The Jack Daniels Six Pack

The Jack Daniels Six Pack Excellent Smart Mouth Thrills My Advice Take A Long Sip Lee Child In J.A Konrath S Brilliant Series, Lieutenant Jacqueline Jack Daniels Keeps Chicago Safe From Serial Killers And Psychopaths, While Struggling To Keep A Semblance Of Normalcy In Her Personal Life Comprised Of 6 Chilling Mysteries That Contain Laugh Out Loud Twists And Turns, Each Book Is An Addictive Roller Coaster Ride From Beginning To End This Electronic Omnibus Edition Includes The First 6 Novels In Konrath S Jack Daniels Series Whiskey Sour Bloody Mary Rusty Nail Dirty Martini Fuzzy Navel Cherry Bomb Praise One Potent Cocktail A Police Procedural Dashed With Romance, Mixed With A Shot Of Sharp Tongued Commentary, And Garnished With An Acidic Sprinkling Of Spoof Andrew Vachss, Author Of The Getaway Man Jack Daniels Is As Funny And Resilient As She Is Feisty And Determined. Six books that make up a series with some crossover between them A good enough read to complete them in one go. I love the Jack Daniels series This book is a handy way to get 6 in one I rented digitally from my library.