Peppermint What Do You Do When True Love Is Just Beyond Your Reach Hey Is A Normal Teenage Girl Who Has A Crush On The Hot Teen Singer EZ But Whenever She Tries To Work Up The Nerve To Confess Her Feeling Toward Him, EO Always Gets In The Middle Of Things Pop Star EZ May Never Think Of Hey As Anything Than A FanThis Is A Charming Romantic Fantasy That Shows You True Love Is Where You Least Expect It 2.5 starsPretty juvenile Okay ish artwork, in my opinion.I will continue on with the series in hopes that I end up enjoying it. Needs a better, or at least smoother, translation there s a lot of weird segues and non sequiturs that make the text hard to follow What I can gather of the plot doesn t make a whole lot of sense, either, so I kind of rushed through it It s a love triangle, maybe Except it s really two unconnec
Definitely older style manga for a younger audience than me My 10 year wasn t all that into it either. Hey is a dedicated fan of Ez, a popular pop star who goes to the same school as her She cherishes every moment they happen to meet and talk Even when the members of the Ez fan club hurt her, she doesn t let it stop her But can she keep it up when she meets Ez s younger brother and he falls for her This was very funny And cute It was such a weird love triang
This one is pretty silly Hey is smitten with a teen idol guy who goes to her school and is being messed with by his fan club because he actually talks to her A middle school kid saves Hey from the mean girls
this is cute its a little boring but it didnt pull me away either i think is was cute, kinda funny, good art but not very exciting though mi taste is a little special but hey its not bad so there Not a fan of the artwork, but the story was ok Probably won t continue the series, though It just didn t hook me.

[EPUB] ✼ Peppermint  Author Eun-Jin Seo –
  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Peppermint
  • Eun-Jin Seo
  • English
  • 11 March 2017
  • 9781598166811