The Ghost Trap

The Ghost TrapThe Haunting Story Of A Young Lobsterman, Jamie Eugley, Who Is Struggling With The Grinding Responsibilities Of A Head Injured Fianc E And Mounting Trap Wars, The Ghost Trap Is A Modern Tale With An Old Fashioned Hero Who Puts Family And Heritage Before Self In The End It S Not Just About Lobstering, But About One Man S Sorrow For Not Appreciating The Love He Had, However Damaged Written With Sensitivity And Rich Description, This Is A Piercingly Accurate Depiction Of Life In A Small Maine Lobstering Community. from publisherEvery now and again, I find myself gravitating towards a book that I am not entirely certain I will be able to connect with Something that is just a wee bit outside my typical reading comfort level Something I feel I would be taking a risk on I enjoy stretching my thought muscles and trying something new on for size, and this last novel certainly did just that.I am quickly becoming a fan of Leapfrog Press as they impress me yet again this time with their 2009 release The Ghost Trap A good deal of patience was required to read K Stephens story about a man torn between the trap wars of his small town lobstering community and the struggle to provide care for his head injured fiance.Now, I am sure most of you are scratching your heads right now, wondering why based on that brief description I would consider this book a risk You must remember who you are dealing with here I tend to read books that fall left of center sometimes VERY left of center so a straight up literary novel such as this, with it s evident book club appeal, would normally tend to fall outside of my reading preferences However, in this case, it won me over and proved me wrong Stephens has a slow, methodical purpose to her storytelling She chooses to make the reader wait as she reveals things at the absolute last possible moment At times, it feels like we
This book sets the stage for lobster wars in Maine and how small towns function as a whole and the daily lives of it s people and how important it is to them all These wars are insane and get never let things go but it makes for a great story Of course I loved Anya and Jamie but I just wish there was sensitivity on Jamie s part since Anya s head injury I can totally understand why Jamie gets a little off the handle with her because it can be frustrating It is hard to handle someone like this especially since he has known her as better and happy and now she is sorta incompetent and fragile But I just felt she was trying as much as she could and she needed a little support from him Things could have worked out better but I don t think Jamie belongs in a small town and even though he made his way to big cities in the past, I don t feel like he is in the right mind set as the rest of the small townees I just love the w
Wow Didn t want it to end amazing mix of beauty, humor, and the human stain of sadness It s just one of those books that nails it. for whatever we lose like a you or a me it s always ourselves we find in the sea e.e CummingsThis is a story about one lobsterman s struggles and joys with his work and his life.Jamie Eugely has lobstering in his blood Living in Maine he was taught to lobster by both his father and his grandfather at a very young age When he was a teen he thought to escape the small town Maine lifestyle, but ultimately came back to the family business.Now he struggles as new lobsterman set their pots too close to his, tangling the lines and ignore century old lobstering etiquette and boundaries He also struggles to see glimpses of the woman he once loved so deeply in the brain damaged fianc e, Anja, he now cares for.This book was really hard to put to down It s one of those books you could just read cover to cover if life didn t keep getting in your way From page one I was completely entranced in Jamie s world K Stephens is a gifted writer that tells her tale and keeps the reader entertained and hanging on every word from beginning to end.This isn t a happy go lucky tale it s actually quite heartbreaking and painful at times This is one of those stories that the characters really resonated deep within me, and one of those stories that will haunt my thoughts for quite some time It will be hard for me not to t
Stephens is a terrific writer In this novel, she brings to life a group of Maine lobstermen, including Jamie Hugley, who, at 27, is the guardian of his former fiancee a young woman named Anja who sustained a brain injury after falling off of his boat He is torn between his strong sense of responsibility and the possibility of starting over again with another woman,
This book is FANTASTIC I started it on a Sunday night, stayed up way too late reading then spent all day at work on Monday exhausted and distracted dying to get back to it The author captures not only mid coast Maine and the lobster industry perfectly but a series of complex rel
This is a story about human nature The main character is a Maine lobsterman Jamie Eugley, who is following in the footsteps of generations of lobstermen Jamie lives with, and is a caretaker of his fiance Anja who is suffering from a severe brain injury Anja has progressed over a 3 year period from an infantile stage to being able to perform basic skills but remains a ghost of her former self Jamie and Anja s lives highlight one family s day to day struggles which can be found in many familys of this hardworking, tough community who create the idyllic Maine Vacationland for the tourist industry Survival is living month to month depending on the catch of the day The lobstermen are not immune to the destructive forces of drugs, alcohol, risky behavior and greed The impact of large corporations, the rich buying up the valuable coastal land, ever changing government
After the first 15 pages I just couldn t. Title The Ghost TrapAuthor K StephensPublisher LeapFrog PressRating 4 Shots of Espresso The Red Eye I would first like to thank both Lori of TNBBC and LeapFrog Press for allowing me the opportunity to read K Stephens The Ghost Trap Lori posted via Twitter a giveaway for Stephens book, and I thought I should try to win a copy I was finishing my thesis and was in a crisis mode as to what I would do with my life after my MA in English Literature I, then, started to put together a book blog to keep me going through the remaining hardships of writing a thesis So here I am, about to review my first book for my blog.K Stephens The Ghost Trap places the reader immediately on a lobster boat in a bay of Maine s coast The novel takes us through the journey of a lobsterman, Jamie Eugley, which encapsulates the trail and tribulations both of his job and of his life Soon the reader realizes that there is a trap war between Jamie and other lobstermen From the trap war to low numbers of lobsters, Jamie must balance it all Alliances form out on the freezing and rocky water of Maine the moral and family man Jamie and longtime friend Thongchai versus the immoral and scamming Fogarty family The trap wars, however, is just one of his many issues because at home he must affectionately support his live in girlfriend,
I have recently returned from a wonderful vacation in Maine Maine had been on my list of places to visit for a very long time It s not a place that you can simply pass through on your way to somewhere else Maine is kind of the end of the line, so to speak But trust me, this state is worth the extra effort it takes to get there.Maine is gorgeous, full of friendly people with a variety of things to do and explore Oh, and did I mention the lobster Lobster is on the menu everyday while in Maine It s cheap, plentiful and delicious Lobster can be served steamed, baked, on a roll, in soup, you name it So no lack of culinary choices when it comes to this bright red crustacean My trip had been planned to include the annual Maine Lobster Festival While there I met the author of The Ghost Trap, K Stephens We had a lively conversation about writing, which fellow writers always do when together I couldn t wait to read this book The Ghost Trap paints a vivid picture of the life of a lobsterman in coastal Maine It s a hand to mouth existence dependent on the fruits of the sea And it s physically demanding The lobsterman has to constantly push the threat of danger out of his mind Otherwise it would overwhelm him Jamie Eugley ignored the lobsterman s superstition to never to allow a woman on his boat when it came to Anja, the love of his life The pair were joined at the hip, so when Anja wanted to help him pull trap

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