The Commander's Desire

The Commander's DesirePrincess Elwytha Wants Revenge On The Monster Who Murdered Her Brother In A False Exchange For Peace, She Offers Herself In Marriage To The Enemy Prince The Plan Kill The Prince S Battle Scarred Commander The Man Who Ended King Thor S Life With One Filthy Sword Thrust Through The Back To Her Horror, The Commander Agrees To Take Elwytha As His Bride Worse, The Wedding Date Will Be Sooner Than Expected Not All Is Lost, However Now She Has Opportunity To Be Alone With Him And Exact Justice But The Deed Is Not So Easy Now Fighting Her Innate Sense Of Honor, She Begins To See The Ironclad Integrity Of The Man Behind The Scars And With This Knowledge Comes Doubt Did He Slay Her Brother What Exactly Is The New King S Plan Whom Can She Trust Elwytha Must Decide Well, For Than Her Life Is At Stake Soon She Must Betray Either Allegiance To Her Kingdom Or The Man Who Is Quickly Claiming Her Heart. I decided to read this one again, its a story that pops into my head every now and then I love the setting for this book, 714 Scotland, I m a sucker for medieval knights While I still enjoyed the overall story, there were a few things that I would have tweaked For example, I wish there hadn t been such an emphasis on Elywtha being a warrior She did NOT come across as a warrior at all Maybe it was all the crying and insecurities I also got tired of the back and forth with her feelings for the Commander I did like the Commander, the author did a pretty good job of depicting him as a strong, smart warrior and at the same time as a compassionate, caring leading man This time around I kept picturing Chris Hemsworth yum The author also does a good job of not rushing their relationship, she lets it develop at a nice pace and its believable when Elywtha starts to change her feelings I thought they had good chemistry and enjoyed reading their story Overall, a fun story I liked the plot
Okay, I have a new favorite book.okay at least for the day I m always finding new favorite books Let s just say I will definately be reading this one again I found it on on a Clean Romance list and thought I would try it I LOVED it It was a fast, fun, read and I loved the characters The title made me a bit nervous but I was pleasantly surprised that it was clean and fit into a Marcia Lyn Mcclure type genre another of my VERY favorite authors An author who you can trust I can t wait to read from her I must warn that the heroine of the
shoots herself Ok, I got redirected to this book somehow through a fantasy novel recommendation So I began this book fully expecting a historical fantasy novel, with romance of course Boy, was I in for a surprise.First of all, this novel is the epitome of mediocre writing, with choppy sentences and awful repetition Secondly, this is just a silly historical romance, and a bad one at that The summary suggests an intriguing tale of a woman in the belly of the beast, pretending to broker a peace agreement via marriage while preparing for revenge She may or may not fall in love with the enemy along the way Interesting as that summary is, the actual story is anything but The heroine is like a whiny teenager than a warrior princess, and the hero s job is to act as her chastising father The story packs the brainpower of a weasel, most scenarios are very
The Commander s Desire is a thrilling, sensual historical romance novel, and Jennette Green is a wonderful, talented author.The author takes us back in time to 715AD and spins us a romantic tale about an honorable warrior princess named Elwytha who is torn between her need to avenge her family, and the love she f
Overall this was a good story The idea of a warrior maiden getting revenge for her brothers murder by becoming the murderers bride and trying to kill him, awesome Unfortunately the execution was lacking and there were things that bothered me, but they didn t bother me enough to stop reading The book was just fun to read and I overlooked a lot of the other stuff and just enjoyed the tension and romance between the main characters, because after all that is what I wanted from this book So if you don t mind writing glitches, drawn out arguments that are not necessary and repetition of characters feelings to get to a sweet, romantic love story this is your book This book is clean for a Romance Novel there is sex,after marriage, but it is not detailed It reminded me of a Lynn Kurland or
The beginning of this book was great I loved the first half But after that I got frustrated with the main character I wish she would just do what she thought was right and not whine so much And I wish she was in the fight at the end, to show off her fighting skills and all that And the love scenes were too much
8 29 13 Just as good the second time around I needed to read a 5 star book, and this delivered for me again 1 28 13 Really, really good Loved most every minute of it Loved the characters If not for the language, it would have been perfect Moral Note Has son of motherless goat quite a fe
I really liked it, very well done It is a early mid evil read which I love I really loved the charcters they were great And it is a clean romance that is.5 for I DESPISE THIS BOOK No..not despise the book but something or rather someone else SO let me begin by saying I read the summary before i downloaded it and was thinking this is goanna be great I mean, the plot is gripping enough i can do with mediocre writing as long as it is not boring and does not sound like a teenager s diary , i have long sought for a plot similar to this and i found it What is not to like BOY WAS A FREAKING WRONG dis had the making of a great book THe author seemed to forgot that the characters or rather, the MAIN character is the life of the book Character s SHOULD be likeable, loveable, believable not INFURIATING The heroine in this book was the most stupid, shallow minded female i have ever encountered She is way way way over her head and acts like a spoiled bitch most of the time I rarely use the word bitch, but i cannot find anything suitable than that to describe our heroine.I despise her, everything she says grates my skin and makes me grit my teeth I want to throttle her or smash her head with a baseball bat She is blided by revenge BUT, really really blinded she cannot see anything else She cannot see that her stupid ass of a brother is using her, that the commander adores her And the she had the NERVE to get mad when she is accused of treason when she knows she is indeed one She is hateful and spiteful She admitted they are enemy even without her brother s murder, frankly i think she is just looking for reasons to get
I read this book a while back and just realized I never reveiwed it.I really enjoyed this book I loved the tention and I loved how their relationship grew you also end up really in love with the commander too As I read I just