Someone Who'll Watch Over Me: A Play

Someone Who'll Watch Over Me: A PlayAn Englishman, An Irishman And An American Are Locked Up Together In A Cell In The Middle East As Victims Of Political Action, Powerless To Initiate Change, What Can They Do How Do They Live And Survive Frank McGuinness Explores The Daily Crisis Endured By Hostages Whose Strength Comes From Communication, Both Subtle And Mundane, From Humour, Wit And Faith Someone Who Ll Watch Over Me Premiered At The Hampstead Theatre, London, In 1992 Before Transferring To The West End On Broadway, It Was Awarded The New York Drama Critics Circle Award For Best Foreign Play And Nominated For The Tony Award For Best Play In 1993. An Irishman, an Englishman and an American are chained to a wall of a cell in 1980s Lebanon Frank McGuinness was inspired by Brian Keenan s account of being kidnapped and held for four and a half years through the late 1980s I don t know Keenan s book An Evil Cradling , but I presume it was an inspiration for the play, not a source Someone Who ll Watch Over Me is not a political play, the events are not placed into any historical context The kidnappers are never seen and we don t know their motivations However, politics must haunt the play and it s open to wonder if we are shown First World victims of Third World brutality I presume this was not McGuinness s intention, but plays live their own lives What we are shown, over nine scenes, are the three characters trying to come to terms with their captivity, struggling against fear, discomfort, boredom Sometimes they resort to fantasy or fiction e.g., the drinking scene , but there are signs of mental decay under the pressure Edward, the Irishman, is the most dynamic of the characters, a cynical journalist, he seems to enjoy aggravating the others it s uncertain whether he does this through pique at the situation or whether he is trying to toughen the other s upor, at least, toughen up Michael, the Englishman, who arrives in the second scene baffled and disorientated And by the end there is a certain reversal, Michael now seem tougher and able to face the situation with a greater strength But I m not sure what the play s really
A one room play with three characters has got to be one of the toughest types of plays to write On one hand, it simplifies the casting and the staging, but those aren t really the author s problem, anyway This play is even tougher, because the characters are all chained to the wall The action is therefore largely limited to what s going on intellectually and emotionally inside the characters heads I couldn t help but compare this play to Genet s DEATHWATCH and Sartre s
I played Michael Watters in a charity production of Someone Who ll Watch Over Me in March 2012 In order to learn the lines I had to spend about three months reading this book every day And I never got bored with it Switching from absurd comedy to high drama in the space of a line, this is certainly the best play I have ever performed in When we were sellin
Someone Who ll Watch Over Me is one of the best war plays ever written This haunting, heartbreaking, and funny work tells the story of an American, an Englishman and an Irishman trapped in a Middle Eastern prison cell tog
I attended the play in New York before I read it It was powerful and poignant I saw Stephen Rea, James McDaniel, and Alec McCowan The production included a stark set, with part ofElla Fitzgerald s version of George and Ira Gershwin s So
The 2005 revival with David Threlfall, Jonny Lee Miller, and Aiden Gillen was by turns incredibly poignant, funny, and tragic a good text made fantastic in production. One of the all time realistic, fantastic, sad, triumphant plays Three characters you ll never forget in a situation you ll desperately wish you could. What a challenge for three actors, but it would be so thrilling to make this play come alive. A wonderful exploration of human nature How do we deal with isolation and loneliness With loss Hoe big are our imagines i guess it wasn t too bad, but it seemed that these 3 characters could have as easily be sitting in a bar talking instead of being chained to a wall in a windowless room somewhere in Lebanon.

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