The Aliens Touch (Warriors of Luxiria, #4)

The Aliens Touch (Warriors of Luxiria, #4) Welcome To Luxiria, Where The Twin Suns Are Hot And The Alien Warriors Are Hotter Cecelia Has Always Rolled With Life S Punches Growing Up In A Broken Home Check Cancer Check Getting Rescued From A Human Trafficking Ring By Massive, Horned Alien Warriors And Getting Transported To Their Planet Triple Check But When Her Cancer Returns, Light Years Away From Earth, Cecelia Knows That She Needs Her Rescuers Help Except That Help Comes In The Form A Sexy, Pierced, Ruthless Warrior Who Thinks She S His Ambassador Rixavox, One Of The Fiercest War Generals On Luxiria, Is No Stranger To The Carnal Delights Of Females Many, Many Females Never In His Wildest Dreams Did He Think He Could Settle For Just One But That S Before His Animalistic Instinct Awakens For Cecelia, Recognizing Her For Who She Truly Is His Fated Mate As They Journey To His Territory In The Harsh Northern Lands Of Luxiria, His Female Tempts Him To Madness, Fueling His Own Wicked Desires, Even When It Is Forbidden To Touch Her Or Claim Her The Way He Craves In His Care, They Must Resist The Mating Call That Runs Between Them Or Risk Everything Features A Strong, Determined Human Female And A Seven Foot Tall Mouthwatering Alien With A Huge, Massive Heart Wink Wink Full Length 60,000 Word Novel Note The Warriors Of Luxiria Series Makes Sense Read In Order, But Each Book Can Be Read Separately Since The Main Focus Is On The Romantic Relationship Of Each Couple Warriors Of Luxiria Series The Alien S Prize Vaxa An And Kate The Alien S Mate Vaxa An And Kate The Alien S Lover Lihvan And Beks The Alien S Touch Rixavox And CeceliaThe Alien S Dream Vikan And Taylor Glass Book 4 in the Warriors of Luxiria series gives us fierce war general Ambassador Rixavox and human Cecelia.Rixavox is a playboy manwhore that feels he can never settle with one woman that is until he comes across his fated mate Cecelia, who has been rescued by the warriors of Luxiria after having being kidnapped from earth by another race of aliens.Cecelia, has been in remission from cancer but knows it is back, luckily her rescuers have technology that means death is not on the table and she doesn t have to suffer through the treatments she endured on earth After all she has suffered Cecelia is still a good person, who puts others first and her chemistry with Rixavox was clear, even as it confused her.A nice quick read, not my favourite in the series, but it wasn t terrible I liked the fact that Rixavox makes it clear he only wanted Cecelia and that she s the only one in his present and future I just wish Rixavox had been aware of the dumb move it was to
WOW This book, nay this whole freaking series thus far, has been crazy awesome I am going to take a minor break before moving on to the next book 5 in this series Trying to savor it since it s the latest book in this series and I have just flown through these within mere days Every book for me has been 5 stars Trust me, if you love HOT Alien Sci Fi but with an actual deeper plot that grows with each story then I highly recommend that you pick this series It says they can be rea
The book where the typical former manwhore alien falls for the fragile human It was ok, but the stories are blending together at this point. This series keeps getting better review to post soon Fun series. 3.5 pointsIt was fun, harmless and the hero was not an alphole Suited me perfectly reading late in the evening, tired and drained. I like this series it s a quick and easy, smutty read.This one was softer and cuter and fluffier than the others I liked the softer tone There was restraint and emotion tham smut. Slow BurnAuthor, Zoey Draven, is a master of the slow burn The anticipation ratcheting up, notch after notch, until it explodes with fireworks and passion Rixavox made a vow not to succumb to the Instinct even though he knows instantaneously upon seeing her that Cecelia is his Fated Mate He must see Cecelia th
After two years without the cancer she had battled against, Cecelia now knew that it was back And this time, she might not be able to do anything to fight back She had been through chemo and radiation the last time and things looked good But this time, she was a captive of an alien race, then rescued with 6 other women by another alien race They were treated kindly, but there was nowhere to go for the treatment she would need One of the women had been taken away by a Luxirian and never returned, so they didn t know what was going to happen to the rest of them Some time later, the healer Privanax entered the room and told Cecelia that they were going to heal her She hardly dared to hope for a cure But Privanax felt that the treatment they had should work on her After his tests, he told her she would need to go to the northern lands where it was cooler and soak in the sacred pools With the sacred pools reducing the toxins in her body, they could begin her treatment Ambassador Rixavox could take her there As they returned to the command center where the women were gathered, Cecelia paused in the hall to rest and gather strength Two Luxirians walked tow
Fated to Mate the Warrior Ambassador Cecelia is sick, the cancer has come back The big problem is that she is no longer on earth to try to get treatment.She s on the alien planet of Luxiria, among a handful of other abducted human women being held as prizes for the winners of gladiator type fights on another planet They were freed by the Luxirian warrior s, but they also have the ulterior motives of wanting the humans for themselvesLuckily for Cecelia , the Luxirian Doctor who examined the women when they first arrived, will cure her of the cancer.Rixavox is a Luxirian Warrior and Ambassador He s also known as a bad boy sex toy, a player, among the Luxirian .All of the Luxirian men the women have seen are huge, taut, ripped warriors and they seem to almost shimmer with their skin tones adapting to the colo