Rollo in Naples

Rollo in NaplesWhat S To Be Seen At Baiae Asks Mrs Gray, Puzzled About Having Lost Their Guide To Another Tourist Group Nothing But Old Ruins, Says Young Rollo There Are Plenty Of Old Ruins At Pompeii, And I Don T Think We Need Any Guide At All To Go We Can Go By Ourselves You Think So Says Mrs Gray Why, I Can Engage A Carriage To Take Us There Myself, Says Rollo I Shall Say Pompeii To The Coachman, And Point That Way And When We Get To Pompeii, We Shall Find Uncle George There, And Then We Shall Get Along Well Enough The Boy Traveler Finds His Way Around The Majestic Landscape Of Vesuvius And Ancient Italy, In Rollo In Naples Continuing The Entertainingly Educational Travels Of The Plucky Adventurer Of Rollo In London And Rollo In Paris.