Rocket Surgery Made Easy

Rocket Surgery Made Easy It S Been Known For Years That Usability Testing Can Dramatically Improve Products But With A Typical Price Tag Of 5,000 To 10,000 For A Usability Consultant To Conduct Each Round Of Tests, It Rarely Happens In This How To Companion To Don T Make Me Think A Common Sense Approach To Web Usability, Steve Krug Spells Out An Approach To Usability Testing That Anyone Can Easily Apply To Their Own Web Site, Application, Or Other Product As He Said In Don T Make Me Think, It S Not Rocket Surgery In This New Book, Steve Explains How To Test Any Design, From A Sketch On A Napkin To A Fully Functioning Web Site Or Application Keep Your Focus On Finding The Most Important Problems Because No One Has The Time Or Resources To Fix Them All Fix The Problems That You Find, Using His The Least You Can Do ApproachBy Pairing The Process Of Testing And Fixing Products Down To Its Essentials A Morning A Month, That S All We Ask , Rocket Surgery Makes It Realistic For Teams To Test Early And Often, Catching Problems While It S Still Easy To Fix Them Rocket Surgery Made Easy Adds Demonstration Videos To The Proven Mix Of Clear Writing, Before And After Examples, Witty Illustrations, And Practical Advice That Made Don T Make Me Think So Popular. I ve always said that writing is the hardest work I know of and that I can t understand why anyone would do it unless someone was holding a gun to their head which, of course, is what deadlines are all about So simple and direct this book is great I ve done usability tests many times before, but I don t do them all that frequently This book is like a simple cookbook that will remind me of all the important little things I need
Just like Don t Make Me Think , this is a concise, easy to read, and valuable book that anyone in software development should read Steve Krug has a way of explaining the Usability Testing concept that can
This book is purely about usability testing Not about rocket science I have no idea what the author was thinking when he decided to name this book Rocket Surgery Made Easy Misleading title Albeit the weirdly named title, this book is quite helpful for product managers to conduct their usability testing This book is highly practical and the author has listed down step by step procedure to conduct a
Real easy to read, consistent with Don t Make Me Think Will start doing some usability testing very soon I am really excited about the potential and pumped to make it a monthly rendez vous Even thinking about signing up as a participant not a test subject on user testing we
Pro m se jednalo o z sadn knihu, d ky kter jsem se pustil do testov n sv ch i klientsk ch projekt Steve Krug p e z bavn , stru n a hlavn v cn V praktick m pr vodci jak je podtitul knihy je spousta u ite n ch rad i n vod z praxe, kter jsou pochopiteln a rychle aplikovateln D ky Steve Quick, easy read filled with valuable and practical information Great for reference to come back to when you need a refresh on user testing and great starting point for anyone new to finding and fixing usability problems Steve offers some useful resources you can download too forms, testin
This book is a great how to for usability testing, but overall I didn t feel it added a whole lotthan Don t Make Me Think Unless you re going to actually run usability testing for your company and you need adetailed guide, you can probably skip this
Absolutely brilliant book Concise, practical, and very well written It will give you all the knowledge you need to get started with usability testing in a very short period of time I can t recommend this book enough for people looking to get feedback on their websites. Simple, direct, and right to the point cookbook for testing website design, at any stage from a sketch on a napkin to a fully functioning web site or application You could extend application of principles and tools from this books to usability of other things Very practical and handy book.

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