Prairie Avenue

Prairie AvenueAunt Lydia Stack When Young, When Middle Aged, When Elderly Is One Of The Most Charming Women In Recent Fiction And Charm The Charm Of Nostalgia And Of An Expertly Told Tale Characterizes Throughout This Novel Of Chicago S Wealthy And Great From 1880 S To 1918.Here The Author Of That Very Popular Novel, The Irony Of Mischief, Has Turned From The France Of Louis XIV To The Scenes And The People Among Whom He Himself Grew Up The Result, Cast In The Form Of A Chronicle Of What Happened To The Family In One Prairie Avenue Mansion, Is An Absolutely Enchanting Novel It Draws A Lifelike Picture Of The Men Of Great Wealth Who Made Chicago, Of Their Wives, Their Children, And Their Grandchildren.Here Is An American Novel Destined To Be A Big Best Seller, Not For Any Sensational Reasons, But Because It Is A Full Blooded And Fascinating Story About Glamorous And Wholly Credible People. As of spring 2012, I have a first edition copy of this book for sale at my arts center s rare book service rarebooks , so I thought I would repost here the description I came up with for it, part review and part historical overview Although sadly now nearly forgotten, at one point Arthur Meeker Jr 1902 1971 was one of the most successful authors Chicago ever produced, a co founder of the local chapter of PEN who had two national bestsellers in his nine book career The son of an Armour executive who was raised among the high society of the Edwardian Age, even after becoming a journalist he remained a fixture among the elite, traveling Europe widely and becoming known for his witty, Ward McAllisteresque reports It s no surprise that this second most popular book of his career would come just a few years after the death of his parents, because in many ways it seems to be an autobiographical roman a clef about the years as a child he spent with them set in stages between the 1880s and World War One, it looks at the comings and goings in Chicago s infamous Prairie Avenue neighborhood where Meeker himself was raised, featuring a main protagonist who also travels Europe widely and eventually becomes a journalist as well In fact, the book itself is set at the very specific street address of 1817 S Pra
Very descriptive book from a boy to man perspective The main character attaches himself to his best memories of childhood which occurred in brevity while living with his Aunt and Uncle on Prairie Avenue As the books progresses and you see this young boy become a man, you also see how his perspective on this lovely time in history and his own life have become clearer As anyone who has grown up understands all things witnessed through the foggy lens of childhood become crisper with age and by mid adulthood the image can sometimes become so clear that all the dirt and cracks are noticed As with most of these stories the current reality of life on the Avenue has drastically changed from what his shiny memory holds dear Representative of the truth of new City life in a growing and ever changing landscape
Told in three parts, set ten years apart, the book tells the story of a 12 year old boy who is sent to live with his aunt, uncle and cousins on tony Prairie Avenue after his feckless father loses his fortune in unwise speculation on the commodities market There he learns how to socialize with Chicago
This was the 2nd time I had read the book, though I don t remember when the first was, just that it was years before The book was originally published in 1949, so that tells you how good it was to bring it back It follows a young man and his family growing up in uppercrust Victorian Chicago, and is written from his perspective as a person almost observing society and the changes happening ar
I was 12 years old when I found this book in my Parents Library We lived in the country and the days were long to fill I had some free time one day after I had finished my regular house and school chores so I began to peruse Mom Dad bookcases in the living room I was looking over the volumes and after a time chose Our living room, in the 60 s was complete with plaster wall art and the requisite big black leather recliner for my Father I got comf
An interesting description of life in Chicago in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, when the South Side was still to some extent the stylish region to live, when Field and Pullman were not only f
I love this book An interesting if somewhat old fashioned novel of manners set in Chicago s elite neighborhood of Prairie Avenue from the 1880s through 1918 Meeker himself 1902 1971 grew up in this area and although he claims in a preface that n one of the characters is meant to be a portrait of any Chicagoan, living or dead , it s clear that he based two of the novel s characters on Marshall Field and his son Marshall Field, Jr The novel s narrator, Ned Ramsay, is also clearly the author In its subject matter and story line, one is reminded of Edith Wharton s novels of New York and Newport although Meeker is certainly a much less distinguished writer Still, he s a competent and entertaining sto
Interesting fictional account of Prairie Avenue and it s hey day written by one of it s residents Interesting to read after the fictional account of Marshall Field and Delia Caton s long affair. Reading this book was like sitting by a warm fire in a grand Victorian mansion while a cold wind roars outside There is nothing spectacular about the prose, but the story of urban decay and the decay of relationships gave a curious glimpse of Victor

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