Slightly Dented Halos

Slightly Dented Halos Slightly Dented Halos Is A Creative Nonfiction Story About The Author S Real Life Experiences After Inviting Elderly In Laws To Move Into Her Home From Comical Anecdotes Of Combining Two Disparate Household Styles To The Heartbreaking Depiction Of The Father In Law As His Life Ends, The Author Provides A Panoramic Look Into Her Life.The Largest Generation In History Is Entering The Golden Years, With Adult Children Left To Make Decisions About The Care Of Their Elders Slightly Dented Halos Provides No Instruction But Rather A Sense Of Togetherness And Empathy For Others Facing The Choices Of Nursing Homes, Elder Care, Hospice And End Of Life Issues. May have slight spoilers Slightly Dented Halos is a true accounting of the author s life after inviting her elderly in laws to come live in her home It spans over a five and half year course of their time together.I absolutely loved Ms Jackson s Slightly Dented Halos I have never been one to really read true life accounts, but this was one that the description just caught my attention and would not let go.I felt so many emotions through out reading this novel curiosity, intrigue, amusement, shocked, and sadness enough to tear up near the end I had to sympathize with LA in parts of the novel as I could hardly imagine how she felt even with the dialogue But there were parts between Betts, the mother in law and LA, that I could not help laughing about.This book to me, hardly felt like one Ms Jackson really brought it to life, making me feel I was sitting beside her while she spoke it.The emotion of the book as I said before was bountiful It was very real the difficulties endured by in laws and LA and her husband, Reed Gus, Betts husband, was mostly wheelchair bound after having a stroke at th
I am sure that L A Jackson and her family have earned their halos and not the dented kind It takes a special sort of angel to invite her aging in laws to live with her This short book covers the span of five years living with, and caring for, aging parents but it is not the sappy, self promoting or self pitying drivel you might expect.Ms Jackson s writing style reminds me a lot of the late, great Erma Bombeck am I dating myself with that statement There is no plot line to carry you through no real cronology Instead each short chapter allows us an, often humorous, peek into life in an intergenerational household.Sometimes it is a little tricky to keep up with the timeline of events but the humour and genuine affection with which each incident is related, serve to keep the reader engaged We learn to love Bet
Slightly Dented Halos by LA Jackson is the true story of the author s life after she invited her in laws to move in with them Gus is confined to a wheelchair for mobility and Betts just isn t able to take care of him any longer by herself This was a delightful book LA Jackson doesn t hold anything back, she tells us the good, the bad, and the ugly Gus is depressed and rather grumpy, he just wants to stay at home Betts is a scatter brained do gooder who enjoys helping others as well as sprinkling crumbs across the kitchen counter Slightly Dented Halos is full of amusing anecdotes and sad stories.The book tackles a big issue in today s society, the growing population of elderly needing care The decision to put someone in a nursing home is one of the hardest decisions any child could ever face LA Jackson tackles it head on with grace and humor.You ll laugh and cry over this book Disclaimer I received this book for free from the publisher through a blog giveaway
This was one of the most intriguing books I have read in a long time Being a home care industry professional, I see a great need for caregivers who welcome elder loved ones into their family in times of need I applaud LA Jackson and her publisher, Michelle Halket, for creation of this
The author is a friend from IL and this is the story of taking care of aging in laws I can empathize fact is, we have commiserated with each other over dinner and several glasses of wine