Pit of Ambition (The Caselli Family #2)

Pit of Ambition (The Caselli Family #2) Guiseppi Looked Into Rosa S Eyes As She Stood In The Doorway She Didn T Say A Word, But He Knew What She Was About To Tell Him Quietly, Rosa Closed The Door And Took A Seat Beside Him She Spoke Of Him, She Whispered She Looked Into Her Lap And Shook Her Head I Want To Tell Her But Guiseppi Was Stubborn And The Thing With Alex Went Too Far Guiseppi Buried Noah S Identity Deep Within Himself And Demanded That Rosa Do The Same.In The Pursuit Of Professional And Political Success, Alex Falls Deep Into A Pit Of Pride And Ambition Guiseppi Begins To Hate The Husband He Chose For His Daughter, Regretting The Day He Gave His Angel To A Pretender A Blackguard In Disguise.Guiseppi Is Tempted To Tell Angel The Secret That Is Crushing His Heart.Will Noah And Tillie Finally Discover One Another S Identities Will Marquette Finally Uncover The Hiding Place Of His Life Long Nemesis The Caselli Family Series Presented By Reata Publishing.No Vampires, No Sex, No Vulgar Language Just Good Ole Fashioned Romance, Suspense And Mystery Book two is even better than the first one in this continuing saga of The Caselli Family I need the third book, as I can t wait to see what happens next This series has me in its grip and has captured my heart You will laugh and cry with the happy times and the sorrows that plague Noah and Angel in their lives, as the secrets family and friends hide get closer to unraveling I fall in love with some of the characters the farther I read in the series At times it can move a little slow, but it is well worth your time, as I find
I absolutely loved this book There is so much depth in the book The author gives vivid details in the Black Hills and Sioux Falls, I can picture where she is writing about I also like how the author does not skirt issues of the day and in
I was sent this book in exchange for a review from the publisher My ratings and reviews will be my own personal opinions and are in no way influenced by publishers or authors who may have sent me books to review This is book two in the Caselli Family series and continues to follow the lives of both Angel and Noah I only read book one a few months ago, and I did not realize how much I missed these characters I was ready to find out what happens with them and if they ever find one another again.The author did a great job summarizing book one which helped me quickly get back into this story I still would recommend starting with book one, as I think you would fall in love and understand the characters and their relationship much .Book two focuses on Angel and Noah which I loved There was other storylines going on, but I liked how they seemed to all intertwine in book two than they did in book one This also actually takes place within a span of over eleven years, so the plot is very fast paced as years pass quickly.There were many emotional parts to this story that will leave you heartb
This is the second book of the Caselli family series.Tillie Caselli has married Alex Martin a famous lawyer Before they were married he d do anything to spend time with her but, now this young man is too focused on work, fame and fortune Tillie is sick an can barely go to school She goes to the doctor to find out she s pregnant.Noah Hansen has married Carrie and they are very happy together until the tragic death of Carrie s mother then fishy stuff starts happening Carrie is expecting again and Noah is the best husband that anyone could have, coming home from work to check on his wife not working late than he has to.Guiseppi finally realizes he made a big mistake by not telling Tillie what him and her mother knew about Noah from before they met He can t tell her now though, what good would that do It would only make matters worse.Alex and Noah are still good friends, Guiseppi meets Noah when he comes to Sioux Falls to check on a job building Angelo s 2, Guiseppi s second restaurant He s regretting the decision he has made.This book was just as good as the first and I cannot wait to read he third one A Blackgua
Just as we love detail in paintings, I LOVE detailed books Characters that are painted before my eyes and then brought to life are what enraptures me in the tale and makes me look forward to picking the book up again, or, on the other hand, dread putting it down Pit of Ambition, book two of The Caselli Family series, continues the work of book one with giving the characters a full life, full background, and full personality.I love the detail the author puts into these books For some reason, the way she writes gives her characters substance It s as if she gives you a pair of 3D glasses to wear while you read.If you have already read book one, which I insist upon, grab the tissues, a cup of coffee, and snuggle in to your favorite chair to read this book The author has a lot to tell you, and in my mind, not enough pages She has a lot to throw your wayIt s almost like riding a roller coaste
Start with Book 1 The Pretender, and once you have read it, you will have to read this one This book can really get your blood boiling as certain characters are consumed with themselves and what they want in life, no matter the cost There is also a
I sure love this story I really enjoyed book one and this book was just as good or better This is a really touching story that could really be about real people, their lives, their trials, and their joys I can really relate to several of the characters We ve al
The Pretender and Pit of Ambition are the first two books in Ta Mara Hanscom s series about the Caselli family I happened upon these books in the store one day and was immediately drawn in by their beautiful covers I had never seen them before, but after discovering that the books were set in South Dakota beginning in the 1970 s I knew I had to give them a try I love reading stories that take place in the 70 s and there are not really that many Christian fiction books that do, let alone take place in my home state I immediately went ahead and purchased both books and was glad I did when I learned that both would end with cliffhangers The story begins with the Caselli s seventeen year old daughter, nicknamed Angel, on a high school trip to Rapid City While there she meets Vietnam vet Noah They have an instant connection and by the time she leaves Rapid City, only a few days later, they have professed their love to one another Unfortunately, due to miscommunication, misunderstanding, and some deliberate manipulation on the part of Angel s family, the young couple is kept apart and we are kept on edge wondering if they will ever be able to be together Without giving away too much, I feel I need to make it known that this is not your typical romance story The endings of both books are not what I had expected or hoped I felt frustration than once with several of the characters a
Pit of Ambition by TaMara HanscomSecond book of the series and this one comes with a detailed list of the characters and other important information about the area.Love this part because if this is the first book you re reading it will help clear up who is who.What I also like about this book is that it brings the characters up to date with just enough details from the previous book that they don t give it all away.Book follows Tillie and her family and extended family members and their encounters with their work and everyday lives.Story also follows Noah and his family and his business dealings and his family.Pregnancies in this book turn into emergency situations that draw the family togetherNoah has tax problems and is informed not only did Carrie sign the check for stocks but he s not sure why she was in CustardNoah s business is under control
Pit of Ambition is book two of the Contemporary fiction series Caselli Family Series by author Ta Mara Hanscom When we ended book one two marriages had taken place, one of convenience and the other thought out of love But, were these marriages a mistake The setting is in Rapid City, South Dakota, 1980 Giuseppe and Rosa Caselli have a secret, should they bring it to light or should they keep quiet I wanted to read this novel because I expected the suspense to build from book one This book did not let me down Alex Martin, the husband of Tillie Caselli, decides he wants to get into politics despite what his father or brothers say, and despite that, his wife is expecting Tillie is pregnant and I learned that when the OB measures a pregnant woman s body around the waist each inch stands for a week of pregnancy My favorite quote from the book is Her brow is like the snowdrift, her throat is like the swan, her face it is the fairest, that e er the sun shone onmmmAnnie Laurie