Shake Down (Brotherhood Bonds, #2)

Shake Down (Brotherhood Bonds, #2) The By The Book Detective And The Badass Bounty Hunter Opposites Attract As They Re Forced To Work Together CHARLIEHunting Murderers Is What I Do, But This Pair Is Different A Modern Day Bonnie And Clyde, They Ll Kill Again Unless I Stop Them I Need Help And Help In This Case Looks Like Bad Boy Bondsman JoJo Marcone Good Bad Right Wrong Gray Is Dangerous, And Marcone Is The Most Annoying Shade Of Gray The One That Pushes Me From Merely Turned On To Totally Insatiable.JOJOTracking Down A Skip For Jericho Bail Bonds Doesn T Usually Involve Partnering With A Hot Lady Detective, But This Is No Ordinary Case Too Much Blood Has Been Spilled On My Watch, And With The Mob After Us, It S Getting Harder To Keep Charlie Safe.It Would Be Easier If She D Stop Stealing My Bike.I M The Last Guy Charlie Ever Saw Herself With, That Much Is Clear But I Need To Find Her Before Our Enemies Do And Then Convince Her To Follow Her Heart This Book Is Approximately 80,000 Words.One Click With Confidence This Title Is Part Of The Carina Press Romance Promise All The Romance You Re Looking For With An HEA HFN It S A Promise Carina Press Acknowledges The Editorial Services Of Deborah Nemeth Not as good as the first Another great book in this series Jojo is the sexy hero of this one He teams up with Charlie who works for the police department She believes in always doing the right thing Can Charlie tame this hot biker, or will they go their separate ways after the mission is over Plenty of
Book Info Kindle Edition, 1st editionExpected publication December 11th 2017 by Carina PressASIN B0769XB1LL URL Series Brotherhood Bonds 2Other Editions None foundSource Netgalley EARC Buy book from BN BOOK BLURB The by the book detective and the badass bounty hunter opposites attract as they re forced to work togetherCHARLIEHunting murderers is what I do, but this pair is different A modern day Bonnie and Clyde, they ll kill again unless I stop them I need help and help in this case looks like bad boy bondsman JoJo Marcone Good Bad Right Wrong Gray is dangerous, and Marcone is the most annoying shade of gray the one that pushes me from merely turned on to totally insatiable.JOJOTracking down a skip for Jericho Bail Bonds doesn t usually involve partnering with a hot lady detective, but this is no ordinary case Too much blood has been spilled on my watch, and with the mob after us, it s getting harder to keep Charlie safe.It would be easier if she d stop stealing my bike.I m the last guy Charlie ever saw herself with, that much is clear But I need to find her before our enemies do and then convince her to follow her heart This book is approximately 80,000 words One click with confidence This title is part of the Cari
I received a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked ReadsI ve read all the Jericho brotherhood series to date and have really enjoyed them, so when a spin off happened I got on board The first brotherhood bonds was pretty good, I liked both of the main characters in that story but I m feeling sorta on the fence about 2 I m not sure I liked Charlie, although i really liked JoJo Jojo is a biker and the brotherhood are his family Charlie is a cop, from a long line of cops in her family Never the two shall meet Kind of Charlie has all thes
I enjoyed this story quite a bit I really liked the characters, though sometimes I wanted to knock some sense into the heroine I love a hero who is all in, and he was here, which was great 3.5 Stars.Charlie is a homicide detective, and she and her partner have been chasing a Bonnie and Clyde type married couple, who are bank robbers turned killers She comes from a family of male cops, so there was never really any other plan for her life once she grew up She s very close to her family Also, she was engaged to a fellow officer, when he was killed 3 years before, in the line of duty She still hasn t quite gotten over it, and she definitely hasn t really attempted to move on Sexually, or otherwise When she draws the short straw, and has to contact the bounty hunter who put down the most recent bond on one of the fugitives, she has no idea what she s in for Jojo is part of a motorcycle club, that has become of a family to him than his actual family ever will be again He also works for the MC s own bail bonds business, Jericho Bail Bonds He is great at his job As a former Marine, he knows everything he needs to know about protecting himself, investigating people, and tracking them down He loves everything about it, and he loves even when he makes good bonding deci
Fantastic I really enjoyed this one Lots of action, suspense, and steamy sexy times It s a very well written book with characters that are intriguing I loved Jojo The sexy biker bounty hunter makes this story Charlie, a detective and use to working in a man s world, was a bit annoying to me She was always pointing out how capable she was rather than just letting her actions prove it Luckily, Jo
Jade Chandler s Bail Out is easily my favorite action romance of the year This sequel pairs a bail bondsman and a cop but ultimately fails to deliver the fun and chemistry that made the first book a standout Detective Charlie Pine and biker bail bondsman JoJo Marcone cross paths at Charlie s precinct and exchange sexy looks but nothing else Though they instantly lust after each other, Charlie s put off by the whole biker thing Eventually, a case they re both working on and a perilous situation get them thrown together and the inevitable sexy times throw a kink in Charlie s plans to not get involved.The conflict in this book comes from two fronts The first front is external Charlie and her partner get into the mob s crosshairs and JoJo takes on the job of keeping them from being assassinated There are lots of shootouts and bombings and bad guys everywhere they turn The action scenes are pretty exhilarating, overall.The second front has to do with Charlie being rather less than enthusiastic about the biker lifestyle Her career, and coming from a family of cops going back multiple g
I m kinda on the fence with this book I loved the all the bail bondsman books, but felt a little let down with this one The whole problem for me was Charlie I m still not sure if I liked her She was very judgmental at times JoJo was great I liked the big bad biker I did have a problem with the wives and girlfriends or old ladies attitude towards Charlie They were pretty shitty to hear I didn t understand that I
down was a good 4 star read Charlie is a homicide detective who is trying to catch a Bonnie and Clyde type couple Archer Deidre Logan She comes from a history of police officers in her family, including her fiance who was killed Because of the tragic loss of her fiance Charlie has not been able to move forward with any type of a relationship.Jojo is a former Marine and an MC member who works at a bail bonds business When he goes to the police station to talk to Charlie he finds out that one of his bonds is the Bonnie and Clyde duo, now he needs to find them so he s not out on his money Charlie was hot and just my kind of girl with those round hips and sassy blue eyes I d liked her just fine but she gave me the cold shoulder some cops just didn t like bikers or bounty hunters When Charlie meets Jojo there is something about him that pulls her in The chemistry between them comes off the pages She tries to be crabby with him but yet he gives it right back to her And things take an interesting twist when they both end up on the same poker run for charity They eventually end up working together to find the fugitives and even though she has issues with him being a biker, they seem to get past that as well The secondary characters were great and added a fun element to the story The bantering had me lol several times, loved Brie and her family Ther