Soothing the Zebras Fears (Kontras Menagerie #20)

Soothing the Zebras Fears (Kontras Menagerie #20) On The Road We Always Find What We Re Looking For In The Last Place We Look.At Nearly Three Centuries Old, Diego Tamang Decides To Take A Proactive Approach To Finding His Mate He Walks Away From Leading His Pack, So He Can Travel With Kontra Belikov And His Shifter Motorcycle Gang His Decision Pays Off When He Walks Into A Backwater Town S Diner And Scents His Mate, Zachary Young Quickly Making His Intentions Clear, Diego Wonders What Will Be Harder To Overcome Zachary S Young Age, Or His Mother S Clearly Displeased Attitude It Turns Out, Neither, For Soon Diego Discovers That Witches May Have Caused Zachary S Injury, Which Forces Him To Use A Cane And Zachary Doesn T Know He S A Shifter Can Diego Ease His Young Lover Into The Paranormal World While Keeping Him Safe From Those That Would Do Him Harm I ve said it before, and I ll say it again Charlie Richards is a bad writer Her understanding of commas is laughable, she often gets words confused bazaar instead of bizarre , viral instead of virile , etc , her characters are simplistic, and her formula never dev
Much better While still not up to par with the author s previous stories there is a bit of her old spark here Diego was written as the strong alpha he is, Kontra was back to his badass self and Draven went all vampire warlock It was also nice to have Payson s snark show up.As I ve stated in previous reviews, the last few books have lacked the love and passion Charlie used to have for her characters Readers can tell when a favorite author just throws words on a page to fill deadlines That isn t fair to the fans or the author I enjoyed following Diego in the previous books and his care and concern for those he considers his pack is obvious, wether he leads them or not Zachary is sweet, though his acceptance of shifters and his own zebra animal was rushed I m used to the insta love mate pull in this series and even taking into account Diego being able to calm others as an
Well I liked there was a zebra, that s pretty cool I just felt the story was a bit empty than some of the others I feel like a lot of glossed over There wasn t a lot of depth Which isn t really a surprise, I guess I ve encountered this issue a number of times in this series and the related ones I think part of the issue is, I had no idea who Zach was as a character person I knew he was a zebra shifter, younger than Diego, gay, had a limp due to childhood injury and really, that s about it That wasn t really enough for me to feel invested in his character and so the connection
Another couple that didn t feel a full connection with Diego says he left his pack simply to better find his mate Also that he wasn t really gay when joining up with Kontra So even though his mate turns out to be male, there is no freak out and he apparently knows what to do when it comes to male sex It just doesn t match up enough for me to NOT notice.The not knowing about being a shifter. the events surrounding Zack s first shift, well events proceed so fast that there s no time to fe
I am a little creeped out that all these fathers with grown kids seem to end up with really, really young guys I realize that shifters in general are older, but this is becoming uncomfortable Someone in their forties would still be way younger than Diego here, but it wouldn t feel so very uneven and exploitative.And really, this story reminds me strongly of the one with Tim s father Father with grown son in this case grandson even aggressively hits on very young disabled guy and tells him straight up he s not willing to be a secret if the guy is not out Jerk Although, come to think of it, Luc was willing to pretend towards his mate s parents So maybe I am thinking of another jerk PLOL I just drank your blood but importantly we forgot a condom Yes, I am sure that makes all the difference at that point.Also, I thought in this universe the mating bite was a one time deal Did I get that wrong I dunno Th
this book seam slightly better than the other maybe is all the fighting who knows, any way it was alright, not much dept into anything as always soI like the zebra shifter, that s a new one, wonder what other type, the author with come up with next, by the way do zebras have canines.still trying to figure out that onefor some reason this felt like this series last book to me after all
Zachary is a zebra creative shifter who doesn t know that he s a shifter Diego wolf is his mate who teaches him everything he can about being a shifter as well as being fated mates I don t want to ruin the story by summarizing it, but there were witches, action, and as usual lots of passion I just
Witches but no wardrobeDiego scents his mate in a small town Zachary is a shifter but somehow he doesn t know it I liked that Diego, who was alpha to his pack for decades, stays dominant The guys are all there and behave just as expected and help introduce Zachary to
Hate groups Diego met His mate Zachary who did not know he was a shifter His aunt and mother were responsible for hiding this Diego teaches him about shifters and how long they live and that Vail is his grandson. Sweet story.