The Rising Tide Of Color Against White World-supremacy

The Rising Tide Of Color Against White World-supremacyA Reprint Of A 1920 Classic Surveying The World Racial Situation After World War I And Warning Of The Coming Non White Population Explosion The World Wide Struggle Between The Primary Races Of Mankindbids Fair To Be The Fundamental Problem Of The 20th Century, Andperhaps The Future Lothrop Stoddard Was Regarded As An Expert On Demographics In His Day Stoddard S Arguments Were Once Taken Seriously By The American Establishment And President Warren G Harding Publicly Praised This Book At A Public Speech On 26 October 1922 The Introduction To This Book Was Written By Madison Grant, Chairman Of The New York Zoological Society, And Trustee Of The American Museum Of Natural History A Harvard Ph.D In History, Lothrop Stoddard Was The Author Of The Revolt Against Civilization, The French Revolution In San Domingo, And Other Works That Played A Key Role In The Enactment Of America S 1924 Immigration Act Margaret Sanger Appointed Lothrop Stoddard As A Board Member Of The Birth Control League The Forerunner Of Planned Parenthood This Work Is Important Original Source Material For Historians And Scholarly Researchers. Mr Stoddard did a good job predicting how the rising tide of color would overpower white world supremacy Of course, it took the Europeans destroying each other funded by certain international bankers for the color world to not only gain power and sovereignty to an extent , but to flood the European nations in the rising tide of anti kultur or what some call multi culturalism internationalism This book also goes great with Stoddard s The Revolt Against Civilization which also talks about certain colored folks, especially Asiatics, revolting around the world via the culture civilization destroying doctrines of materialistic messiah Karl Marx Stoddard makes it known that the majority of the Nordic populations of Europe have died out over the centuries Germany itself being majority Alpine race with less than 10% of pure Nordic blood in the 1920s when in Roman Tactius s day Germania was almost 100% Nordic as they were always the toughest and bravest soldiers I guess survival of the fittest
This book was a depressing read.I ended up with over 40 pages of quotes from the text after I was finished and exported the quotations from my Kindle Needless to say, I cannot include all of that material into a single book review, but a decent summary I can do.Stoddard s thesis, is simply put, that the humongous populations outside of the white world Asia, Africa, Central and South America are going to swamp the white race in its domains, not by force of arms, but by enormous birth rates and capitalist greed for cheap labor To quote Stoddard today,the real enemy of the dove of peace is not the eagle of pride or the vulture of greed, but the stork What surprised me was, despite the age of this book, was how relevant it was to explaining much of our modern world Today, Stoddard would have a heart attack at the extent of nonwhite immigration into America, almost entirely for providing cheap labor to rich business interests, and building the constituency of the Democratic Party.Stoddard s analysis of the Islamic world blew me aw
It s important to read this racist book the iconography and symbolism still exist today embedded in our media A I knew this book would be racist, but I didn t know it would also be so boring I can handle the racism it s useful to know the arguments advocating white supremacy in order to debunk them but I ve got interesting and relevant things to read. This book was not quite what I expected.Stoddard s work, alongside that of Madison Grant, is frequently cited as planting the banner of Scientific Racism in the United States Consequently, the tone of the book quite surprised me.RacismTo what extent was Stoddard a racist To answer this question we need that seldom found thing, a definition of racism that withstands than momentary scrutiny Thomas Sowell provides a useful one Racism is a term not only used very loosely by many, but also a term for which a precise definition is not easy to achieve In various usages, the term applies to the ideas of 1 those who have an animosity to those of another race, 2 those who believe that people of another race are genetically inferior, 3 those who believe in discriminating against people of another race, out of sheer self interest, and 4 those who believe that people of another race or ethnic group are less capable, or have other undesirable traits, as of a given time, even if for non genetic reasons Those who believe all these things at the same time provide the clearest examples of racism But all four notions need not go together and often do not Stoddard doesn t seem to belong in categories 2 or 4 for instance, consider the following Certainly no one has ever denied the Chinaman s extraordinary economic efficiency Winnowed by ages of grim elimination in a land populated to the uttermost limits of subsistence
This book inspire me that Indonesia has opportunity to be a big country if it has audacity against US hegemony This book caught my attention during my research on affirmative action and the concept of model minorities I find it intriguing that the author definitely harbored white supremacy leanings, yet was against caucasians interfering or supressing nations of color A
Know thy enemy If you want to understand the underpinnings of early 20th century fascism and eugenics then start with this book A clear understanding of history and modern events is helpful If you can stomach the racist rhetoric it is an eye opener Even the prediction of Gulf states induction of Africans as line troops in a struggle for religious hegemony has some merit Every person of color should read this book Don t worry about potentially filling the pockets of some dicey supremacist movement This work is in the public domain and available for free You can clearly see the geneaology of modern fascist rhetoric and gain insight into the mythos these nationalist factions construct to indoctrinate themselves and others With the rising
Occasionally he talks sense His racialism looks to me about as accurate or helpful as Marxism in terms of understanding history He seems to have understood and predicted the Japanese program fairly well On the other hand, his theor
If your serious about learning how racism white supremacy works read this book.

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