Solario the Tailor: His Tales of the Magic Doublet

Solario the Tailor: His Tales of the Magic DoubletContents Include The First Night Story Of The Old Man In The Spangled Coat The Second Night Ale The Unicorn The Third Night The Son Of The Tailor Of Ooch The Fourth Night The Ragpicker And The Princess The Fifth Night The City Of Dead Leaves The Sixth Night The Enchanted Highwayman. I found this sequel to The Enchanted Forest to be equally enchanting I just love the way he writes, and his imagination The stories in this book are adventures told by one of the characters from The Enchanted Forest, and are all interconnected In addition, all the princes, princesses, queens, and kings from The Enchanted Forest are present, making comments as they listen to Solario s stories It ended a bit abruptly, however, as if another book of tales continuing this one were planned I ll have to check The illustrations are old fashioned and quaint, though only a few are in color, and the artist isn t identified except