The Lions of Sherwood Forest

The Lions of Sherwood Forest A Collection Of Short Stories Around 7,000 Words Showing How Each Of Robin Hood S Merry Gang Came To Be Outlaws.INNOCENCE DIED SCREAMING Much His Father Is Dead His Mother And Sister Are At Death S Door There S Only One Course For Young Much Even Though He Knows It S A Dangerous Course, It Is One He Must Take THE PUREST EXPRESSION OF GRIEF Will Scarlet All They Ve Ever Had Is Their Parents But When Their Family Is Ousted And Their House Burnt, Will Scarlett Knows They Need To Find Another Way To Survive For Survive Is What They Want To Do.I SWEAR I LL ALWAYS BE STRONG Little John His Heart Is Bigger Than His Muscles Combined Especially When It Comes To Rosa, A Single Mother Of Three, Who Finds Herself In A Sticky Situation.YOU CAN ALWAYS LEARN TO FLY Edda She Feels Lost Not Just In Terms Of Sherwood Forest, But In Life She S An Outsider, Regardless Of Where She Goes But Ammi Always Told Her That Allah Has A Plan She Ll Soon Discover Where She S Supposed To Be.NO SWEETER INNOCENCE THAN OUR SINS Allan A Dale He S Never Taken Anything Seriously Even When His Step Father Beat Him, He Brushed It Off Now, He S Wondering If He Has Finally Found Somewhere That He Feels He Belongs. I FINALLY FINISHED A BOOK AGAIN thank you so much Charlotte for just being such an incredible author and breaking my slump I m so grateful.And this book is so incredibly good I loved everything about it 3 Obviously I wrote this book, but I am really proud of this because it helped me expand these characters and this world and just everything about this series And this was a challenge for many other reasons too I ll never forget submitting this to kindle five minutes before the deadline, haha Also,