The Resident Tourist (Part 2)

The Resident Tourist (Part 2)It Ain T Easy Trying To Take It Easy Or So It Seems.Whether You Re A Tourist Or A Charlatan, A Bum Or A Dreamer, A Poet Or A Lover, Life Will Somehow Find A Way To Kick You In The Butt.But How Hard You Re About To Find Out.THE RESIDENT TOURIST Is An Ongoing Autobiographical Comic Book Narrative That Began In 2007. Really enjoyed this Not so much the psychic thrashing around about Singapore bad Chinese teachers, etc but the deadpan affect and weird enthusiasms Also I like the art. Troy s world is changing fast And faster than ought to Right from very simple conversations to the ones leading to future plans, this one is a notch better than its predecessor Perfect balance of panels and storyline Although it would be great to have some meaning
i love how the writer intersperses flash backs into the narration and manages to keep the flow smooth i find the story telling engaging, now i m invested in all these lives. There s niche And then there s Resident Tourist niche I feel like this graphic novel was written for 30 something guys who 1 recognize line drawings of Thom Yorke and the first few notes of Everything in its Right Place on a musical five line staff 2 have slightly depressive tendencies 3 want to live a meaningful life without really knowing how 4 have at least a basic understanding of Singlish and 5 are constantly straddling the two worlds of a familiar home and the magnetism of a foreign land i.e me.If you re all five of those, I can almos