The Enemy Inside

The Enemy Inside While Exploring Darkness In Others, Be Careful Not To Expose Your Own.That S What Chicago Detective Alicia Raymond Discovers When She S Assigned To Investigate The Gruesome Torture And Murder Of A Middle Aged Trucker With A Horrible Secret Before She Can Get A Lead On One Crime, However, The Bodies Start Piling Up And Alicia, Better Known As Berg, Finds Herself The Unexpected Target Of The Very Same Legal System She Has Dedicated Her Life To.While Simultaneously Under Attack From A Formidable Past, An Enemy That Seems To Know Too Much, And A Conniving Killer, Berg Is Forced To Confront Her Own Darkness Her Obsessive Need To Track Down Killers At The Expense Of Everything Else In Her Life Her Increasing Craving For Violence Just To Feel Normal And Her Potentially Devastating Feelings For Her Partner, The Charming And Handsome Detective Inspector Jay O Loughlin.The Berg Works Her Original Case, The She Learns About The Sheer Viciousness Of The Trucker S Past, And The She Questions If His Murderer Should Even Be Punished By A Justice System That Only Seems Determined To Free The Guilty When She Also Finds Herself Sympathizing With A Sadistic Butcher Exacting Revenge For A Decades Old Crime, She Realizes The Most Dangerous Secret Of All Might Just Be Her Own State Of Mind.While Berg Struggles With Her Morality, A Killer Is Determined To Recruit Her And Use Her For A Devastating End Game.As Berg S Carefully Constructed Life Falls Apart And She Struggles To Maintain A Grip On Reality, She Faces A Choice Surrender To The Evil Inside Or Finally Acknowledge The Brutal Past She Would Rather Bury.The Enemy Inside Is The First In The Edge Of Darkness Series, Which Challenges The Concept Of Justice, Asks If Vengeance Sometimes Justifies Murder, And Explores Whether You Can Ever Heal From A Broken Past. A respected detective with the Chicago Police Department s Special Crimes Unit, Berg, formally known as Detective Alicia Raymond and partner, the irrepressible womaniser, Jay O Loughlin, are assigned to investigate the murder of a truck driver As the gruesome remains of dead truckies begin to mount, the pieces start to fall into place and it becomes clear that the deaths are related to a case they have been working on involving a string of missing women.Personally though, Berg isn t doing so well she often feels as though she is losing control of her life She is still hurting and vulnerable from a childhood, the likes of which many of us may not know and the only thing that appears to keep her going is her gorgeous canine friend Jesse and the shameful secret she keeps until Jay accidentally stumbles upon it.As he tries to break though the walls she has built up around her, she slowly allows them to crumble It is when he puts his life on the line to try and catch the killer that both these flawed characters will need to finally answer some burning questions held deep within.I have been reviewing books now for about two years and am still astounded at the amount of talent there is amongst our Australian authors which I always go out of my way to promote In saying this, Australian crime author, Vanessa Skye, is yet another to add to my growing list of
It seems I am on a bit of a crime, mystery, thriller spree at the moment Totally unintentional, but totally awesome so far The Enemy Inside is a brilliant story It has likable, real and flawed characters This was probably the best aspect I loved that there was no Hollywood ising of them They had fantastic good qualities and some pretty intense bad ones, it was like reading about real people, not just characters in a book.Berg our female lead was fiercely strong and pigheaded with her police investigations Yet in the next breath vulnerable and struggling to cope with her inner demons So realistic.Her partner Jay, the guy who has screwed every woman in a 10 block radius of the precinct except Berg was surprisingly easy to like The two made a great team of detectives and forged their way towards solving the grisly murders that kept cropping up as the story progressed.Again, this book showcased some amazing insights into the forensic detail on a crime scene and the procedural processes for handling a murder
. I m a girlie and fluffy and all that, but I do love a good cop show You know how CSI and the likes keep you riveted about the world of crime and cops and other TV shows movies have serial killers and all that lovely hoopla Well, The Enemy Inside has all this, and I couldn t believe how easy this book was to read Not the subject matter, but the way Ms Skye puts her words down on the page Absolutely riveting I went into this book a bit scared that it would be tedious after all, my ereader gave me 300 pages on this But then what happened is I started reading, blinked, and I was already at page 50 Amazing The words flow so well, and Ms Skye paints such a concise and broad picture of the cop life in Chicago Kudos I do admit I had a hard time connecting with Berg at times the whole she gets home in the morning and then goes to wash the blood resulting from her nighttime escapade Nothing sinister a la Dexter, but Berg is pushing after something and we wonder what that is, what she is looking for so desperately.But the details in this book were astounding The suspense, literally keeping you glued to your book copy I had a hard time letting go, and it s not often I say this for a book, especially one that s not fluffy and is rather quite hard in its subject matter.And speaking of hard , Ms Skye doesn t hold her punches, but she toes the lin
This book is an amazing debut It is a rare thing for a whodunnit to have me completely bamboozled until right at the end, but this did, and it did it well The plot is so well crafted, with twists and red herrings aplenty, that the pace races along and you find yourself really caring for Berg and Jay In fact, I fell a little bit in love with Jay Unlike the macho cop you expect, he is gentle and truly cares about his partner s downward spiral, the cause of which he doesn t u
I work for the publisher that released this novel, but I honestly enjoyed reading The Enemy Inside Written by an Aussie author, it s a well paced read, a little bit gritty with some fairly heavy adult content Give it a goC From Goodreads While exploring darkness in others, be careful not to expose your own.That s what Chicago detective Alicia Raymond discovers when she s assigned to investigate the gruesome torture and murder of a middle aged trucker with a horrible secret.Before she can get a lead on one crime, however, the bodies start piling up and Alicia, better known as Berg, finds herself the unexpected target of the very same legal system she has dedicated her life to.While simultaneously under attack from a formidable past, an enemy that seems to know too much, and a conniving killer, Berg is forced to confront her own darkness her obsessive need to track down killers at the expense of everything else in her life her increasing craving for violence just to feel normal and her potentially devastating feelings for her partner, the charming and handsome Detective Inspector Jay O Loughlin.The Berg works her original case, the she learns about the sheer viciousness of the trucker s past, and the she questions if his murderer should even be punished by a justice system that only seems determined to free the guilty When she also finds herself sympathizing with a sadistic butcher exacting revenge for a decades old crime, she realizes the most dangerous secret of all might just be her own
Exciting Update Blogtour And Free Ebook Giveaway The Enemy Inside by Vanessa Skye vanessaskye Blog Post Enemy Inside The Writer s Coffee Shop Vanessa SkyeExpected Publication Date Aug 8 2013Crime Fiction4.5 out of 5 StarsChicago Detective Alicia Raymond, aka Berg, hides her depression and a brutal past with dangerous, anonymous sex and an obsessive desire to track down killers Bringing murderers to justice is the only thing she has in her life worth living for.Her partner, Detective Inspector Jay O Loughlin, has a few secrets of his own He knows Berg isn t as perfect as her faultless veneer, but as his intense attraction to her grows, can he overlook it Captain Louise Leigh assigns them to investigate the gruesome murder of a trucker and repeat sex offender But before they can get a lead on the killing, another trucker s body is found on the highway Soon the bodies pile up, and it s a race against time to find the killer before their Chief, Consiglio, uses them as scapegoats to fulfill his political aspirations.When Berg s DNA is found on one victim, her career looks to be over In the course of clearing her name, she and Jay grow even closer, so when her
4.5 starsDetectives Jay O Loughlin and Alicia Raymond are assigned by their superior, Captain Leigh, to investigate the murder of a truck driver who was also a habitual sex offender Soon there are murdered truckers and the pair race to find some thread leading back to the killer Their intense investigation takes place against a back drop of political pressure intimidation and personal crises creating a compulsive read.THE ENEMY INSIDE is dark, raw and not for the faint of heart or stomach As fascinating as the whodunnit is, Berg and Jay are equally interesting While THE ENEMY INSIDE is a dark read there s a strong undercurrent of hope as it showcases the strength of kindness, caring, and resilience of the human spirit.Alicia Raymond, better known as Berg short for Iceberg, is one seriously damaged woman Berg hurts herself or has others do it via dangerous anonymous sex attempting to stop the inner pain that refuses to go away The guilt and shame afterwards only adds strength to the inner voice telling her how worthless she is Berg is in a vicious destructive cycle, fighting daily to retain a semblance of normality Jay O Loughlin is Berg s partner Promiscuous serial dater he s never with one woman for long Jay too is haunted by his past and while
Wow This book was very different from what I was expecting, but it was a thrilling read from start to finish nonetheless I don t know how I would categorise this It isn t just your usual crime fiction, it has elements of many other genres Romance is probably one of them but for the most part the book is about the crimes and the mystery surrounding them The two main characters also have damaged pasts which seems to be a common theme in books today For a debut novel this was incredibly well written and had me hooked after just a few pages The cover stood out to me and when I read the description I couldn t wait to read this book Alicia Berg Raymond is our main character and one I liked very much I enjoyed learning about this character and what made her the way she is in terms of how she does her job and how she lives her life Jay O Loughlin is her partner in the police sense and at the start of the book he also has a dark past that he is keeping secret but eventually himself and Berg have a heart to heart and we learn all about these two characters pasts These two characters both felt very real, I would say at times the book felt like a true story than something that came from an author s imagination.It isn t just these two characters either, Vanessa Skye has created other believable characters Especially Captain Leigh and Chief Consiglio Having read
Passion for PagesI don t understand why there aren t people raving about this book I don t understand how this book has gotten so little attention Why isn t it on people s reading radar Even though I have a fascination with murder mysteries, I don t usually read them Why Because authors rarely write them in a way that I find interesting I like the detail that goes into the crime scene I like the blood and gore although if you asked anyone if that was true they d laugh and tell you I m the first to cover my eyes and gag if I see too much blood while watching a surgery on Grey s Yes, it s true I don t like to actually see the blood and gore, but I do like to read about it If you re going to give me a murder mystery then I want exactly like Don t skim the details It s the reason I m picking up your book in the first place.Vanessa Skye did a fabulous job in her debut novel Fab u lous I could not put this one down From the second I started reading I was hooked and refused to come up for air until I had read the very last word in this exciting, captivating novel I was kept guessing from one suspect to the next and just one I thought I had it figured out I was wrong I love that I love that I wasn t able to easily point the finger at one character so easily and come out right It means Vanessa did her job as an author of a mystery so incredibly well Ther