The Girl Who Stopped Swimming

The Girl Who Stopped SwimmingNow Available As A Value Priced Edition Laurel Gray Hawthorne Needs To Make Things Pretty Coming From A Family With A Literal Skeleton In Their Closet, She S Developed This Talent All Her Life, Whether Helping Her Willful Mother To Smooth Over The Reality Of Her Family S Ugly Past, Or Elevating Humble Scraps Of Unwanted Fabric Into Nationally Acclaimed Art Quilts Her Sister Thalia, An Impoverished Actress With A Capital A, Is Her Opposite, And Prides Herself In Exposing The Lurid Truth Lurking Behind Life S Everyday Niceties And While Laurel S Life Was Neatly On Track, A Passionate Marriage, A Treasured Daughter, And A Lovely Home In Lovely Suburban Victorianna, Everything She Holds Dear Is Thrown Into Question The Night She Is Visited By An Apparition In Her Bedroom The Ghost Appears To Be Her 14 Year Old Neighbor Molly Dufresne, And When Laurel Follows This Ghost, She Finds The Real Molly Floating Lifeless In Her Swimming Pool While The Community Writes The Tragedy Off As A Suicide, Laurel Can T Reluctantly Enlisting Thalia S Aid, Laurel Sets Out On A Life Altering Investigation That Triggers Startling Revelations About Her Own Guarded Past, The Truth About Her Marriage, And The Girl Who Stopped Swimming Richer And Rewarding Than Any Story From Joshilyn Jackson, THE GIRL WHO STOPPED SWIMMING Is Destined Both To Delight Jackson S Loyal Fans And Capture A Whole New Audience. I happened to glance at the wildly diverse ratings reviews on goodreads about this book, because I was kind of torn about a rating for it I haven t read any of Jackson s other books, and I ve never seen The Ghost Whisperer, but my feeling was that the story was a bit soap y, and didn t fully realize itself as any one kind of book Sometimes, that s ok.Laurel Hawthorne lives in a gated community called Victorianna, raising a daughter, Shelby, with her husband David One night, the ghost of a neighbor girl awakes Laurel to find the dead body of the girl in their pool There is little blame here toward the Hawthorne household, it just happened to be their pool Laurel s world revolves around Shelby and keeping her protected from the ensuing investigation David retrieves Laurel s parents to help out, Laurel reacts by making up
Joshilyn Jackson is perfectly ok with having her heros murder people It s true that the people that are offed mostly need killing, but still Killing someone in the past seems to be her nasty secret of choice in both this book and Gods in Alabama which I preferred.This book started out really strong, but I think totally lost its way at the end Her characterization of Bet and the town she came from
Loved the other two but reading this one was like watching a predictable Lifetime movie I too thoughtit was too Ghost Whispery If you are going to the trouble to put a ghost into a book then at least be original Duh Another thing that bugged me was the folksy language I don t think people in the modern South really talk or act this way This book was set in the Panhandle but Laurel, etc talked like characters from the other books that were set in Georgia ZZZZZZZZ
Just what I needed a quick easy read, requiring little to no brain power That said I have to admit that I did not see the ending coming I see that a lot of people complain about the fact that this author s characters are very much stereotypes, I have to agree, but for me t
I was so excited for this book SO excited.I loved gods In Alabama I ve re read it, which I don t usually do and really, really liked Between, Georgia And then this book was really hard to get through.Well, that s not totally true The first 200 pages were too much information at once and yet not enough I had to keep reminding myself that all these mish mashes of plot would come together sooner or later, and the jumble of characters would make sense This knowledge would only be apparent to people who have read the authors other two books, so I fear for her brand new readers There were so many interesting but dropped things about this book Laurel, the main character, makes art quilts but they re mentioned only a few times, and don t seem to have anything to do with the story Laurel s mother comes from extreme poverty, but we re never told HOW she managed to get herself or her husband, who seems like a man dreaming his way through life and her children OUT of DeLop The squatters settlement or metaphor for Hell featured in the book Laurel s husband ALMOST has an affair, then doesn t.There are these confusing scenes where Laurel and her sister accost a neighbor who they suspect of being a child molester to find out if he s gay or not while a page later they re busy getting another neighbor drunk.It all made sense the
I gave this author s first book a 5 and her second book a 4see a pattern I think she had a good idea with this book, but it just didn t come together in the right way for me This is a ghost story whodunit that begins when the main character, Laurel, awakens to find the ghost of a drowned girl standing by her bed To me, it felt as though there was simply too much going on a new mystery, an old mystery, marriag
This would make a great Lifetime movie As a book, it moved too slowly It took a really long time to move from the initiating action girl drowned in pool to any subsequent action because the main character Laurel kept revisiting her past Truly, she is haunted by her past, and it s not
This was a waste of time I think JJ must have been presured to write and book and this was all she came up with I loved gods and between, but this one stunk Only redeming quality was Thalia I wish she just took that chatacther and went another direction. Jackson does what she does best in this book create slightly crazy, thoroughly believable, deeply Southern characters This book centers around two sisters, Laurel Thalia As always, Jackson does a good job of creating an interesting plot to surround and propel her characters forward.There were things I liked and didn t like about the main character I m not sure whether the characteristics that I liked about her remind me of myself or whether it s the ones I don t like I know that I am too quick to avoid confrontation and the older I get, the I see this as a character flaw How far would I have to be pushed to willingly engage in debate or outright conflict on behalf of my daughters, my family or myself Since Watership Down is one of my favorite books of all time, I loved the comparison of one of the characters

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