The Blind Contessas New Machine

The Blind Contessas New Machine An Enchantingly Imagined Romance Inspired By The True Story Of The Typewriter S Invention Carolina Fantoni, A Young Contessa In Nineteenth Century Italy, Is Going Blind Neither Her Parents Nor Her Fianc Believe Her Only Her Friend Turri, An Eccentric Local Inventor, Understands As Darkness Erases Carolina S World, She Discovers One Place Where She Can Still See In Her Dreams Yet She Remains Isolated From The Outside World Desperate To Communicate With Carolina, Turri Creates A Peculiar Contraption For Her The World S First Typewriter His Gift Ignites A Passionate Love Affair That Will Mark Both Their Lives Forever. Rating 4.75 of fiveThe Kindle edition of this gorgeous book is a lousy 4.99 There are hardcovers for 10 WHY ARE Y ALL NOT READING THIS PERFECT GEM OF A READ A good friend on LT reminded me of this wonderful little book that I loved reading a few years agoa first novel, a small moment in history that shows the true meaning of love is, and always was, rising to meet the rough patches and working to make them smooth again.http l48e4buMagical, and historically accurate How rare is that ETA I love this exchange in the Reader s Guide included in later editions of the book Do obstacles make love enduring or passionate Has that been true in your own life Love is a mystery and it looks different for every person In general, my feeling is that life is hard all by itself, and that there s no need to go looking for trouble in our relationships they should be a place where we find comfort and rest That said, I ve never seen a good relationship that
4.5 5 Wow this book is underrated I found it in a corner of a used bookstore and just couldn t pass it up because of the cover of it It s so unique and colorful and just so pretty His small compliments and offhand remarks formed a new scripture, and in breathless conversations and lonely, dream drunk nights they built whole theologies from them I m happy I dived right into this book without looking it up on Goodreads first because sometimes that can definitely spoil the fun I was surprised to see such low average rating 3.47 , and I am happy to be in minority of people who truly loved this book Minority is usual where I like to be when books are concerned I m not a fan of magical realism at all, and I am not sure this book was magical realism, but it definitely had aspects of it So, in conclusion, I have no idea what I just read, but I know that I really, really enjoyed it I am going blind, she had blurted to her mother, in the welcome dimness of the family coach, her eyes still bright with tears from the searing winter sun By this time, her peripheral vision was already gone Carolina could feel her mother take her hand, but she had to turn to see her face When she did, her mother kissed her, her own eyes full of pity I have been in love, too, she said, and looked away Besides not liking magical realism I also am not a fan of affair stories usually that is But somehow all of the stars ha
NO SPOILERS Through page 40 This is a love story not just one love story, but actually several A GR friend once remarked that I didn t like romance or that I rarely read love stories, and that is true However I do enjoy love stories, but they must be magical as all real love is The prose of this book is magical and enchanting, like a fairy tale for adults See my quote from pages 36 and 37 Surprised, C looked at him You know that I love you, he said The words rang in her mind like an alarm bell I know, she said, and took her hand away But for P to receive full control of his lands and property, his father had also dictated that he should be married It was impossible that he should choose her, but he must choose souse somebody Like a child with a lottery ticket, she understood the slimness of her chance, but until another name was called, while her paper ticket melted in her damp hand, she had just as much right to dream of stepping up to receive the prize as anyone I want a fairy tale to be delightful in its essence, with dark dramatic punches of grief to tie it to the real world I want this both in adult and children s literature.Through page 68 As anyone can see from the title the Contessa is going blind The people who should understand don t, but others do I fin
I was drawn to this book by both the juxtaposition of the title and its petit size The dimensions being smaller than a typical paperback and at a scant 207 pages, it was a breeze And after reading several behemoth fantasy books this summer, it was an especially welcome breeze The basic frame of the story is true the invention of the first working typewriter by Pellegrino Turri for his blind love, the Countess Carolina Fantoni da Fivizzono The writing is lovely and the love story bittersweet As I read, I felt the languor of the summer days in the hot Italian countryside And there is an elegant kind of panicked calmness in how Carolina s descent into blindness is described She starts by noting a row of trees by her favorite pond As the darkness encroaches, she loses the trees on the ends until she sees just four trees, just two, one, and nothing I was interested in how Wallace describes others reactions to Carolina s blindness My favorite would be when Caroline asks one of her servants to describe the pictures from her illustrated books The maid takes advantage of Carolina s condition and starts deviating from the printed images to describe wild flights of fancy eight foot tall purple birds with green tail feathers, for instance Only Carolina had memorized the books while she still had her sight She immediately recognizes the deceit, yet tenderly encourages the maid to continue and be imaginative Ah, I remember that bird Remind me how many claws it has. As I was
2.5 stars I enjoyed the book overall The writing was lovely, the main characters well developed However, I felt the characters at times acted in ways that stretched believability and I hated the ending I m glad
CCarey Wallace s debut novel The Blind Contessa s New Machine, knocked my socks off until the last few pages Starting at the beginning, beautiful young Carolina Fantoni is the daughter of a wealthy count, living lavishly in their Italian country villa Carolina is loved by her family and pampered by her papa for her every whim He builds her a fairytale cottage in the nearby woods, a cozy one room shelter to be her secret hideaway of escape when she wishes to lazily dream the days away surrounded by nature and animals of the forest Throughout her childhood she is visited by a man named Turri, older than Carolina but an interesting friend and companion with many similar ideas and thoughts as herself He is a bit fanciful, an inventor, a Victorian Leonardo Da Vinci They share similar dreams for the future and both have vivid imaginations to create a storybook life around them that helps them leave behind the problems of the world, and step outside to live in an imaginary world similar to Alice when she fell down the rabbit hole Carolina is at the age where she is eligible for marriage Turri has become engaged to a beautiful woman named Sophia Carolina s father finds her a match in a local sought after paramour named Pietro As their courting b
Description An iridescent jewel of a novel that proves love is the mother of inventionIn the early 1800s, a young Italian contessa, Carolina Fantoni, realizes she is going blind shortly before she marries the town s most sought after bachelor Her parents don t believe her, nor does her fianc The only one who understands is the eccentric local inventor and her longtime companion, Turri.When her eyesight dims forever, Carolina can no longer see her beloved lake or the rich hues of her own dresses But as darkness erases her world, she discovers one place she can still see in her dreams Carolina creates a vivid dreaming life, in which she can not only see, but also fly, exploring lands she had never known.Desperate to communicate with Carolina, Turri invents a peculiar machine for her the world s first typewriter His gift ignites a passionate love affair that will change both of their lives forever.Dedication for my mother your trip to Italy Opening quote Until morning comes say of the blind bird His feet are netted with darkness, or he flies His heart s distance in the darkness of his eyes Wendell Berry, Elegy Opening ON THE DAY Contessa Carolina Fantoni was married, only one other living person knew that she was going blind, and he was not her groom.This was not beca
Reading The Blind Contessa s New Machine began as a purely I love the cover choice Isn t that a lovely cover I m a bit of a sucker for floral patterns They might not make me purchase a book but they will always make me pick one up to look at As usual judging a book by it s cover worked out fine, my friend So much for what your Mother tells you.There is the kernel of a true story in Contessa A kind of prehistoric typewriter was created in Italy in the early 1800 s for a blind woman to use as a means of communication From that slim start author Carey Wallace has written an enchanting love story The Contessa is Carolina Fantoni The town beauty, Carolina has been indulged by her parents all her life Like almost all historical fiction heroines she has grown up to be intelligent and independent It is fitting that she will marry the prize of the town, Pietro As her wedding approaches Carolina realizes that she is going blind Her parents, her fiance, none of them think that it could possibly be true It s love, it s a momentary anomaly, it s anything but what it really is The only person who believes her is her is childhood fri
I had no idea that the type writer was invented for a blind woman by a man who loved her till I found this novel This is a very simple, short read Carolina realizes she is going blind just before she marries Pietro Both her parents and Pietro just shrug off her concerns, but the inevitable happens and Carolina s world finally goes completely dark Turri, her childhood friend and neighbor fancies himself an inventor He is also very much in love with Carolina and after she has a disastrous attempt with ink, he invents the type writer for her Note, it wasn t called a type writer yet. Meanwhile, Carolina and Turri begin an affair The big problem is they are both married to other people What can become of this There is also a mystery involving mysterious footsteps Carolina keeps hearing Upon inquiring as to who is there tho, no one responds I was about to give this three stars because there is one MAJOR killer about t

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