The Sexorcist (Karmic Consultants #3)

The Sexorcist (Karmic Consultants #3) Everything That Can Go Wrong, Will Especially When A Demon Helps Things Along Karmic Consultants, Book 3 When A Mischief Demon Threatens A Wedding, Who S A Karmic Consultant Gonna Call Brittany Hylton VanDeere Brittany S Never Planned A Wedding Before, But How Hard Could Averting Demon Induced Matrimonial Disasters Be Her Particular Brand Of Cockeyed Optimism Has Always Carried Her Through But This Time There S A Complication A Tattooed, Badass Exorcist Who S Tempting Her To Break The No Office Dating Rule Luis Rodriguez Isn T Sure What To Make Of Bright Eyed, Somewhat Illogical Brittany, But He Ll Take Any Job That Gives Him A Break From Exorcising Demons For Pampered, Lusting Housewives Helping Pull Off A Wedding Is Not Exactly His Idea Of A Break, But Who Knew That Brittany S Infectious Enthusiasm Would Be So, So Seductive As The Demon Keeps Finding Ways To Throw Brittany And Rodriguez Together, They Find Themselves Sliding Deeper Into A Forbidden Romance But Distractions Are Something They Can T Afford The Demon S Aggression Is Rising, And It Plans To Stop The Wedding Even If It Means Stopping Brittany Permanently Warning This Book Contains A Hero Guaranteed To Heat Things Up, A Heroine Bound To Tug Your Heartstrings, And Enough Demonic Mischief To Keep You Smiling All The Way To The Chapel Louis Rodriguez is a sexy, hot, demon exorcist Poor Louis lost his positive streak a long time ago And now, the rich ladies in town are calling up demons so that he will come to their houses and they can try to seduce him The ladies are even betting on it Needless to say, Louis is thoroughly disgusted Brittany Hylton VanDeere is the most upbeat, optimistic person Louis has ever met He is convinced that she is a fraud or maybe crazy or maybe both Afterall, how can anybody be that upbeat Even worse, she is rich so Louis thinks that she might be trying to seduce as part of the bet And that is just the setup.Pros 1 The book is a fast, easy read.2 The characters come to life on the page.3 The story has some really fun twists and turns.4 The writing is really good.Cons 1 There were a few too many I think I am being played moments.2 The wrap up was fast and furious even taking into account that it is a short story romance.Ha Ha Ha Yes, the name is funny Yes, the picture is interesting And, yes, the blurb is WTF READ THIS BOOK if you are looking for a fun, funny and smart read I don t want to give any spoilers because and trust me on this , this book is not what you will assume it is First, the characters are introduced as stereotypes But, Vivi Andrews actually gives the characters depth and brains No, really Yes, she throws in some crazy, off the wall stuff, but I really think it works Ok,
When Brittany goes for a job interview that is going downhill, she sees Luis for the first time and is enthralled Brittany is enthralled with all new experiences in life as she is actually living for the first time and not just surviving Brittany solves the latest disaster with Lucy s wedding and gets the job as secretary and wedding planner After
4.5 Stars As an exorcist working for Karmic Consultants, Luis Rodriguez takes his job very seriously As a completely hot, sexy, tattooed bad boy by appearance only , most of the female population most assuredly doesn t All they want is to get him into bed even if they have to get their daughters demon possessed for Rodriguez to make a house call He s no one s gigolo, though, and the thought of Botoxed socialites clamoring for a quick roll in the hay with their possessed teenagers in the damn room not only turns his stomach, it infuriates him That s why he barges into his boss s office and puts his foot down, not realizing Karma is otherwise engaged But when he sees who Karma s talking to, Rodriguez s temper flares again She s pretty, appears vapid, and entirely too happy about life in general to be real.Brittany Hylton VanDeere no relation to that Hilton may be a bit of a spaz and may be perpetually optimistic, but she s got good reason to be She doesn t have any secretarial job experience, but she just knows that working for Karmic Consultants is The Job, because they Believe, and Believing is important to Brittany So, too, is the sudden urge to lick the brooding, dark, and gorgeous Rodriguez When Karma offers her the job on a trial based on a brilliant sequence of lucky events just as she was about to be shown the door, however, Brittany realizes that she can t let her lust risk The One the perfect job in the perfect place with the perfect people.Doing her job puts her in
I love this book I don t know if it is the heroine s determined cheerfulness, the hero s grumpy charm, the wedding disasters, the chapter titles oh, the hilarious chapter titles , or all of that put together that gives this book such charm I have read The Sexorcist maybe 6 times now, and I always
It s been a while since I ve read the other Karmic Consultant books and I m kicking myself now because I have so damn much fun reading these books it should be against the law Vivi Andrews writes characters that make me smile They make me flail They make me tear up a little when bad things happen Not that I m admitting to crying I swear, I wasn t If I was on Twitter right now I d hashtag this with KellyDoesntCryOften True story So, if I were to say that this book made me a little watery eyed you ll just have to take that as a compliment of the highest order.Rodriguez cracked me up After his experiences with wealthy women who wanted to get him into bed just so they could say they had bagged him, he was decidedly leery of Brittany He s sure she s a nut job She can t keep her eyes off him He tries to stay away from her, circumstances force them into close association I love watching a strong guy fall It s so cute.It was fun watching Brittany come into he
Another fun read from Vivi Andrews Very entertaining from start to finish, and everything I said from my review of book 2 still applies This time around though, while I enjoyed Brittany and Luis, I didn t love them Brittany is a little too Pollyanna for me, and Luis wasn t as bad as I hoped he d be Still, their story was a fun one, full of action.I still
I just adored Brittany and Luis They re so utterly sweet they should be sickening, but they were so well grounded that I just loved watching their relationship grow Yes, there were some communication problems along the way, but they learned from those problems and became better and stronger people for having known each other And given that they d only known each other for like two weeks by the end of the story, that s saying something I also liked how the author brought in characters from previous books, it provided contrast to Brittany and Luis s relationship and also provided updates on how their relationships were doing I m really enjoying this series because of it s mix of sweetness, sensuality, angst, humor and well grounded characters I
This book was just frickin fantastic Loved Loved Loved it I could not put it down I had to know what would happen next Could they pull off a wedding Would they find the demon Was it really a demon Who summoned the demon Would the horney housewives attack the hot exorcist Would Brittany be distracted by something shiney and wander off And most importantly where would they finally have sex and would Luis s sisters wa
This book was a fun read Loved the opening chapter Brittney is fun character, and Luis is her perfect counterpart I liked the way the story was written, although I felt the middle slowed somewhat The secondary characters were also well developed It has lots of interesting facets to i
I loved this story Sweet, sexy, witty and full of suspense The heroine is smart, funny and unique The hero is sexy, brooding and suspicious, but opens his eyes in time Vivi has written one of my all time favorite sex scenes in this story involving a

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