Network+ Guide to Networks (Networking (Networking (Course Technology))

Network+ Guide to Networks (Networking (Networking (Course Technology)) Designed To Prepare Users For CompTIA S Newly Revised 2009 Network Certification Exam. I felt constant information overload from this book I may have some residual negative feelings towards it because I had a horrible, rambling, out of date professor and I soon discovered I was really not into networking, BUT I do remember this book having tooonnsss
I HATED this class It may not have been so bad if I had taken it in person, but all I.T classes at my school are either at night or online So I opted for online, and discovered that reading about I.T without any hands on is my kryptonite I have since changed majors, all due this class I still
This book of course is a text book and as some have pointed out full of a lot of information and in depth data on networks Dean lays it out in a nice and well ordered fashion, using real world situations when it comes to hands on and case study projects.It does well on helping prepare you for the Network certification exam and I would say gives you about 70% on the information needed in some objectives and close to 90% i
The material was well organized and presented It does an adequate job preparing you for the Network test I d say it gets you about 80% of the way to being completely test ready My biggest distraction was ho
It does it s job, but the information isn t presented in a fashion that helps you retain the information It s dense text, little white space, and a bunch of terms and facts you have to memorize They are organized and presented in a good order. School text

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  • Network+ Guide to Networks (Networking (Networking (Course Technology))
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  • 27 June 2017
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