The Twelfth Night Wager

The Twelfth Night Wager THE REDHEADED RAKEIt Was A Dull Day At White S, The Day He Agreed To The Wager Seduce Bed And Walk Away From The Lovely Lady Leisterfield, All By Twelfth Night This Holiday Season, Christopher St Ives, Viscount Eustace, Planned To Give Himself A Gift.THE INNOCENT WIDOWShe Was Too Proper By Half Or So Was The Accusation Of Her Friends, Which Was Why Her Father Had To Find Her A Husband But Lord Leisterfield Was Now Gone A Year, And Grace Was At Last Shedding The Drab Colors Of Mourning The House Felt Empty, So During The Coming Christmastide, And So Tonight Her Coming Out Would Begin With A Scandalous Piece Of Theater The Play Would Attract Rogues, Or So Promised Her Friend The Dowager Countess It Would Indeed The Night Would Bring About The Greatest Danger And The Greatest Happiness That Grace Had Ever Known. The Twelfth Night Wager by Regan Walker is a 2013 publication.This book is a regency period Christmas novella with a little backbone I had purchased this book last year with every intention of getting it read during the holiday season, but there were so many Christmas books released last year, I never got around to this one I am so happy I was able to work this one into my reading schedule this holiday season because it is a really enjoyable romance Once I got started on this one I simply had to know how things were going to turn out So, I read it in one sitting The Marquess of Ormond has challenged Christopher St Ives , the Viscount Eustace, to a wager He must seduce a lady of virtue by Twelfth Night or lose a thousand pounds The Lady Lady Leisterfield, a widow and a good friend of Ormond s wife The proposal is to seduce, bed, and then walk way from this wonderful woman Can Christopher win the bet Well, he doesn t lack confidence, that s for sure.Initially, I was outraged by this wager The first thought that came to my mind was the set up in Dangerous Liaisons, and we all know how that turned out But, somehow I knew Ormond was up to a little mischief than he let on He also told
This is a delightful novella that is best served with a warm drink and a smile on your face, though the latter is most assuredly guaranteed through Regan Walker s simplistic prose and interesting characterization Christopher St Ives, Viscount Eustace, is a bored rake While his closest friend, the Marquess of Ormond, enjoys his life as a happily married man, Christopher only experiences a perpetual ennui with his activities To shake up his world, Ormond proposes a wager that for a thousand pounds Christopher will seduce the virtuous widow, Lady Leisterfield, bed her, and leave her, all before Twelfth Night Wanting to refresh his memory of the beautiful widow, Christopher agrees and plots his seduction Unfortunately for him, Ormond s wife has already informed Grace, Lady Leisterfield, of the offensive wager, before his first move Grace is mentally prepared for his rakish behaviors, but she was not prepared to find a humorous and kind friend in him, or to form a companionship with him that warmed the lonely alcove of her life But when a blackmailer threatens to expose secrets in Grace s life, will Christopher become her knight in shining armor As expected, the focus of this story is on Christopher, rather than Grace While Grace exhibits a lovely, serene aura that draws Christopher in, it is his eventual acceptance of defeat that brings him to love s embrace As Christopher protects Grace from her blackmailer, he began to fall in love with her, but the wager
An intriguing wager at White s leads to the greatest gift of all love A sweeping romance between two unlikely people I really enjoyed this story and it s perfect to read during the holiday season My Rating 5 stars First of all I have to say that I really love the cover It fits the story and its seasonal setting perfectly.The central couple, Christopher and Grace are a perfect match, and you can t help but will them to get together Grace, like me, is an observer, and I really wanted her to let herself go a bit and have fun after what she d been through I also want a Christopher of my own He is a reformed rake, but a perfect gentleman and a gorgeous one at that All of the secondary characters each have their own interesting personalities I particularly liked Lord and Lady Ormond, and so was very happy to discover that they have a novel of their own However my favourite supporting character has to be Lady Claremont the matchmaking dowager who doesn t miss a thing She is shrewd yet surprisingly modern in her thinking and her matchmaking methods, and well respected by all who know her.One of the things that I love the most about historical romances is the setting, and this one doesn t disappoint A world of balls, operas, lavish costumes and country estates is exactly the kind of escapism that I love The plot of this novel is nothing new, give or take a twist or two, but this is by no means a criticism You know exactly what you re going to get, so sit back and enjoy There were also subtle hints in the
Thank you to Regan Walker for a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review 4.5 Wonderful stars When I first read a novel by Regan Walker for a tour, I absolutely fell in love with her writing So when the lovely Regan came to me with her Christmas Novella, I couldn t wait to crack open the little piece of joy I have to admit I took it slow in hopes of savoring this one As with all novellas I was afraid it would end too soon This one just hit the spot I was once again thrown in to Walker s wonderful writing and storytelling, pulling me into the world of Christopher St Ives and Lady Leisterfield When Christopher agrees to a wager with his friend to seduce and walk away from a lovely widow, he didn t see the truth behind her friends plan.I enjoyed the instant attraction between the two characters as much as I enjoyed the characters Thought at first Christopher s intentions have made me want to throttle him, I was glad when his true character began to come out It really warmed my heart through the story as he grew close to Grace and felt protective over her.I couldn t imagine what Grace had went through Being handed off to marriage to a man much older then her at such a young age and going thr
What starts out as a wager between friends quickly transforms a known rake into a romantic, as he falls in love with his quarry Add to the mix a subplot of intrigue in the guise of blackmail and set it during the Regency period at Christmas time and you have a delightfully entertaining work of historical fiction and holiday reading.I m not usually a big romance reader, but during Christmas I make an exception And a historical romance is always a nice addition to my holiday reading So when I was offered this book for review, I quickly accepted I m glad I did This is my first time reading this author and I was pleased to discover that she really knows the time period She also knows just how to capture the holiday season during the Regency period.I rec
Christopher St Ives,Viscount Eustace is the worst kind of rakehell When his friend Marquess of Ormond challenges him to a scandalous wager, he readily accepts And what is this scandalous wager Seduce and bed the beautiful widow Grace, Lady Leisterfield But when Grace is threatened, Eustac
Has the Rake Met His Match The Twelfth Night Wager, by Regan Walker, is a classy Regency romance where a wager between friends has far reaching consequences for those it concerns a dissolute rake and a respectable young widow There is also a cleverly woven sub plot containing elements of danger and suspense, which added to my enjoyment and acted as a catalyst to the romance I found it a love affirming and entertaining read, welcome at any time of year but especially heart warming at Christmastime In The Twelfth Night Wager, Christopher St Ives, Viscount Eustace, is a rake, who toys with women for fun His friend, Hugh Redgrave, by contrast a happily married man, sets him a challenge in a wager, which is entered into the betting book at White s and becomes the talk of London society LD Eustace has wagered LD Ormand 1000 pounds that by Twelfth Night he can seduce, bed and walk away from a certain lady understood between them The certain lady is Grace, Lady Leisterfield, a young widow with the reputation of being very proper Her husband has been gone
The Twelfth Night Wager begins with Hugh Redgrave and Christopher St Ives at White s discussing Hugh s praise for his wedded state and, in Hugh s words, Christopher s tawdry existence as a rake Christopher is a little taken aback at Hugh s description of his lifestyle and thinks there is nothing wrong with the way he chooses to live his life when it comes to women So, Hugh entices Christopher with a little wager to test his methods of handling said women The wager He must seduce, bed and walk away from the beautiful Lady Grace Leisterfield by the twelfth night Any other outcome will see Hugh as the winner Christopher always did like a good wager..Grace is coming out of her mourning period Her elder husband died suddenly a year ago and now is the time to put away the mourning wardrobe and step out into the ton And who better to aid her than Mary, Hugh s wife, and the dowager countess They have several events planned and Grace looks forward to attending them all And, of course, Christopher will be attending as well Once Grace and Christopher are introduced, the attraction begins The one problem All of the single ladies of the ton are hoping they are the one to whom Christopher and Hugh have laid their wager on So, in order to not set tongues wagging, and to keep Grace s identity unknown, Christopher must
It was a dull day at White s, the day he agreed to the wager seduce bed and walk away from the lovely Lady Leisterfield, all by Twelfth Night This holiday season, Christopher St Ives, Viscount Eustace, planned to give himself a gift.Walker provides great dialog, humor and plenty of romance creating a wonderful story Christopher and Grace are simply delightful Their interaction embarks on a questionable note but it adds to the sweet story and the irresistible charm of the characters From the start the undercurrents of attraction are obvious leaving the reader to wonder what exactly will transpire between this lovely couple Christopher s reputation as a lothario is overshadowed by his gentlemanly behavior towards Grace Grace is headstrong and tenacious in personality, further piquing your curiosity as to the outcome of these two potential lovebirds.A lovely romance n