The Curse of a Mind

The Curse of a Mind From The Killer No One Knows Who I Am I Answer To No Name Call Me Rage Call Me Vengeance I Am A Punisher, An Executioner.There Is No Fate I Fear No Heaven Or Hell Existence Is My Curse And My Sentence To Serve.I Know Who Will Die Next.I Swoop Inside, Unseen, Like An Apparition I Will Kill You There S Nothing You Can Do To Stop Me.Death Has Taken Me I Am Death Be Prepared For My Rage My Curse Is Coming To You There S No Hope The Killer Is Using A Marvel In The Medical Field Known As Techlepathy, A Combination Of Technology And Telepathy To Produce A Telepathic Result He S Reading Their Minds.Chris Chambers Is A Private Investigator With Great Instincts And A Shady Past She S Hardened To Life, Even So To People, And As Tough As The Military Trained Her To Be.Her Team S Newest Case Is A Construction Worker By The Name Of Aidan Wolfe Someone Is Trying To Kill Him, Someone With Extraordinary Gifts.The Killer Blames Aidan For The Injustices In His Life, And He Wants Revenge He S Coming For Aidan, Chris And Her Team He Wants Them To All Die In A Terrifying Manner, But First, He Ll Make Them Face Their Worst Fears From Read this novel and see if you can honestly answer the question of what it would take to make you a killer, because no matter how righteous you think you are, everyone has a breaking point For the protagonist in this story, I believe it is a lifetime of feeling defeated, and having known so little love in his life that losing any amount of that is horribly devastating As for Chris and Aiden, I feel they could very easily have succumbed to the same fate, but instead turned their fears and anger inward Put yourself in their place as tides of emotional and psychological warfare wash over them and really experience how their feelings for each other may be their only chance for survival Lototy, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance OMG is what you ll be thinking as you read this thrilling novel Destiny Booze has included romance, suspense, fantasy, and twists and turns you won t even see coming This is one of those books you might put down momentarily, but the draw of what is going to happen next will reel you back in you won t know who done it until the very end Ginger Simpson, eBooks Examiner This book has a very inventive plot with an ending I didn t see coming The characters were likable Very emotional read in parts Destiny should think about making this character, Chris Chambers, and her team into a series James Patterson s woman s murder club better watch outDestiny is coming bookaholic, Shelfari Reader some laugh out loud moments and some touching ones Wi
I am so thankful to Destiny for her to have given me a free PDF copy of THE CURSE OF THE MIND I dove into reading it without reading any synopsis for the book or any reviews, etc so I was not quite sure what to expect I was delightfully drawn into a world of great characters Action was predominate so I was not bored in the slightest Each character in this fantastic novel has great character WITHIN each and every one of them Each character also possesses their own charm and skills to behold which draw them tightly together for the common good to do their job and to protect society A moderate amount of romance exists between the two main characters just enough to keep the reader wondering if two people are meant for each other during the fast paced suspense plot of intrigue But certainly NOT enough to turn off any reader not looking for romance The storyline was unique and creative and I felt like I was a part of the team of Private Investigators in this novel who are trying to track down an evil maniac A GREAT team This novel kept me interested and intrigued all the time by the action and wondering how in the world the team could t
Highly psychological in its whole, yet lighthearted and entertaining, this novel is highly worth the time it takes to snuggle up and read.As the story proceeds, there are twists and turns that all of the characters never expected to come across I have to admit, at the end, there was quite the surprise awaiting me.The character dynamics easily mesh together, yet each individual has the ability to stand on their own be a strong lead The continuing development of the love interest allows the story line to drastically deepen, despite the suggestion that this relationship will never fully develop.The killer well, that s a whole different topic Something that can only be described as both highly interesting and disturbing Something that I have never experienced before within a novel.A
Christopher Chambers Was Given A Boy s Name And Raised As A Boy He Dad Was Mostly Drunk All The Time And Beat And Cut Her With His Broken Bottles While Her Mom Looked On And Never Helped At Seventeen Chris Ran Way And Joined The Army Now, At Twenty Seven, She Was The Boss Of Deniro Investigations And Her Team Was Protecting Harry Jacobson, A High Powered Los Angeles Lawyer Her Team Was In Place And They Were Good At Their Jobs But An Assassin Slipped Through The Defenses Like A Thief In The Night Aiden Wolfe Received A Death Threat And In One Week He Would Be Dead He Enlisted The Help Of Denrio Investigations But Was Not Expecting Christopher To Be A Woman, But When He Checked On Her He Found Her Team To Be The Best, Yet As He Met Her In A Bar As She Tried To Pick Him Up Their Eyes Sizzled And Air Was Yanked Out The RoomWOW, Does Ms Booze Grab You By The Throat At The First Page And By The End You Just Want More Chris Was Up
Private investigators believe their eyes They generally don t believe in ghosts In Destiny Booze s novel, The Curse of a Mind, Christopher Chambers is a woman who runs a company called Deniro Investigations Her righ hand man is Leon He watches her back Her team consists of Leon, her right hand man and Elliot is her computer wizard There is a killer in this novel that is after a couple of Deniro Investigations clients The killer is picking off Chris team one by one.With all of her training Chris can t be sure to stop this man from taking Aidan, the man who is in her heart.Destiny once again fulfills her readers minds with a well written novel Destiny is an author you should be ready to follow into the big league
2.5 stars, review will be on soon.