How to Survive the IRS

How to Survive the IRS How To Survive The IRS My Battles Against Goliath Is One Book The IRS Would Prefer You Did Not Read A Book That Chronicles Horrific Incidents Of IRS Wrong Doing Readers Will Learn The Many Ways That IRS Agents Have Bent The Rules, Confused, Mislead, And Abused Taxpayers Civil Rights, Violating Their Own Tax Code, As They Applied Their GOLIATH Power To Intimidate And Over Power Taxpayers.Written In Layman S Language, Minns Chronicles Testimony And His Work On Some Of His Most Famous Court Cases In How To Survive The IRS You Will Read AboutIRS Agents Who Stormed A Taxpayer S Homes, Armed With Laser Sighted Weapons IRS Agents Who Maced Family Members And Traumatized Minor Children How An IRS Agent Edited The Interview Tapes Of An Audit IRS Agents Who Lied On Reports, And Stole Or Altered Tax Records How Little The IRS Really Know About Their Own Tax Code The Many Ways That IRS Agents Violate Taxpayer S Civil Rights AndWhat You Can Do If You Are Criminally Charged Or Wrongly Accused By The IRSHow To Survive The IRS Will Also Help Readers Gain A Simple Understanding Of Little Known Tax Rulings, Tax Shelters, Offshore Banking, Plus 100 Tips For Staying OFF The IRS Radar Screen A Must Read For Any Taxpayer, Tax Attorney Or Tax CPA.

✰ How to Survive the IRS  Epub ✶ Author Michael Louis Minns –
  • Hardcover
  • 312 pages
  • How to Survive the IRS
  • Michael Louis Minns
  • English
  • 15 March 2017
  • 1569801703