To Hope

To Hope A Previous Winner Of The Professional Bull Riders Gold Belt Buckle, Jodie Cahill Plans To Ride Again But Fate Intervenes In The Form Of A Broken Wrist, And Keeps Her From Winning Another Buckle When The CEO Of The PBR Offers Her A Three Month Tour On The Circuit Working As A Judge And Traveling With A Combination Newspaper Magazine Reporter Novelist, She Takes The Job James Moses Crowe Jumps At The Chance To Travel With Jodie Cahill For Years He S Been Trying To Get Her Off His Mind And Out Of His Heart Now He Has The Opportunity To Do Both It Doesn T Work In The Course Of The Trip, They Both Have To Face Their Own Feelings And Wonder If, In The End, They Will Bless Or Curse The Broken Road That Caused Them To Run Smack Into Each Other. Great end to the seriesThe last book of the Broken Road series tells Jodie and Jimmy s story Jimmy Crowe has been in awe love with Jodie Cahill since he was five years old and she punched the bully who had called him four eyes and knocked him down Dramatic circumstances took him away that day and he takes the opportunity to work with her for three months on the rodeo circuit He thinks he ll finally get over her Jodie has broken her arm and blown her chance to reclaim her bull riding champion title She is offered the chance to judge and have all expenses paid if she lets a writer Jimmy go with her to ask her questions for newspaper and magazine articles and background for a mystery he is writing They are like oil and vinegar This is a complex story than others in the series It ends with a 7 years later update on all the characters in the series I thoroughly enjoyed the series, and the last one especially. Terrific This was a terrific book, the story is great and the characters were well written This is the love story of Jimmy and Jodie Of the secrets and history they had to deal with before they find each other I ve loved all the Broken Road books and certainly recommend them. BrilliantOh Jodie and Jimmy s story is brilliant I loved her guts at standing up to Kathy and Jimmy s family I m just surprised she didn t throw a punch They surely would of earned it I have loved each oof these books and sad I ve come to an end But I look forward to your next book Carolyn Hugs xxx All 5 books are great readingI found the first book from bookbub, I enjoyed the story lines in all 5 books After listening to me laugh out loud than once my husband asked me what was so funny So I started reading the books to him He enjoyed them also and he s not a reader I wish there were books in the series. If I could give this book than five stars I certainly would It s a book that you will never forget My many thanks to Carolyn Brown for bringing such joy and pleasure into my lifetime I certainly wasA Seven Star rating at least I will be telling everyone I know and meet in the future what a wonderful writer and story teller Carolyn Brown is. Another 5 star winner Ms Brown just cannot write a bad book This story and the whole series has been completely entertaining Once I started I could not stop reading Her books make me happy Very interesting book I love Carolyn Brown s books I always loved goong to fairs Her books teach as well as are fun to read Never knew there was so much involved in bull riding. Rodeo QueenShe was a rodeo queen Now her wrist was broken She would be a judge.She judges beside a man who is a writer They discover they have known each other since childhood..One thing enhances the other and new lives are formed. Okay, I don t know why but I love this series It of course falls into silly romance novels but the main women are badass southern girls, so I guess that makes it better than most I have been reading this series all out of order but they are quick fun reads. What a great ending this book was of The Broken Roads series This is Jodie and James tale to tell It was quite a story that will keep you turning the pages until the last one I loved every bit of this book.

[KINDLE] ❤ To Hope  ➜ Carolyn Brown –
  • Hardcover
  • 266 pages
  • To Hope
  • Carolyn Brown
  • English
  • 21 October 2019
  • 9780803499645