The Princess Plan

The Princess PlanPrinces Have Pomp And Glory Not Crushes On CommonersNothing Gets The Tongues Of London S High Society Wagging Like A Good Scandal And When The Personal Secretary Of The Visiting Prince Sebastian Of Alucia Is Found Murdered, It S All Anyone Can Talk About, Including Eliza Tricklebank Her Unapologetic Gossip Gazette Has Benefited From An Anonymous Tip About The Crime, Prompting Sebastian To Take An Interest In Playing Detective And An Even Greater Interest In ElizaWith A Trade Deal On The Line And Mounting Pressure To Secure A Noble Bride, There S Nothing Salacious Than A Prince Dallying With A Commoner Sebastian Finds Eliza S Contrary Manner As Frustrating As It Is Seductive, But They Ll Have To Work Together If They Re Going To Catch The Culprit And When Things Heat Up Behind Closed Doors, It S The Prince Who Ll Have To Decide What Comes First His Country Or His Heart This was a fun and flirty royal romance with a splash of Mystery I ve read a couple books lately about Royals and I m thinking I m just fine being a commoner I certainly wouldn t want all these rules and restrictions, although they seem to have loosened up a little as of late But I also wouldn t want people all up in my business either This was the story of Eliza A smart and sassy 20 something year old, and the daughter of a judge Eliza was thrilled as can be just to meet a prince and was willing to go out of her way to do so when she was invited to a royal event Sebastion is the prince of a made up nation and first in line to the throne of said nation He is in England to meet a wife and cement a treaty agreement This book was about two people who are unsuited for one another meeting and trying to ignore their strong attraction I was thoroughly entertained by the story Eliza was such a great character there was something about her that was so refreshing Sebastion wasn t too bad, and he definitely grew on me over the course of the book Their connection was very sweet, there was some steam, but for the most part this was pretty closed door The Mystery added another layer to this engaging story The one thing I could see people being a little disappointed in is this is a historical romance and I don t think the historical part was emphasize I mean they wore corsets and drove in buggy s, but other than that this probably could ve been set in present day Didn t bother me, but I could see it not working for other people.This book in emojis Big thanks to HQN for my copy of this book ARC provided by NetGalley and Harlequin in exchange for an honest review.Sadly this book was a DNF About 60 percent in and couldn t continue I did skim the rest with hope of possible improvement, sadly no The romance was sadly lacking and the characters were flatline and one demential And the historical prospective in this book felt like a modern romance trying to be a historical.Eliza and Sebastian just were not very likable or believable with some of their actions and decision making as well. Check out all of my reviews at PRINCESS PLAN A Royal Wedding 1 by Julia London is the first book in a new historical romance series A Cinderella styled romance with a mystery subplot.Prince Sebastian of Alucia is in London to officially close a trade deal with England as well as secure a noble bride The morning after a masked ball, the personal secretary and most trusted friend of the Prince is found murdered in his bed Every tongue in London is wagging, but no one seems to know who is responsible Prince Sebastian is told that a ladies gossip and fashion gazette has printed a rumor implicating a member of his entourage He and his brother seek out the author.Eliza Tricklebank is a spinster firmly on the shelf after a scandal in her youth She lives with and assists her blind father who is a judge on the Queen s bench With her widowed sister, Hollis and their best friend, Carolyn, the three produce the gazette the princes seek Prince Sebastian does not know what to make of this commoner who has no regard to his status, but he is also intrigued Sebastian finds Eliza frustrating, but also helpful in his quest As they work together to uncover a killer, their attraction grows As everything comes to a head, Sebastian will have to choose between his country or his heart.I enjoyed Sebastian and Eliza and their banter I also enjoyed Eliza with her sister and friend as the three always supported each other I did feel that this story had some problems with being in the historical genre and would have been better suited in a modern setting No matter how enlightened, I had to suspend historical belief on the way Eliza dealt with the Prince, also at a ball when Eliza ran into the man who caused her young scandal because he was with his pregnant wife, which in no way would happen women stayed at home when pregnant This is a fun, fluffy and fast read, but not my favorite by this author. The Princess Plan pits a spinster mostly removed from society with a visiting Prince It was an unlikely pairing, but for me, it rather worked The reason their paths cross and tangle made sense While it wasn t perfect, I enjoyed the story and romance overall.Sebastian is in England to hopefully secure a trade deal for his troubled fictional nation He is also on the search for an British bride to further strengthen that connection Eliza the daughter of a blind judge who helps with his correspondence She experienced an youthful indiscretion based on false promises that was a bit of a scandal, so she leads a mostly quiet life, with close companions in her widowed sister and aristocratic cousins The Prince and Eliza meet anonymously at a masked ball Eliza, who rarely attends such events, is having a when in Rome type of night overindulging on rum punch and flirting with handsome strangers Sebastian is having a tedious night His position means constant scrutiny and suspicion of most around him When one of the few people that he trusts ends up murdered that night, his path crosses with Eliza s again, when it turns out that she is unexpectedly well situated to help investigate Sebastian starts out as rather overbearing and self centered, but I think that can be expected for a Prince who is heir to a throne Eliza has a fair amount of freedom and does not feel the need to cater to a rude prince They find common ground in their isolation and loneliness.This story was a slower pace, which suited me It had character growth, and didn t make light of the obstacles between the two leads They live in the moment with no real hope for a future and the solution to give them a future is cleverly done I seem to be a bit of a lone wolf among my friends in liking this one, but nevertheless I did Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to provide an honest review. Usually love JL books but couldn t get into this at all Sadly setting aside for now. Can a prince find in an unsuitable English woman the perfect bride he is looking for.This is my first read by Julia London I know, I so very know I have a lot of wonderful authors work to catch up, and I very slowly, too slowly try to eliminate the backlog but what I thought an easy task is getting harder and harder every passing day as each rise of the sun brings new writers to my knowledge.I do also know I m no major in history nor English language far from that as I m a self taught reader , but I do felt it is kind of my duty to share the pleasure these writers partake with their long and hard crafted work.While reading The Princess Plan, I wondered at first what book I was reading, was it an historical romance as the country of the hero was created for the sole purpose of this book, but the I avances in my reading, the I decided it was a sleuth romance disguised in a historical.And whatever, I loved it.Just the first chapter, introducing the heroine and her friends through the insight of her blind father was like a delicacy, a taste of what was to come.Eliza is such an amazing woman, while she was ruined by a too trustful personality as a young woman, she rose from the ash of what has become her life and swore to never again fall prey of another She also morphed in a woman who knows what she wants and won t accept any bullying from anyone.I loved her boldness and straightforwardness, she speaks her mind and bends in front of nobody, even a crown prince.Sebastian Chartier, the prince of Alucia is in London as he seeks for a trade agreement to improve his country s economy and he accepted also to fulfill his duties to the crown and find an English wife What he didn t expect was to be drawn by unsuitable woman possible, she threw him out of her house, she told him no and she won t accept his says simply because he is royalty, worst, she challenges him at every turn, she unsettled him and takes him out of his comfort range.It was so entertaining and joyful to see them interact with the other, together they take action, they do not shy away nor let miscommunication get between them, they agree voluntarily to what they have to expect from their relationship until it will be not enough or too much.The background plot was intriguing and the way they followed the leads was attractive and quite funny.Why I can only recommend this book to anyone who loves a bit of mystery with a dashing hero and a strong and clever heroine.A big 10 stars.I was provided an advance copy thanks to Edelweiss and the publisher Harlequin, I purchased my own copy and here is my true and unbiased opinion.https story.php stor 3.5 stars, rounded up.Miss Eliza Tricklebank lives a quiet life as a spinster, she fixes clocks, cares for her father who is blind and a justice for the Queen and she helps her sister with her woman s gazette It may not be the life she had dreamed of, but she is happy When the opportunity arises to join her sister and their dear friend Lady Caroline Hawkes at a masquerade ball for the visiting crown prince of Alucia, she jumps at the chance.Sebastian Charles Chartier, the Crowned Prince of Alucia is in England for two reasons, one to work out a trade deal that will help his countries economy in the event of a war with the neighboring country of Wesloria and to secure a noble English bride But tonight, Sebastian is enjoying his anonymity and hopefully a tryst with a willing matron He shares some rum punch in a passageway with a partygoer and then endures introductions, before finally slipping away for his tryst, on his way out his secretary Matous asks for a moment of his time, he asks it can wait and promises to meet with him in a few hours, a promise he doesn t keep When he returns to his rooms in the morning, he calls for Matous and learns the horrifying truth Matous was murdered the night before Guilt drives Sebastian to investigate the crime himself much to his staff and his brother Leopold s displeasure When a story about the murder makes to the pages of the Honeycutt Gazette nothing will stop Sebastian from tracking down the owner of the paper.Eliza enjoyed her time at the masked ball, she danced, drank too much rum punch and met the prince twice once in the passageway and then again when she moved in front of him and he stepped on her foot She also noticed his secretary Matous and wonders what upset the man so much She was saddened to learn of his death and shocked when a note is delivered to her father stating the killer is Alucian But the real shock comes days later when Sebastian and his brother Leopold visit and demand to see her father Eliza doesn t care who they are, she will not wake her dad or tolerate his rude behavior and she kicks them out of her house.Sebastian is fuming about Eliza but knows that he needs to talk to her father, so he returns to her house and apologizes, Eliza tells him what she knows and they begin a friendship of sorts She learns information about the note that was sent and helps him meet the last man she say Matous talking to Sebastian knows he has to choose a bride and that as a commoner, Eliza is not a possibility, but how he wishes she was Things have escalated between them and he is in love, but they both know their time together is waning and heartbreak is unavoidable or is it I really enjoyed this story, the writing is good, the story never drags, the characters are interesting and for the most part likable, the love scenes are warmish, there are laugh out loud moments, a bit of angst, a very well done mystery and a HEA Almost perfect, but not quite The hero engages in a tryst with a married woman after he means the heroine I can t like that, just about every single title in this book is wrong the daughter of a Baron does not have the honorific of Lady and incorrect use of titles and formal address are my biggest pet peeve in historical romance and finally the solution for their HEA defies credibility and because of the incorrect assumption that a Baron s daughter has a title, isn t even a viable solution But overall, I really liked the story and would happily recommend the book I am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC that was provided to me by NetGalley and the publisher. 3.5 starsThis synopsis Julia London no way I was going to miss out on reading it I really liked Eliza and Sebastian She s used to doing whatever she wants because she s a spinster He s used to doing what s expected of him because he s the prince Together they have open conversations and decent banter I loved Eliza s sister and their BFF and I m sincerely hoping each of them will get a story Plot wise, it was okay The murder thread of the story didn t really add much and in parts it felt like an afterthought Even though Eliza and Sebastian were together a lot, it still seemed like they didn t know much about each other I didn t quite get the jump from intrigue to lust to love Overall, it was a quick and enjoyable read with characters who were easy to root for I ll definitely be reading the next book in the series Huge thanks to HQN Books for providing the arc free of charge DNF at around 50% I hate giving up on books, especially this far in, but I ve reached my limit with these characters Someone with a greater patience level may enjoy the story hence the 2 stars instead of 1 , but you will need to suspend all disbelief to do so The story has a promising beginning with a masquerade ball at which Eliza, a contented spinster, inadvertently runs into Prince Sebastian of a fictitious European nation while trying to escape an overzealous hostess However, any chemistry the two had in their initial meeting disappears by the next scene and still hadn t recovered up to the halfway mark where I gave up view spoiler The prince also brushes off Eliza when she meets him again at the ball and leaves to go sleep with a random woman that he s lusting after, which is a major narrative strike hide spoiler This did not work for me I like historical fiction for similar reasons as fantasy both let me get immersed in another world However, I didn t like the ways this skirted the boundaries of historical fiction and went fantastical I didn t like the made up country which I have liked in other contexts, most notably A Brief History of Montmaray and I didn t find the romance believable or compelling Eliza s backstory was good, but the meet cute fell flat for me and I never bought any of the subsequent chemistry All the characters felt like archetypes than fully fleshed out people, and the mystery was dull and unsurprising.

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