The Best of Times

The Best of TimesEverything Can Change In The Blink Of An Eye On An Ordinary London Afternoon, A Truck Swerves Across Five Lanes Of Traffic And Creates A Tangle Of Chaos And Confusion As Loved Ones Wait To Hear News And The Hospital Prepares To Receive The Injured, A Dozen Lives Hang In The Balance A Doctor Is Torn Between Helping The Injured And Hiding His Young Mistress A Bridegroom Hopes To Get To The Church On Time A Widow Waiting To Reunite With A Lost Love Ponders Whether She Ll Ever See Him Again And The Mysterious Hitchhiker, The Only Person Who Knows What Really Happened, Is Nowhere To Be Found. I have mixed feelings about this one I decided to read this along with a couple other books over the long holiday weekend I m glad I had other things to read I quite loved the first half thought the author did a great job with most of the characters also the accident we are shown in the opening of the book And then the second half happened Or didn t so much and just meandered along until I have to honestly admit, I was skimming for resolutions for my favorite characters I m positive that s not a good sign that s not how I like to get through my books On the upside, I was compelled to at least get to the end to see how my favorites fared but that s not enough for me to give this one than a middling star grade Another thing that diminished my enjoyment was that I had the BBC series Collision Masterpiece Contemporary in the US running alongside in my mind That s not the author s fault but they were so similar, I couldn t help the meld I have other Penny Vincenzi books on my boo
At page 570 or something now It just keeps going on and on and on When will it end I quit a few chapters later There was nothing after the hearing to keep the reader motivated. I was in the middle of Penny Vincenzi s THE BEST OF TIMES Headline, 2009 when my hubby phoned to say that Menos 200 p ginas e teria sido melhor I had high hopes for this one, but somewhere around the middle it failed miserably It s the story of people involved in a car accident and how it affects their lives Interesting at the beginning and then bloody awful, darling I have to say that, because the book takes place outside London At about the halfway point of this than 500 page thing every single character became unlikeable Seriously I get that the author wants to show that we are all flawed people, but we aren t all total douches And then she started focusing on people who weren t really even involved in the accident at all one is the talent agent for an actress who was in the accident and the other is a doctor who works at the hospital where the victims were taken And once they start working on the benefit concert it was just plain BORING Toward the end, when I knew my e pub version of this book was going to expire, I realized I didn t really care how it ended I did manage t
I have very mixed feelings about this book hence the three stars The book opens with a major traffic accident that blocks the freeway Sorry motorway It takes place in London Then comes a section called Before I spent my time reading this section very nervous about what would happen So it was hard to enjoy it.The section that took place during the accident was very exciting and fun to read.But then the story went kind of down hill from
Foi a minha estreia com esta autora, da qual j queria h muito tempo ler qualquer coisa E gostei bastante A principio achei que tinha personagens a mais mas depois todas elas se foram interligando e tiveram um p
I loved this so much that my hand accidentally slipped and I ordered eight of her books. A compelling story that tackles everyone s subconscious fear the one that they feel but never address what if something catastrophic happens one day and changes our lives forever In Best Of Times, Penny Vincenzi tells the story of a brutal road accident that breaks relationships and brings strangers together Vincenzi s characters not only allow readers to love hate them, but I find, like in all her other books, readers get immersed in them and their lives When I first picked up a Penny book No Angel I wasn t aware what I was in for It was thick and that would keep me occupied on a sixteen hour flight to Malaysia By the time I finished reading it, I couldn t wait to get a hold on the sequel the book sucked me in and made me carve for As did all her other books and as did Best Of Times I found the plot a bit predictable and wasn t surprised with some of the outcomes But Vincenzi s weaves in enough emotion a
This was an entertaining read though a bit long at just under 600 pgs.The story is a good one where the lives of twelve unrelated people are wound together through a horrible accident on a highway that runs outside London The author spends a lot of time on character development and that is all a lead up to this fatal, multi car pile up on the highway and how the lives of these people all come together and how their lives all our forever changed as a result of this life changing event I really cared about the characters for the first 300 pgs but then found the story went on a bit longer than it should of My dear cousin, who is a much avid reader than I and who reads my posts has said to me, why if you are not enjoying the book, do you finish it Your time is important and if you are not enjoying a book, just put it away and start a new one My response to her was that I am often quite vested and committed to finishing the book, if not only

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