Harriette Wilson's Memoirs

Harriette Wilson's MemoirsI Shall Not Say Why And How I Became, At The Age Of Fifteen, The Mistress Of The Earl Of Craven Whether It Was Love, Or The Severity Of My Father, The Depravity Of My Own Heart, Or The Winning Arts Of The Noble Lord, Which Induced Me To Leave My Paternal Roof And Place Myself Under His Protection, Does Not Now Much Signify Or, If It Does, I Am Not In The Humour To Gratify Curiosity In This Matter I Resided On The Marine Parade At Brighton, And I Remember That Lord Craven Used To Draw Cocoa Trees, And His Fellows As He Called Them, On The Best Vellum Paper For My Amusement Here Stood The Enemy, He Would Say, And Here, My Love, Are My Fellows There The Cocoa Trees, C It Was, In Fact, A Dead Bore All These Cocoa Trees And Fellows, At Past Eleven O Clock At Night, Could Have No Peculiar Interest For A Child Like Myself, So Lately In The Habit Of Retiring Early To Rest One Night, I Recollect, I Fell Asleep And, As I Often Dream, I Said Yawning, And Half Awake, O Lord O Lord Craven Has Got Me Into The West Indies Again In Short I Soon Found That I Had Made But A Bad Speculation, By Going From My Father To Lord Craven I Was Even Afraid Of The Latter Than I Had Been Of The Former Not That There Was Any Particular Harm In The Man Beyond His Cocoa Trees But We Never Suited Nor Understood Each Other. I have to admit that this is not a book I would ve picked up on my own I like history but prefer the Middle Ages and the Tudor period This book came in a set about women in history I wanted the other books in the set.It s very entertaining It is impossible not to like Wilson At times, she is funny She writes, I have one advantage over other bad females writers and prosing ladies, which is, that I do not think myself agreeable Sometimes she is very modern in her comments on how society sees women, She is a bad woman the moment she has committed fornication, be she generous, charitable, just, clever, domestic, affectionate, and ever ready to sacrifice her own good to serve and benefit those she loves, still her rank in society is with the lowest hired prostitute.Still, at times
Wow What a life Harriette Wilson was the most promiment curtesan of her day She was not a kept woman, but rather she kept men I think the most fun thing about it is that she wrote her memoirs as blackmailso she tel
This memoir was scatter brained, unorganized, and very real I found it refreshing, almost like listening to someone chat about their day Hariette is real, she shows her life as she experienced it I would be interested in comparing Hariette s version of events to other people who knew her and the people and places she talks about Her stories and accounts of the people around her are interesting and often funny or tragic As intriguing as her stories are, they are based primarily on her personal opinion I would like to read any other personal accounts of the people described, just to compare impressions and understand the their personalities better I found myself very invested in Harriete s story I didn t agree with her, or even understand her completely, but I liked her She wanted to be happy, to be independent, she wanted to be admired but not controlled Throughout her story she opens up about her feelings, disappointments, amusements, and about her personal relationships At the same time she never fully says everything, there is an undercurrent of reserve, of hiding how much certain losses aff
It was surprising that this was written in the 19th century In many ways Harry Harriette seems so modern Her lack of interest in getting married and her firm belief that women should have the same rights to fun as men She isn t a prostitute She is what we would call a girlfriend She decided to write these memoirs as a way, since she was penniless, middle aged, and had been cheated out of her retirement money Before publishing, she offered all her ex boyfriends a chance to buy themselves out of her book I thought this showed class I did not take this as blackmail, as some people have I think she was only asking 200 which is very modest Sadly, we have no way of knowing who all bought themselves out of the book What is left though, was really good Harry isn t sleazy at all in her memoirs Her writing style is intimate, like sharing secrets with a friend She was a free spirit She did not choose her men strictly by money or looks or titles Once chosen, she was very faithful to them When marriage was offered, she always declined She said she liked her freedom too much She kept her boyfriends until they crossed the line by going to another woman or by not giving her money to live on, then she just moved on to someone else She liked good looking men, but liked them able to hold a conversation and make her laugh She abhorred stupid men She had a crazy sense of humor and was mischievou
From BBC Radio 4 Nancy Carroll stars as Harriette Wilson, one of the most infamous and talked about women of the early 19th century Her lovers included aristocrats, adventurers and even the Duke of Wellington himself And when they all ceased to support her after her
I don t know how or why I came into posession of this book I took a very long time reading it I kept it by my bed and would just read a page or two at night The story itself is charming and cute I love that period in history She is the most adorable
Somewhat interesting from an historical viewpoint, only moderately interesting as a narrative although written well and charmingly Rich and famous men chase after Harriette and vice versa She likes some of her sisters and not the others Think Jane Austen with no plot and sex.Wilson s actual writing is a good example of the fact that a great deal of description or concrete imagery is not necessary to create interest The men and women here come alive with only a few deft words that is the real strength of the book, the people who inhabit it But with no particular point, it can become tedious after a while.More that anything else, I find this memoir an excellent source as a writer Not so much for the historical detail, though there is some of that, but for the characters and relationships Harriette s little observations and insights on personalities are invaluable There is plenty to steal As a look into
It s a shame Harriette Wilson wasn t discovered as a writer in her youth It was only when she became famous as a courtesan and published her memoirs that people seemed to care what she wrote Wilson s writing is witty and funny, although she is, I think, somewhat arrogant about her desirability among men My only hang up so to speak was her constant French conversations that she did not bother to translate I