Saving Miss Everly (Inglewood, #3)

Saving Miss Everly (Inglewood, #3) Pretending She S Her Twin Gets Complicated When Hope Is Shipwrecked With A Handsome Castaway When Rescue Comes, Will She Risk Her Heart To Confess The Truth Or Will They Part Forever Pretending To Be Her Sister, Hope Everly Finds An Adventure At Last The Caribbean S Warm Waters And Tropical Islands Fulfill Nearly All Her Dreams When An Excursion To Visit Another Island With A Naturalist Expedition Is Interrupted By A Storm, Hope Is Stranded On A Desert Island Where She And Her Fellow Castaways Are Dependent On A Handsome Stranger For Their Survival Alejandro C Rdoba, Trapped And Alone On The Island Long Enough To Give Up All Dreams Of Rescue, Knows Nothing Of What Has Become Of His War Torn Homeland Or His Family When He Finds The Beautiful Miss Everly Washed Up On The Shore, Along With Her Companions, He Does Not Know If Their Arrival Is A Blessing Or A Curse Hope S Behavior, Acting One Way With Alejandro And Another With Her Friends, Further Confuses Things When They Begin To Fall In Love If Rescue Ever Comes, Will Telling Alejandro The Truth Mean Losing Him Forever This Is The Third Book In The Inglewood Series And Can Be Read As A Stand Alone, Sweet Regency Romance I sssssoooo enjoyed this one Regency romance with a twist No ballrooms or Hyde park in this fun book, you are taken on a ship and shipwrecked on a deserted island How awesome is that Try to follow all of society s rules when you are just trying to survive I loved this one and had such fun reading it Alejandro and Grace.I mean Hope were good characters I felt so sorry for Hope always trying to play Grace but it was good for her There are lots of good side characters in this Britton always slides in these great side characters that make me wants to know there story What happens to Thorne Who is he in love with after just one day I am going to need their story now Possessing a spirit of adventure that will not be quenched, Hope Everly sets out on her first voyage, disguised as her twin sister, Grace Compelled to continue the ruse for longer than she ever imagined, she discovers that there is adventure in store than even she bargained for Trying to display all of the qualities her sister is known for, yet requiring all of her own to endure the circumstances ahead, Hope needs her namesake quality than ever I loved this story The spirit of adventure that this book exudes the need to maintain hope when faced with dire circumstances creates a setting that pulls you directly into the story The character development is fantastic I love that it is written from two points of view We can understand all of the reasons driving both our hero heroine in the choices they make The internal struggles exhalations that they experience.This story had everything that I would wish for in a romance adventure.Top of the list a dashingly suave hero I cannot adequately describe how much I loved Alejandro s character Sigh Ladies this man is my favourite of Britton s hero s so far I m giving no spoilers away other than that all Britton s fans are simply going to love him.Second a spunky heroine I loved getting a better insight into Hope s character In the previous books that she featured in, I was hesitant to like her She really comes into her own with this story All of the characteristics that had previously only been glimpsed come into full bloom we get the whole picture of who Hope Everly really is I thought it was superbly done.Third characters that we just love to hate Or at least despise As in any good story, there has to something of a villain Without being truly evil, the despicable characters of this novel were superbly done.Finally a wonderful conclusion without it really being an ending I am so looking forward to the next book in this series however it was wonderful to get a glimpse into what the lives of these characters will be further down the road This is a wholesome, clean read No gory details, no graphic content Perfect for anyone who enjoys Regency Era novels with a side of adventure I thought Britton did a fantastic job at delivering us with another Regency Era Romance with such a refreshing angle I received an ARC of this book from the Author I was under no obligation to write this review All opinions are my own Any book can take us on a journey a great story though, takes us on an adventure This is a great story Enjoy Hope wanted an adventure and she sure got one This is the most unusual set up for a regency romance I ve seen I mean the bulk of the book takes place on a deserted island in the Caribbean You don t see that in regency stuff every day I loved it and was annoyed every time I was interrupted in my reading by life Just let me read I loved the relationship between Alejandro and Hope I believed the connection they had from the first moment I was thoroughly annoyed by the annoying characters as much as I loved the lovable ones It was telling that Hope spent so much time with her friends the Carlburys and they suspected nothing about the switch in sisters even when her behavior was inconsistent yet Alejandro knew something was wrong from the start though he didn t know what and then when he saw Grace, he knew immediately that it wasn t Hope They hadn t known each other long but knew each other so much better This was another story that showed the difficulties for women in Regency England So many restrictions that serve to make life harder And if you are stuck on a desert island, who gives a hoot about propriety Just do what needs to be done to survive I m just vindictive enough that I would have loved to see Albert get a sufficient setdown that would knock some humility into him GrrrrI m looking forward to the next in the series No sex or languageA little violence Who would have thought a castaway story could turn into such a delightful love story Last book, Grace and Hope traded identities so that Hope could follow her dreams of adventure, and Grace could explore her relationship with Jacob When Hope s scientific excursion to a neighboring island with a small group is shipwrecked during a storm, they wash up on a small island deserted except for one resident Spaniard, a castaway himself We learn how he survived for 14 months by living off the land, and he teaches this group of soft Englishmen what they must do to survive Hope, known as Grace to the group, lives up to her name and strives to look for the positive in the dire situation, which captures the attention, and the heart of Alejandro, the Spaniard Thus begins the tender love story, which quickly captures the reader s heart as well As in every group, there are those who tend to fight against the goad, bringing pain and destruction in their wake, and makes for an interesting and realistic story that will not soon be forgotten The H is noble and the h is brave, and we rejoice when they find their HEA I received a free copy of this book My review is voluntary. I love this continuation of Discovering Grace Hope Everly wants excitement and does she find it I love how she is unable to fit into the mold to be a proper young lady, no matter how hard she really tries This story is funny, entertaining and has very interesting characters You will find yourself wanting to strangle Miss Carlbury I do suggest for the best enjoyment to read Discovering Grace first, it will help explain parts of this book Sally Britton has written a winner. A lovely sweet historical romance.Hope is forbidden to go on a trip to the Caribbean, so she impersonates her sister A misadventure at sea lands her castaway.A interesting story line with credible characters Grace and Hope are twins identical Hope is adventurous and always in trouble Grace is calm, quiet and always takes a second look Hope has been invited to go on a Carribean trip with some friends but she gets into a cart accident and someone is hurt Her father refuses to let her go, as punishment Grace gets to go even though for her it would also be punishment She does not like to travel from home and over months So Grace devises a plan where the twins trade places But they have to act like each other Alejandro Felipe de Cordbay Verduzco had been shipwrecked on this small island in the Carribean for fourteen months, alone, and with very little to eat A huge storm happens and in the morning he finds an angel wrapped in a sail Then he finds the rest of the people who were on the sloop and his meager supplies must feed all of them.This is an unusual story, it is funny, thrilling, and fires are set The characters are well written as is the book It is very hard to put down There are also some surprises for you The author did a wonderful job with the novel and I highly recommend it.I received this ARC from the author and voluntarily reviewed it. I started and finished this story in one night, a couldn t put it down tale.Hope Everly is traveling under her sister s name, Grace Grace and Hope are two very different personalities and Hope is having trouble being the peaceful, helpful, sacrificing person that her sister is Hope is adventurous, jumping in without giving something much thought although she is helpful She doesn t like the constraints that society puts on her As she is travelling to a private island a storm blows in and their boat is sunk Hope finds herself looking into the eyes of a stranger when she comes to He s Alejandro and he s been stranded on this island by himself for 14 months and he has lost all hope of rescue He and Hope Grace have an instant connection but then they find the rest of her party and everything changes.Most of the story takes place on the island, and I think that would have been a better cover for the book than what is there It isn t until the end of the story that that picture makes sense I think this is one of my favorites in the series It s a clean read. I LOVED it There are very few books that have 180 reversed my opinion about a character I thought Discovering Grace was beautiful but really didn t care for Hope going into Saving Miss Everly Grace s attempts to be like her adventurous and outgoing twin were endearing Seeing the love and affection and attempts to be like the other twin as mutual from Hope s POV was equally so Grace would not ask the question on the tip of Hope s tongue Grace would swallow the question and withdraw as she was bid, respecting the social customs with which they had been raised But Hope was not Grace There s a scene between Hope and Alejandro that made me sit up straight and say, oh I was so caught off guard and swept up in that tiny moment between them And this is why there s such a term as Latin Lover Where can I get an Alejandro Holding up my hand as I reread that scene Sigh The series as a whole is fantastic and will be on my to re read list Isaac s story cannot get here fast enough. After reading and enjoying the previous book in the series, Discovering Grace, I was looking forward to reading Hope s story In the previous book she was due to travel to the Caribbean with some family friends when she was forbidden to go by her father after causing an accident, her identical twin sister Grace was due to go in her place However they swapped back without their parents knowing and the story continues from there.After travelling around the islands they go with a small group to travel to visit another island, however are wrecked in a storm on a small island where they find another castaway who had already been stuck there for a year The other castaway was Spanish and had learnt how to survive and the story develops on how he mixes with the English with their rigid social structures of the time Hope, who is nothing like her quiet sister, becomes friends with the Spaniard, much to her companions disquiet The story develops whilst they struggle to survive and hope for rescue and it kept me hooked until the end.