing the
En plus des bonnes intrigues et de l criture excellente de la s rie, j aime les personnages Dalziel est assez original dans le genre Il n est pas du genre tra ner son mal tre et ses questionnements sur la vie, l univers et le reste comme la plupart des h ros policiers Il n est pas du genre se demander pourquoi sa femme est partie il aurait d ailleurs t plus surprenant qu une femme puisse rester avec lui Il est odieux, il passe son temps gratter certaines parties de son anatomie en public, il engueule tout le monde en jurant comme un charretier, bref c est un gros con vulgaire et il fonce dans le tas mais c est un bon vivant Et on finit par s attacher lui parce que c est un type r glo et loyal qui a parfois des lans de sensibilit inattendus En fait, il se fait un malin plaisir ne jamais agir comme les gens s y attendent Son subordonn Pascoe est un nouveau type de policier Il a fait des tudes, il est moins corporatiste que la plupart des policiers, il fait confiance aux m thodes modernes Bref, c est un objet de moquerie constant pour son sup rieur La s rie a d autres personnages r currents, le sergent Wield, policier imperturbable et Ellie Pascoe, gauchiste, f
This is number ten in the wonderful Dalziel Pascoe series, written in 1988 with a setting centred on a small mining community in Burrthorpe in Yorkshire This is in the aftermath of the strikes of the 80 s and the miners now have sponsored day release for educational purposes Ellie Pascoe is roped in to take some classes which provides her from a break writing her feminist novel which isn t proceeding as planned Her class includes an angry young man, Colin Farr whose father was the last person to see young Tracey Pedley alive before she was murdered A local man who committed suicide was widely believed to be the culprit but that hasn t completely stemmed the whispers and rumours.Under World creates the atmosphere of a small closed community perfectly, a place where old secrets are kept and ruminated upon away from outside eyes so when a murder occurs in Burrthorpe mine means that the police are called in to investigate it takes Dalziel and Pascoe a while to get to the truth It doesn t help that Colin Farr is one of the chief suspects not least because Ellie obviously is attracted to the dark brooding young man who hates the locality but is unable to leave until he works out the truth of what his father did the day little Tracey went missing Ellie is drawn to the young man s mind, as well as his physical attributes, as she struggle
Great stuff If you ve never read a mystery, you could do much worse than starting with Reginald Hill He is one of the few mystery writers that manage to consistently incorporate a little black humor usually provided by Superintendent Dalziel into his books This one takes place largely in a mining town and provides a fairly interesting and gripping description of what it is like to be a coal miner in Northern England not very nice, as it turns out The mystery is first rate
Ellie Pascoe became very frustrating The writting was slick but some of the local Yorkshire dialect was incomprehensible at times The press tried to sensationalise the local police but came to a sticky end. Despite all the fancy linguistic trappings and foul miner s language and imagery, the plot to this story is easy and it is almost too easy to spot the main villain It seems that everything points to one individual so that you think it can t be that obvious, but it is By the time the book ends, seven people and a dog have died violently and the life of Peter Pascoe hangs in the balance.Basically, the plot is this a n er do well by the name of Colin Farr is a brooding Heathcliffesque kind of character, stirring up trouble for no clear reason in his grimy, remote coal mining village He is taking an enrichment University course, being taught by none other than Ellie Pascoe There ensues some hanky panky of a very awkward sort, followed by a lot of soul searching In the meantime, an old child killing crime is revived by a tabloid newspaper and the hunt is on for both the true perpetuator as well as for the murderer of a miner in a new death There follow many nasty discoveries, many down in the forgotten shafts of closed mines Amid the many well drawn and believable, if rough, characters, Ellie Pascoe stands out as a misfit among the rest of the cast I can t imagine why she would marry a policeman when it is so clearly against her feminist principles I don t know why she chose to have a baby whom she so readily palms off on anyone near by in the most cavalier, non caring way ever seen in fiction Presumably, she creates some sort of foil for Andy

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  • Hardcover
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  • Under World
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  • 15 September 2019
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