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Rynn's WorldWhen The Ork Hordes Of Warlord Snagrod Lay Waste To The Planet Of Badlanding And Wipe Out The Crimson Fists Sent To Stop Them, Chapter Master Kantor Prepare A Hasty Line Of Defence On The Fists Home Planet Of Rynn S World Tragedy Strikes When An Errant Missile Destroys The Space Marine S Chapter Monastery, Killing Most Of Their Warriors With A Handful Of Crimson Fists Left, Kantor Must Fight The Campaign Of His Life, To Defeat Snagrod S Orks And Prevent His Chapter S Annihilation. I love it This is my go to to turn off and get my warfare So I finished Rynn s World last night Wow, what a book Steve Parker did a really good job with this book From reading a lot of the fluff from the 40k book and other sources, I knew that the Crimson Fists were gunna get jacked up in this book, but Parker did an excellent job of fleshing it out I have really been impressed lately with the action scenes in a lot of BL books 40k and Fantasy , and this book is just as good The battles were pretty epic, even when it was just a skirmish The only thing I was disappointed with was the fact that the space battle was glossed over, but this was a pretty beefy book, so a chapter or two of space battle missing isn t too bad.My major pet peeve of having too many plots and characters going on at one time was thankfully absent in this book There were quite a few characters, but they mostly revolved around different parts of two major plots For me this was good because I got a bit of the oh my god this is good, I can t wait to get back to it in the next chapter, but I didn t get the, OK, now I have to remember what this character was doing 200 pages, and 15 sub plots ago Another thing that was thankfully missing was the uber evil imperial guy that is
The very first Space Marine Battles novel, published back in 2010, this kicked the series off in style with an action packed story of Crimson Fists battling a vast ork invasion Despite the apparent folly of attacking a Space Marine home world, the Arch Arsonist Snagrod s unusual tactics surprise the Crimson Fists, resulting in huge numbers of orks landing onto Rynn s World When a million to one accident sees the Fists ancient and treasured fortress monastery destroyed and the majority of their warriors slain, a determined defence turns into a desperate fight for the survival of the Chapter itself.It s not a truly in depth exploration of the Crimson Fists as a Chapter, as that s not really the purpose of the book or this series , but it does take in a little of their ritual and philosophy, and gives them plenty of character Seeing Space Marines with their backs against the metaphorical wall might not be to everyone s tastes, but there should be enough here for any 40k
This book was one of the better Space Marine books that I ve read If I didn t know the background in advance I would have been on the edge of my seat I was invested in the characters and what they went through in this book than in some o
ugh where to begin Lets start with saying i have been playing warhammer since the rogue trader book that featured the orignal battle at the farm scenario came out So to say that i am a fan of teh crimson fists from way back is an understatement Im familiar with the battle at the farm and the second scenario which was the battle at jadeberry hill and the underpass i know warhammer, i know its fluff but lets start first with technical issues.there was no reason this book needed to be 500 plus pages The whole subplot about the governor being hot to trot about pedro kantor is a waste of time nothing comes of it so why have it Clearly the author is not familiar with the concept of checkovs gun So much time is wasted on characters that do nothing I mean its cool to read about pedros senechal and all, but the character, like the governors subplot, does nothing to advance the plot or offer insight into characters that is not already given elsewhere by other characters or ham handedly spelled out directly by the author the author uses the same description over and over three characters all look over a wall or mountain range or something and think the exact same thing about clouds of smoke using the exact same descirption or when the author does this Alleissio said im getting out of teh land raider and he did really and that happened at least twice in the book Dude show not tell in regards to length the type face in the book wasnt helping either it was set at i just lear
Shadowhawk reviews the first Space Marine Battles novel as Steve Parker tackles the Orks once again, pitting them against the proud Crimson Fists Steve Parker delivers an interesting look into the Crimson Fists that makes you hunger for The Founding FieldsThere are few forces in the Warhammer 40,000 universe that can really humble an entire chapter of Space Marines Hive Fleet Behemoth against the Ultramarines is one case The Necrons against the Emperor s Swords is another There are quite a few others But I have to say that among the most tragic I have ever read has been the case of the Crimson Fists against the Orks of Waaagh Snagrod.Steve s portrayal of the Crimson Fists really strikes a chord with me Essentially, he has fused the best of the Salamanders, the Blood Angels and of course, the Imperial Fists The Crimson Fists are humane, they are noble and they are stubborn But they are just as eager for war as any of their brothers or their cousins And of course, that is where their pride fails them.That portrayal of the Crimson Fists is at the heart of the novel and Steve does a good job of showing us how an entire chapter can be humbled by one of the most inane things, a fluke accident at that, and what startling revelations it is forced to confront Pride has always been a weakness of all Space Marine chapters, no matter how glorious thei
Solid 3.5 My first 40k novel and my second read through I enjoyed the well written battle scenes and the perspective of the human element These were the best bits I thought the space marines were a little generic I don t necessarily fault the author The game system that created them leaves very little room for individuality It would have been ref
Brothers, we are nearly out of ammo Goes over about a year and half in a constant state of siege warfare Where everyday they lose men and materials to slow the eroding onslaught.Finally runs dry after taking on the Waaagh warboss.Other than that nit pick, and
The Crimson Fists faces annilation from the orks who invaded their homeworld. I really enjoyed the book I have been out of 40k lore for a while and this was a great book for getting me back in.

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