Smokescreen (Eve Duncan, #25)

Smokescreen (Eve Duncan, #25) In This Pulse Pounding Thriller From 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Iris Johansen, Forensic Sculptor Eve Duncan Journeys To Africa To Help Families Torn Apart By A Violent Attack Deep In The Jungle But She May Be Putting Herself In Danger Than She Knows.A Journalist Shows Up On Eve Duncan S Doorstep With A Plea For Help Jill Cassidy Has Just Come From A Small African Village With A Heart Wrenching Story Half The Villagers Many Of Them Children Have Been Killed In A Horrific Attack By Guerilla Soldiers, The Bodies Burned Beyond Recognition Now, The Families Desperately Need Eve S Help To Get Closure And Begin To Heal.But When Eve Arrives In The Remote Jungle, She Begins To Suspect That Jill S Plea May Have Been A Cover Story For A Deeper, Sinister Plot Isolated And Unsure Who She Can Trust, Eve Finds Herself Stranded In An Unstable Country Where Violence Threatens To Break Out Again At Any Moment And With Only Her Own Instincts To Rely On If She Hopes To Get Home To Her Family Alive 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Iris Johansen Is Back With One Of Her Most Exhilarating And Dangerous Adventures Yet In This Riveting High Stakes Thriller Publishers Weekly. For those who are familiar with the series featuring Eve Duncan, forensic sculptor, you are in for a treat.An investigative journalist shows up on Eve s doorstep begging for her help She wants Eve to go to Africa, a war torn jungle, to help identify 27 children who were massacred by guerilla soldiers.But this journalist may have a different agenda one that puts Eve in danger than she knows.This is a preview only the complete novel will be available 7 9 19.The first chapter grabbed me by the throat and refused to let me go It tells the story of the journalist and how she survived her time in that part of the world It then goes on to show how she manipulates Eve into making the trip to Africa.Many thanks to the author Grand Central Publishing Netgalley for the preview of this thriller Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own. A journalist arrives with one question Help Jill find out who killed many people in a Guerilla attack in the jungle.This plea for help may just be a cover up by Jill and it may just result in lives being put in danger.Zahra may be a person of interest in it all as there s an issue with some food poisoining and back door discussions Jill hired Eve as a reconstructionist in determining the final outcome.Varak and Zolak are also two characters that are worthy to mention here as they both are experienced in shall we say death and murder.This is creepy, thrilling, and down right murderous Thank you to Iris, the publisher, and Goodreads for this Giveaway which will be donated to The Hoyt Library. Gah Smokescreen was everything I love in an Eve Duncan story and I have been a huge fan of the Eve Duncan series since the beginning and was just as obsessed with her hunt for Bonnie as she was But as the series evolved and developed, so did the characters, individual depth and their passion for justice I absolutely loved Eve and Joe in this story and could not stop reading Called to an exotic location in Africa by journalist Jill Cassidy, Eve is asked to reconstruct the skulls of school children killed in a terrorist attack But when Eve discovers a mystery there and uncovers a conspiracy, she can t help but get involved I absolutely loved this story I loved Eve s passion and Joe s protective nature and the underlying suspense prevalent throughout the story This was an amazing addition to the series and I cannot wait for 5 stars Ratula Once again Iris Johansen delivers an interesting, action packed story that keep you engaged throughout While this is part of a series, it isn t essential to have read any of the prior books Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan is lured to a small African village under false pretenses and find herself in the middle of a deadly plot Thanks to Goodreads for the ARC giveaway and to Grand Central Publishing. I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway.Full disclosure I have read a couple of Iris Johansen s books before but this was the first Eve Duncan book I read To her credit, I didn t feel like I was lost because I didn t have a lot of the characters back stories, nor did I feel like she was throwing in random background pieces in order to catch me up I ve read books by other authors who have done this and it makes for some tedious reading.The plot line itself was enough to keep my interest and sadly reminiscent of the Rwanda genocide.But there were several things I didn t care for very much and which led me to give it a 3 star rating I found the dialogue to be odd It just didn t sound realistic or reflective of how people speak to each other Sometimes it was overly formal and other times the exchanges were just tiresome and repetitive Most of the characters weren t likeable and perhaps that s because they seemed perpetually grumpy Granted, this is serious material and a serious plot line with its fair share of bad guys, but everyone just seemed so intense and annoyed with each other all the time Repetitive words and phrases throughout the book If I d had an electronic copy of this book I would have done a count of how many times the word gaze was used or gaze flew as in her gaze flew to his eyes Or someone s lips twisting When you re reading a 400 page book and there s enough repetition of these words that it starts standing out, that s not good Finally, there wasn t enough Eve Duncan in the second half of the book In fact, she was an altogether very minor character in the second half There were references made in the book to how she was a world renowned forensic sculptor and the best at what she does, but we didn t get to see very much of that.I would be interested in perhaps reading an earlier Eve Duncan book to see of that character There was enough here to intrigue me forensic sculptors aren t your typical crime fighter, but this book didn t quite live up to my expectations. Won an ARC of this book from a Goodreads giveawayOnce again, Iris Johansen doesn t disappoint I read on of the first Eve Duncan stories, and honestly didn t feel like I d missed a step Riveting action keeps you glued the entire time Iris Johansen s latest Eve Duncan s adventure is another winner Smoke Screen takes Eve to African to reconstruct and identify children who were brutally slaughtered She wants to give these children back to their parents Jill Cassidy, a journalist who approached Eve actually has a different agenda in mind Jill is on a great journey to finish her story about who is behind this attack and the new leader Eve has been manipulated and becomes a part of the discovery and a target The characters are alive and the story is a page turner I received this novel free from Goodreads. This is a tear jerking story by Iris Johansen It is probably the Eve Duncan story that goes in the most in depth about a tragic horror inflicted on children and keeps on going Every time you think that you can t discover something horrific, Iris Johansen reveals to the story that makes it even worse For example, learning about the deaths of the children in Robaku and then learning about Zahra s involvement.Check out the rest of my review at Iris Johansen knows how to write a thriller and her most recent, Smoke Screen, of which I was delighted to receive an Advance Copy was spellbinding The action was so in my face I did not want to put it down She knows how to draw her audience in and keep you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next bit of drama Her female characters are sublime and robust What will keep me up at night are the images Johansen painted in my mind of the children who had been killed by Varak and his mercenaries While I understand this is fiction, the images were so compelling that I often thought I was living the experience God help me if I ever have to do that I hope I would have the courage that Eve Duncan had While this is a fabulous thriller, it is also a story about strong women, genocide in Africa, politics triumphing over truth, the abuse of women, terrorism, and so much Thank you, Iris, for the Advance Copy I can t wait to share it with my friends to read. Smokescreen Iris JohansenI was fortunate to receive this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review.Eve Duncan is working on her latest child reconstruction, as husband Joe Quinn son Michael are packing for a trip to England, Joe to attend a Scotland Yard seminar, and Michael will be joining Jane MacGuire for an archaeological dig at a Welsh castle Eve is awaiting the arrival of Pulitzer prize winning journalist Jill Cassidy, who has expressed an interest in an interview As Eve and Jill begin to talk, Jill tells Eve of an attack on a schoolhouse that killed 27 children, and that she needs Eve to assist with reconstructions to bring all of the children home to their parents Eve recommends other sculptors, until she learns of the circumstances the killings took place in a war town area of the Congo, the children all killed by a mercenary named Nils Varak As Eve declines the project and offers her information on other sculptors and programs, Jill leaves her with a packet filled with biographies of the children and asks her to read them As Eve reads the biographies and researches the civil unrest, she senses that she s been manipulated by a master, but she s also compelled to give her assistance, much to Joe s dismay With the assistance of Jed Novak, a CIA operative and friend of Jill s, Eve makes her way to Maldara, to the city of Jokan, in Central Africa and sets up a makeshift studio for her work, she meets some bereaved parents in the small village, and begins the reconstruction of the first victim It s then she comes to learn the real reason she s been brought to the country to ensure that the killer is really dead As conflict arises, and Eve finds herself in danger, Joe leaves London and flies to her side Soon, Eve, Joe, Jill Novak find themselves pitted against a much greater evil one they re determined to stop for good unless they are stopped first I cannot say enough about the Eve Duncan series and this book was no exception With a well crafted storyline and a great supportive cast, Eve again gets the job done, with the assistance of husband Joe, and as always, I could not put the book down I do miss Bonnie and her visits, but I love the way Eve s character has evolved, and love the addition of Michael s seeming empathic abilities too This series just keeps getting better

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