Thr3eBy All Accounts Seminary Student Kevin Parsins Is Leading A Good, If Not Virtuous, Life But Like All People, Kevin Has His Secrets And Someone Wants Them Revealed While Driving Home From A Day At Graduate School, Kevin Receives A Call From A Mysterious Stranger Who Calls Himself Slater Slater Demands Kevin Confess His Sin In The Next Three Minutes Or The Vehicle He Is Manning Will Be Blown To Pieces Thus Starts A Harrowing Chain Of Events After Narrowly Escaping His Exploding Car, Kevin Continues To Receive Phone Calls From Slater, Each With Another Riddle, Another Consequence, And Another Three Minutes To Confess His Sin.The Problem Is Kevin Is Unsure Of What That Sin Might Be And Slater S Cycle Won T Stop Until He Figures It Out. I picked up this book because I love thrillers and after reading the synopsis I thought I d give it a try What a mistake I can t figure out how this could be considered a thriller It was such a boring book but I kept hoping The book dragged on and on, focusing on details that were not only unnecessary but also dragged out the tale needlessly You could tell the author was trying to create and build suspense everytime it got around to finding the bomb , but it was just laughable About two thirds in I started just skimming the pages as I kinda got the feeling where it was headed and was hoping that I d be wrong No such luck It was such an implausible ending that all I could think of was what a joke Such a ridiculous story Nothing was believable especially the characters The author portrays Kevin as having one of the most brilliant minds This is actually said by Kevin s friend, the dean of his school who just happens to be a doctor of psychology yet he himself has no idea about Kevin thinking him to be just a smart, intellectual man One week after the finale with Slater, Kevin is basically alright and will just need a little therapy Also, Jennifer, the FBI agent, who is falling in love with him is going to serve as his psychotherapist Talk a
Did you see Adaptation Do you remember that part where fictionalized version of real life screenwriter Charlie Kaufman s totally fictional twin brother Donald is telling him about the terrible sounding screenplay he s written Here s some imdb Donald Okay, well here s the twist We find out that, that the killer really suffers from multiple personality disorder, right See, he s actually really the cop and the girl All of them are him Isn t that fucked up Charlie The only idea overused than serial killers is multiple personality On top of that, you explore the notion that cop and criminal are really two aspects of the same person See every cop movie ever made for other examples of this Donald Mom called it psychologically taut Donald I m putting in a chase sequence So the killer flees on horseback with the girl, the cop s after them on a motorcycle and it s like a battle between motors and horses, like technology vs horse Charlie And they re still all one person, right Donald s screenplay is called The Three This book is called Thr3e This book is about a serial killer who is also another guy who is also the woman that guy loves So you see, this book is exactly the plot of the terrible screenplay from the movie Did I spoil it for you Sorry.No not really More interest
Ted Dekker, Thr3e Thomas Nelson, 2003 Going into this book and knowing it was Christian fiction , I really have to admit I didn t expect a great deal read anything from it There are really, really good Christian writers, but in general, they are writers who happen to be Christian Madeleine L Engle is an obvious example, as is Francois Mauriac as with every other type of message, the really good ones just kind of let the message come through subconsciously and don t beat the reader over the head with it I haven t encountered someone who does that consistently, and well, in quite a while, and so I wasn t expecting much from Ted Dekker.More fool me, because no matter how awful its film adaptation may have been as, unfortunately, all adaptations of Dekker novels seem to be , but as a thriller, Thr3e is the real deal Kevin Parson is a seminary student who s on his way home from class one day when he gets a call on his new cell phone from someone who calls himself Slater Slater tells him he has three minutes to confess his sin to the world or his car will explode He doesn t It does Kevin, who was smart enough to get out of the car before it blew
Lectura conjunta con el grupo 221 b Baker streetEste es uno de los casos muy extra os de un libro que tiene todo para ser excelente pero que al final me hizo sentir que faltaba algo No se si fuera porque gran parte del tiempo lo sent como que ya lo habia visto en algun otro lugar o porque Kevin me desesperaba enormemente perono me encanto, simplemente me gusto mucho, pero m s que por la trama en si fue por el trabajo que nuestroprotagonisgta se encontraba preparando En verdad que ese aspecto, y como se nos es mostrado y explicado, hizo mis delicias para este libro, simplemente quer a que nos mostraran lo queb Kevin hab a escrito aunquen yano nos dijerannada de la trama, aunque agradezco que no haya sucedido eso.Las ltimas p ginas del libro son bastante interesantes, es hasta la segunda mitad que el libro toma ritmo y la historia comienza a avanzar en lugar
M s de lo mismo pero entretenido Capaz vuelva al autor, dentro de todo me dej una buena impresi n, pero, como ya dije, no lo considero nada fuera de lo normal, e incluso me pareci , hasta cierto punto, mal llevado a cabo De todas formas lo recomiendo para pasar el rato. I really enjoyed this book It was the first book that I read of Ted Dekker s, and I was so impressed with his knowledge and writing techniques The story is thrilling and was a perfect page turner for my husband who isn t an avid reader and me And I LOVE the endingbig twist. Let me open for those of you who don t know me by saying, I m a Christian I read a lot and am always on the look out for good fiction I also like good Christian fiction Ted Dekker has written several books and is a very popular writer and I wish him the best If you re his fan and I see he has many power to you and I m happy for you I see many liked this book.This is the fourth book I ve read tried to read by Mr Dekker I am forced to the conclusion that I m just not going to be a Ted Dekker fan This is the lowest I ve rated one of his books I almost feel I should apologize.For me the book took a premise that was promising and an opening scene that was initially interesting and ground it all down into a stultifyingly slow and frustration producing novel The plot was supposed to set up a look at the struggle in humanity between good and evil In many of his books while I ve not been taken with Mr Dekker s story telling I ve at least gotten his message Here I don t really think that after we macheted our way through the book and get to the climax tie up we did I d really have to discuss some of his conclusions wit
Un libro que no te brinda ni un segundo de respiro.No puedo decir nada que no se convierta en un spoiler, por tanto me lo reservo pero para quien se anime a leerlo, encontrar un thriller excepcional con un giro inesperado hacia su final.100% recomendadoP.D La pel cula no le rinde homenaje al libro. 4,5Pueden decir lo que quieran de este libro, pero a mi me encant O no le muchos libros de este g nero y no puedo guiarme con nada, pero realmente disfrut mucho ley ndolo, los personajes me encantaron, creo que el autor supo desarrollar muy bien la trama y no me ven a venir el final LO AM Based on reading Thr3e, I d say that Ted Dekker is an excellent storyteller, but not the greatest writer I couldn t put the book down when I was reading it because the story was so intense and gripping I had to know what happened next and what happened next totally blind sided me I never saw it coming If you re looking for a great suspense mystery thriller story that s clean but not preachy, this one does it for the Ch

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