Dr. David Reuben's Quick Weight-Gain Program (tm): Safe, Easy Weight Gain for Every Age and Situation

Dr. David Reuben's Quick Weight-Gain Program (tm): Safe, Easy Weight Gain for Every Age and SituationThe First And Only Medically Proven And Guaranteed Way To Help Anyone Gain Weight Fast Best Selling Author And Physician, David Reuben, M.D., Reveals Little Known Scientific Secrets That Make Putting On Pounds Fast, Safe, And Easy For Everyone Children And Adults, Men And Women In His Usual Easy To Read Style, Dr Reuben Explains How The Magic 13 Minutes, The Opiate Feeding Drive, The Resting Energy Expenditure, And Specific Dynamic Action, Can Make Weight Gain Fast, Easy, And Fun.This Is The New Edition. I was re shelving books in my loft yes, the loft And I was lugging all these heavy tomes around and I naturally wondered exactly which were the biggest books I have Now, size isn t any indication of quality, as we know, but if a book is so big it would cripple all but the sturdiest delivery people it should be pretty good or what s the point of all those strained lower back regions So I got the kitchen scales and I weighed these bad boys And as a public service to all who may wish to torture a particular relative, I present the top twenty ask for a couple of these from your aged grandparent and watch the fun There are lots of guides to the best travel books, greatest novels, most outrageous alien sex beast manga comix, etc But this is the only Heaviest Books list I think Unique to Goodreads I know many of you will have the hefty readers guide 1001 Books You Must Read Before They Come to Get You so that one weighs in at 4lb 2oz 1.87 kg So that will give you a way of comparing Otherwise you may wish to know that a litre of milk 1 kilogram.TOP TWENTY in reverse order 20 Simply Beautiful Photographs by Annie Griffiths 5lb 7oz 2.4 kg Horrible title but lovely phot book Not too surprising, these classy photo books take four spots in the top 20 So my first book is the equivalent of two and a half litres of milk 19 Reclaiming History by Vince Bugliosi 6 3 2.8 kg If you eliminate all the photo or painting or illu
I picked this up for a friend in the middle of weight training and he absolutely loves it Advice about selecting carbs, gaining friendly fat , and the benefits of putting on healthy pounds have him newly inspired and feeling great Athletes looking to gain weight should definitely pick this book up