Rite of Passion

Rite of Passion Futuristic Erotic RomanceShana Of Themis Is Proud To Be Of The Female Dominated Race Of The But, When The Time Comes For Her To Become A Mother, She S Less Than Thrilled Following Tradition, She Must Take The Males They Have Captured Into Her Bed.Captain James Alexander Was Caught Answering A Distress Call, When The S Overtook Him And Two Of His Men Now, To Escape, He Plans On Seducing His Beautiful Captor. SIZZLING HOT This was a great short fast paced story that was cute and extremely sizzling hot Shana the woman has yet to get impregnated after 19 men and all she needs is to be with one man and not conceive and then she will be out of the loop to have children for it is her wish to not have any In order for Shana to pull this off she gives the men a pill which puts them in a sleep full of sexual dreams while she is off in the room exercising and taking no part in any sexual activity therefore remaining a virgin.Captain James Alexander is a different story however, and when Shana gives him the pill to take he spits it out when she turns her head His body is everything a woman would want with ripping muscles and tight abs and a nice beautiful cock that she can resist touching One thing leads to another and next thing Shana knows she has been captured and brought aboard ship and at the mercy of the C
This was a really fun and interesting story It felt very Wonder Woman meets Star Trek meets Erotica I loved it Shana of Themis is an ian woman on a planet where women are in control Obviously Men are slaves, useful for very little According to ian law, women had to attempt pregnancy 20 times before being discharged Shana is a warrior and she does not want to be a mother She has managed to not become pregnant yet Then she comes to see captive Captain James Alexander She has an attraction to him, but its not something she is used to, and so she pretty much ignores it.Well Captain James has an attraction to her in return And he intends to do something about it Without even realizing it, he invokes the Rite of Mairrit, which means that no one else can have him except Shana He is delivered to her fo
Shana is of a race of ians that capture men and make them slaves, they are deemed useless and weak in all else but breeding purposes Captain James is an alpha male astronaut that hears a distress call faked to lure males that ends up captured It s Shanas turn to breed and he is the one given to her, he is different then the others intrigues her they do a 69 and she leaves, he tells the guard she is the only one he wants invoking an ancient law, is taken to her She ends
Shana is so close to getting out of her turn at motherhood She has fought and succeeded 19 times With her last man she wont have to be forced to be a mother James has been captured by the s He doesn t want to be the sperm don