The Code

The Code The Code Introduces Readers To An Enriching And Timeless Tradition Practiced For Centuries In The Western Europe Going Beyond Simple Numerology And Mystic Numbers, The Code Offers A Practical Guide To Discovering Your Personal Tendencies, Choosing A Career, Raising Children, Navigating Relationships, And Living A Fulfilling, Healthy Life Each Number In Your Birthdate Has Its Own Unique Meaning And Secret Attributes That Influence Your Abilities, Personality, And Relationships By Integrating The Power Of Your Birthday Numbers With Corresponding Colors, The Number Wheel Vividly Shows You How To Find Balance And Harmony, Unearth Your Hidden Talents, And Navigate Daily Life.For Generations The Number Wheel Has Been Used By The People Of Tyrol To Help Raise Children, Choose A Profession, Learn About Proper Nutrition, Treat Illness, And Make Choices That Promote Physical And Emotional Well Being The Code Offers Time Tested Indigenous Knowledge That Has Been Effectively Used For Centuries. Mis esoteerikasse puutub, siis olen t heldanud et inimesed jagunevad laias laastus kaheks Kes ldse ei loe ja on tuliselt vastu sellisele kirjandusele ning teised, kes loevad heameelega Ma olen midagi vahepealset K tte v tan harva, aga siis juba pigem numeroloogia, mitte kristallid v i midagi seesugust S nnikoodi saladuse lehitsesin sama p him ttega kiirelt l bi Mulle meeldib lihtne idee, et iga number s mboliseerib ilmakaart, n iteks kelle s nnikuup evas on palju hte ja kuut on p hja inimesed, kahe ja seitsmega l una inimesed jne.Iga ilmakaare all on pikem kirjeldus, et milliste annetega sellist t pi inimesed enamasti on ning mida t hendab kindlate numbrite puudumine Samuti vaadeldakse k iki numbreid kokku, n iteks minu s nnikuup evas sisalduvad numbrid loovad ida, p hi, l s koosluse Kese ja l una puuduvad, ning nagu raamat kirjeldas on
Have you dabbled in numerology, but found that the numbers never add up right Are you enad of feng shui, but find its overgeneralized process coupled with its rigid application and innumerable fixes to be indecipherable Have you tried tarot, but found its mystical approach too impossible to quantify in your 3 D existence If you answered yes to any of the above, then have I got a book or you The Code, by Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe will unlock all the answers to all the questions you ever had about yourself, your life and the why of why you do things the way you do, and it will give you a blueprint yes, a blueprint for how to live your life in greater harmony with yourself and your environment Truly an eye opening experience, The Code can be applied at any stage and in all areas of life.If you want t
I find this book fairly accurate and very interesting to read I ve completed reading and my assessment is, I m impressed It s even explained my childhood that s crazy Most books are general and basic at best, this book describes so many aspects and completely hits the areas of improvement as well That is what makes this book a great read, not that it tells you what you already know about you

✰ The Code  Epub ✶ Author Johanna Paungger –
  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • The Code
  • Johanna Paungger
  • English
  • 22 May 2019
  • 9781582702896