To Pray As A Jew

To Pray As A Jew From The Author Of To Be A Jew, A Detailed Guide To Jewish PrayerWhy Do Jews Pray What Is The Role Of Prayer In Their Lives As Moral And Ethical Beings From The Simplest Details Of How To Comport Oneself On Entering A Synagogue To The Most Profound And Moving Comments On The Prayers Themselves, Rabbi Hayim Halevy Donin Guides Readers Of To Pray As A Jew Through The Entire Prescribed Course Of Jewish Liturgy, Passage By Passage, Ritual By Ritual, In This Handsome And Indispensable Guide To Jewish Prayer Unexcelled For Beginners As Well As The Religiously Observant, It Is Intended To Show The Way, To Enlighten, And Hopefully To Inspire. Judaism plays a major part in most of my novels, and surely in A FLOOD OF EVIL and the sequel I am currently writing I have reached a point where an understanding of Jewish prayer has become important both for my Jewish character Anna Gorska and for the Catholic character Berthold Becker, as they struggle against the enclosing evil of Hitler s persecution of the Jews I am going to try to express their pursuit of a connection with God through three of the prayers in the Shemoneh Esrei Here are Judaism plays a major part in most of my novels, and surely in A FLOOD OF EVIL and the sequel I am currently writing I have reached a poi
Rabbi Donin gives the best, most detailed explanations of religious observances in friendly, laymen terms This book, and To Be a Jew, are almost primers of how to live righteously and correctly according to the laws of Torah Most beneficial to people who feel spiritually cheated by the Reform and Co
I don t know if I ll ever be done reading this one I m going to have to return it to the library and buy my own copy, I think. This should be required reading A great read for anyone with questions about service More of a reference guide, which can be read front to back or by topic Makes a great gift, too for children and adults You know that tiny one sentence hint in the siddur that reads Pound chest twice or Read silently This is would be an expanded version of that with explanation For example, why do we sit, stand, bow etc during some prayers and not others What are the different honors procedures on the bin
Rabbi Hayim Halevy Donin is an amazingly talented author and teacher His books on Judaism rival other modern greats, such as Rabbi Joseph Telushkin and Rabbi Harold Kushner This book teaches us the basic prayer serv
This is what you need to know to engage with prayers and the praying community Comprehensive without delving into the arcane Well balanced between practical performance issues and contextual explanations Worth keeping on one s bookshelf to dip into again and again. A great how to for learning the prayer service, though here and there written from an Orthodox perspective. Recommended by Rabbi This book shows that the ancient Jews were almost praying the same way as muslims are praying today This confirms that the revelations given to the prophets Moses, David and up to Muhammad are of one source After studying this book I read the Quran and was

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