The Brontes: Selected Poems

The Brontes: Selected PoemsCome Hither, Child Who Gifted TheeWith Power To Touch That String So Well From Come Hither, Child By Emily Bront Though Best Known For Their Novels, Charlotte And Emily Bront , And Siblings Anne And Patrick Branwell, Also Wrote Remarkable Poetry The Finest Examples From Each Of The Four Appear Here, And They Present Fascinating Images Of Nature, Character Portraits, Dark Musings, And Deeply Emotional Reflections From Charlotte Comes The Teacher S Monologue Patrick S Work Includes Death Triumphant Emily Offers A Series Of Songs, And Anne Is Represented By The Captive Dove, And. Charlote Bronte LIFELife, believe, is not dream so dark as sages say Off a little morning rain Foretells a pleasant daySometimes there are clouds of gloom But These are transient all If the shower will make the roses bloom, O why lament it s fall Rapidly, merrilyLife s sunny hours flit by Gratefully, cheerilyEnjoy them as they fly Patrick Branwell Bronte PEACEFUL DEATH AND PAINFUL LIFE Why dost thou sorrow for the happy dead For if their life be last, their toils are o erAnd woe and want shall trouble them no Nor ever slept they sleep while, dreamless, laidIn the dark chambers of that unknown shoreWhere night and silence seal each guarded doorSo turn from such as these, thy drooping headAnd mourn the Dead alive whose spirit flies Whose life departs before his death has come who finds no heaven beyond life s gloomy skieswhose sees no hope to brighten up that gloom,Tis He who feels the worm that neveer dies The real death and darkness of the tomb Anne Bronte THE PENITENTI mourn with thee, and yet rejoiceThat thou shouldst sorrow so With angel choirs I join my voiceTo bless the sinner s woeThough friends and kindred turn away,And laugh thy grief to scorn I hear the great redeemer say,Blessed are ye that mournHold on thy course, nor deem it strangeThat earthly cords are riven Man may lame
I found their poems harpped on the same theme s I did enjoy some poem s, but if you are not a huge Bronte fan I think you will be disappointed in this book. Four Brontes Emo eons before emo was a thing. I read this during the month of March as part of my poetry reading for the year one volume per month I d only read the novels by Charlotte Bront Emily Bront and enjoyed reading their poetic works I also happened to be readin
Accessible, moving, and beautiful Gothic poetry. Poems related to the fantasy kingdoms the Brontes made up as children I liked them, however.

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