Other Goose

Other Goose It S Humpty Dumpty, Little Bo Peep, Jack Be Nimble, Miss Muffet, Little Boy Blue, And , Like You Ve Never Seen Them Before Renowned Artist J.otto Seibold Re Nursuries And Re Rhymes Over The Mother Goose Classics In This Must Have Collection Featuring Recurring Characters And An Ending That Brings Everyone Back For A Showstopping Finale, This Book Is The Most Fun Dear Old Mother Goose Has Ever Had Seibold also wrote and illustrated Olive the Other Reindeer Seibold used spray painted backgrounds for the first time in Other Goose Other Goose pens an introduction correcting some facts on Mother Goose and laying out the book s premise.In the first rhyme, Humpty Dumpty goes to the mall Instead of breaking himself, he breaks a shoe Another rhyme is turned into Jack B Nimble, the name did stick Over the candle, over the wick, Jack be famous for this trick New word of the day clarineter Also, Little Boy Blue plays the tuba I could see band kids getting a kick out of that.The rhymes in this book are unexpected and the updating unique Pairing them with the originals would add
I m a big fan of J Otto Seibold s Olive, the Other Reindeer, so I knew I had to get my hands on this one The artwork is typical Seibold quirky cuttouts that almost look like mosaics with odd characters and places The pictures are bright and colorful and fun to look at.The rhymes on the other hand were a little lacking I th
A clever idea, but the execution is only okay It s certainly not as good as Scieszka s Stinky Cheese Man Because the opening makes a big deal about rhyming, it s very disappointing that the rhymes are so bad, with such on paper rhymes as again and bargain that will confuse kids about the nature of a rhyme Simon and rhyming not even rhymin , which would haev worked
Seibold would like us to forget Mother Goose, her rhymes are out dated and she s not even a real goose gasp So, with help from Other Goose, an actual goose, readers are presented with modern, quirky, re rhymed poems The presentation of the
This is just not my book The art doesn t appeal to me I think the rhymes are kind of lame Saved from one star because the bad pun in Hickory Dickory Clock made me smile Hickory Dickory ClockThe mice ran up in a flockThe clock struck one the rest had fun.Hickory Dickory clock. I had high hopes for this book, but it just fell flat for me Perhaps I was expecting something like The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales I thought these might be funny, but nothing was particularly funny ab
Some rhymes were cute although some were much better than others , and the illustrations were nice, but some of the pages are nearly unreadable because the colors, print, and vibrations from the page clash together. This is super funny and entertaining Illustrations are crazy all over the placeText is tooAwfully designedRhymes are different not what I was hoping for. Title Other Goose Re Nurseried and Re Rhymed Childrens ClassicsAuthor J.Otto SeiboldGenre Book of Nursery RhymesTheme s Nonsense, Humor, ParodyOpening line sentence Part OneHumpty Dumpty wasn t that tall.Brief Book SummaryProfessional Recommendation Review 1 Hornbook 80 pp Chronicle 2010 ISBN 978 0 8118 6882 2 4 K 3 From Jack and Jill and Bill a pickle wearing a jaunty hat to Little Miss Muffet pronounced Muf fay , Seibold tweaks the Mother Goose classics The results vary in success some of the pieces are memorable for their humor while others fall flat Seibold s distinctive illustrations here his digital art features spray painted backgrounds set a funky, hip scene for the re nurseried and re rhymed tales.Professional Recommendation Review 2 Kathleen Finn School Library Journal K Gr 5 With its color saturated pop art cover featuring a modish Mother Goose wielding a can of spray paint, this is not your traditional nursery rhyme book And that s unquestionably the point Several dozen familiar nursery rhymes have been re nurseried, re rhymed, re mothered and re goosed to produce Little Asleep Bo Peep, Mary Had a Little Band, Rain, Rain, Don t Go Away, There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Sneak