Turned The Crown Has Been Split And My Princes Have Been Chosen But I Ve Lost One To The Night Thomas Is Gone, Turned Into A Monster And Imprisoned Because Of My Rash Decision I Have To Save Him And Find Out How I Can Make Him Whole Again My Lovers Will Help Me Ascend, To Claim My Place As Vampire Queen, But Not Until We Do Everything We Can To Return Thomas To Us. Considering how shot these books are I m pleasantly surprised with the amount of plot and world building that takes place Especially when half the scenes are sex scenes I unfortunately wanted to smack Felicity upside the head every time she said she wasn t pregnant She would continuously insist that there was no way she could be pregnant Girl, you are 23, you know about the birds and the bees You can t be with multiple men and have unprotected sex and think you know it all Then when she said that she couldn t be pregnant because she wanted to be happy with her lovers for years before having a baby I literally laughed out loud and had to take a break Then that ending I don t know how these dirty little books have me so hooked I am definitely getting the next book and will consider
Amazing Things are getting intense and everyone is coming into their true powers Good readingI look forward to the next part of this series of stories This is hot sex but still has a story.