The Girls of Pearl Harbor

The Girls of Pearl Harbor From The Bestselling Author Of Wives Of War Comes A Harrowing Tale Of Four Brave Young Nurses Whose Lives Change Forever In The Wake Of The 1941 Attack On Pearl Harbor.When Grace, April, And Poppy Join The US Army Nurse Corps, They See It As Little Than An Adventure, One Made All The Better By Their First Station Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Joined At The Hip, Idealistic Grace, Exuberant Poppy, And Brave But Haunted April Frolic In The Sun, Attending Parties, Flirting With The Handsome Soldiers, And Becoming Fast Friends With Seasoned Nurse Eva Like The Hawaiian Sun, Their Future Seems Warm And Bright Until The Infamous Morning Of December 7.Within Just A Few Horrifying Hours, Their Sparkling Hopes Turn To Black Rubble And Ash Now Embroiled In A War They Never Could Have Imagined, They Must Decide What Truly Matters To Them And Face Grief As They Never Have Before Death May Await Them But So Do Hope And Purpose In The Midst Of The Carnage, Can They Find Happiness And Learn To Fight Not Just For Their Country S Honor But For Themselves WEE SMALLSIt was 2 a.m in Cincinnati when I read this gripping WWII novel on the attack that changed America forever.SOBBINGBut I swear I heard the roar of Japanese fighter planes, felt my heart seize as I tried to outrun bullets, gasped as I saw severed limbs and lives sounds and sights that won t leave I held my breath for chapters and when I finally broke free, I just wanted my husband to console me as I sobbed and sobbed.HEART TORNThis heart rending novel follows the lives and loves of four young nurses who d thought their Hawaii assignment was Edenic until Hell opened up on December 7, 1941, during Japan s stealth attack that propelled a reluctant U.S into war It has done to educate me about the devastating impact of Pearl Harbor than any other book save BROTHERS DOWN, the true recounting of the deaths of 63 brothers aboard the USS Arizona that day.FICTION VS FACTSometimes fiction gives flesh to events in ways that
The Girls of Pearl Harbor by Soraya M Lane is a great historical fiction novel focussing on three women sisters Grace and April and their new friend and fellow nurse Eva as they all make their way in finding themselves, their destinies, and each other during WWII This sweeping novel starts a month prior to the bombing of Pearl Harbor and continues onward.I liked the main characters and the development, maturity, and changes they all go through as they experience trauma, stress, and the world I enjoyed the interactions and relationships they developed with each other and others The dynamics kept the book interesting I enjoyed some of the plot twists and I felt that the ending was appropriate and comforting I think I like most of all that the characters were imperfect and slightly flawed, making them realistic and relatable, and that they were all strong and rose to the
Sisters April and Grace, with their best friend Poppy, are nurses who arrive in Pearl Harbor a few weeks before Dec 7 There they meet Eva, another nurse, stationed on The Solace A quick friendship is formed as the four women become as close as if they were all sisters They explore the island together and enjoy evenings dancing with the local soldiers However, with the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, all four will face death, injuries and horrors that will change the path of their lives forever This is a story of friendship and sisterhood The drama is contained in the horrors they face, not character driven Before the attack, everything is so idyllic and perfect It was a bit too much of a set up, when readers know what was about to happen on Dec 7 The dialogue didn t seem authentic, especially during the attack The women s thoughts seemed trivial, given what was going on Then the things th
I really enjoyed this book I usually am not a fan of books like these but I was apart of a book club and this book was recommended to me I liked the time frame this book took place it reminded me of my grandpa because he fought in world war 2 The three sister
This was a well researched novel by Soraya Lane, that takes place during the bombing of Pearl Harbor and eventually moves to North Africa Sisters April and Grace, along with their best friend Poppy arrive at Pearl Harbor, just prior to the attack They meet a new friend and fellow nurse, Eva It s party time, beach fun, handsome GI s and little nursing, until disaster strikes Then they realize just what they are in for, as the horrendous truth of frontline injuries are experienced This is a story of tragic losses, and the brave and courageou