The Coral Island

The Coral Island Ralph, Jack And Peterkin Find Themselves The Sole Survivors Of A Shipwreck On A Deserted Coral Island In The South Pacific Although Fate Has Led Them To Temporary Safety, The Three Marooned Lads Are Forced To Carve Out A Life For Themselves From What Nature Provides They Rapidly Learn Which Fruit To Eat, Which Animals To Hunt, And Which Lagoons Are Best For Bathing Resourceful As They Are, Their Desert Island Idyll Is Often Disturbed And They Face Numerous Terrifying Threats Pirates, Sharks, Cannibalism And Local Tribes Among Them Amidst All The Chaos, The Trio Still Face The Riddle Of How To Engineer Their Rescue From Their Tropical Exile Following In Robinson CrusoeOCOs Footsteps, And Yet With Added Adventure, BallantyneOCOs Writing Is A Classic Adored By Previous Generations Of Children And Which Deserves To Be Discovered All Over Again By A Modern Audience. I went to primary school at four and a half, into Mrs Whitcombe s class Everything was miniature, including Mrs Whitcombe who was a little person We sat on our little chairs at our little desks and got out our little books Janet and John It was quite glorious except that I had read the whole year s Janet and John primers by morning break a very little bottle of milk and a digestive biscuit The only other books in the classroom were Treasure Island,
Tis a story of 3 shipwrecked teen aged English lads While the tale is fun for young and old alike, I think it s target readership would be in the tween between childhood and the teenage range As the story unfolds the reader finds them self on an educational journey in the islands of
So let me get this straight.You re a teenage sailor, shipwrecked with 2 buddies on a pacific island You get along pretty well, and are fairly happy with your lot there, but one day you see a big ship arrive and you flag it down, but O NOES it s Pirates The pirate ship captures one of you, and sails away with you, and you are treated to all sorts of horrors including cannibalism Nobody is any good except this one other guy, and then one day you have a chance to fool all the bad guys and you do, and they get captured by the savage cannibals or is it cannibal savages and while the savages are dancing and whooping around their tied up bodies, the Good Guy and you escape on the nice big pirate ship But the good guy is mortally wounded, and he dies Nevertheless, you keep going, returning to the island where you last saw your buddies You find them Hurrah Also you have a boat So you load it up with provisions because it s already pretty sweet, being a real live pirate ship and you could head back to civilization or England or wherever it was you came from, but your buddy says HOLD ON A MINUTE THERE S ONE LAST THING WE NEED TO DO So you head off to an island where you try to save one island girl from being married to a guy she doesn t want to be married to YOU COULD SAVE YOURSELVES, YOU HAVE A BOAT, BUT INSTEAD okay anyway, they re tremendously thwarted in their attempts, an
Living in post Brexit Britain, the incredible smugness of this story was hard to take One could have laughed it off if it had not come back to haunt us Rule Britannia And thank goodness the gods are on our side and wear our type of clothing Starts off as a sweet children book, ends with too abrupt of a didactic tone along with mildly annoying instances of casual racism. It s always tricky assessing Victorian youth fiction in the light of our current postcolonial period, and all of the necessary revaluations that has entailed The Coral Island A Tale of the Pacific does have some horrendously condescending views upon the age old moral dichotomy of savagery v civility However, R.M Ballantyne is a relatively unusual author for his period Edinburgh born Ballantyne clearly had a strongly evangelical Protestant morality, but this was also tempered with a clear sighted and scientifically rational observational mindset Rather than glory in the military might and commercial prowess of empire, attempting to paint a thin veneer of moral purpose over Britain s overseas ventures, Ballantyne instead chooses to render the exotic, faraway islands of the South Pacific in minute detail, seemingly for the purpose of promoting the Christian Missionary cause, as well as telling a damned good tale of derring do.The novel is narrated by the mature figure of Ralph Rover, who reflects back on his early adventures as a young man marooned upon a coral island in the Pacific Ocean Two other young men, Peterkin Gay and Jack Martin, manage to survive the wreck of the trading ship, which Rover was set to sea aboard These three boys on the cusp of manhood, bring different skills and abilities to their island prison paradise Jack is the oldest and stron
This is a quintessential boys adventure story Ralph goes to sea as a cabin boy, almost as soon as they round Cape Horn and enter the Pacific ocean a storm sinks their ship marooning him and his two friends on a coral island on which they have wonderful adventures before escaping the island.This book is in fact a prototype of several story genera, Ballantyne was a prolific writer of stories for young people, publishing over 100 between 1847 and his death in 1894 The Coral Island is considered his most successful in that it has never been out of print since it was published in 1858 Surely that is some kind of record in print for almost 160 years One of the writers influenced by him was Robert Louis Stevenson, who was so influenced by The Coral Island, that he based portions of Treasure Island on it Also, The Coral Island can be considered one forerunner of the genera of deserted on a desert island that is a hugely influential literary theme.I was especially excited to find it in Little Dragon format, hands up who remembers the little dragons These children s books are practically historical their own right these days and this one was published in 1966, a Red Dragon For boys and girls 8 12 years Price 2 6.As excited as I was to read it, I was a little disconcerted by the superficiality of the beginning in which less than a page of introduction passe
I don t tend to reread very many books, but this was one that I loved when I read it as a pre teen I decided to try reading it to my son in chapters.First half was great Classic adventure story with three teenaged boys shipwrecked on the iconic deserted island in the South Pacific Their story of survival together is perhaps a bit overly optimistic, but it s still great fun.When the book moves into its second act, and pirates and Pacific Islander natives become involved, it takes a turn into some pretty graphic violence, and I found myself having to skip a lot when reading to my son just because it really wasn t appropriate for his age It also presents a lot of severe racial stereotypes and inaccuracies, probably typical for its genre and time of writing, but no less disturbing.Interestly, this book almost certainl
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MIGHT UPDATE THIS REVIEW we shall see The Coral Island was truly a masterpiece I now understand why it was one of the most well loved Ballantyne books of its time and even today The characters were impeccable I fell in love with them immediately The storyline was fascinating and well written All around, it was fantastic.Another add to this wonderful book is the Gospel message that R.M Ballantyne skillfully wove throughout the novel and the character s lives Ralph s in particular.It was a riveting and intriguing story of three boys trapped on a lonely coral island out in the Pacific Ocean, and the many adventures and perilous happenings that befell them Suffice to say, I loved it I am sure it will remain my favorite, or at least one of my favorites, of Ballantyne s many novels Characters Oh, the characters They were fantastic Jack, Peterkin, and Ralph were the perfect trio They worked well together Scratch that They worked perfectly together I have to say that thirteen year old, Peterkin Gay was my favorite He was lively, humorous, incredibly energetic, and mischievous What he said and the way he acted was incredibly hilarious, making for many Laugh out loud moments But he also has a real depth to him that shows on those rare occasions This book was written in first person point of view, and Ralph Rover is our very ow

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