My beautiful enemy

My beautiful enemyIn This Spellbinding Romance By The Acclaimed Author Of The Luckiest Lady In London, A Beautiful And Cunning Woman Meets Her Match In A Man Just As Dangerous And Seductive As She Is, Putting Both Her Heart And Her Future At Risk Hidden Beneath Catherine Blade S Uncommon Beauty Is A Daring That Matches Any Man S Although This Has Taken Her Far In The World, She Still Doesn T Have The One Thing She Craves The Freedom To Live Life As She Chooses Finally Given The Chance To Earn Her Independence, Who Should Be Standing In Her Way But The Only Man She S Ever Loved, The Only Person To Ever Betray Her.Despite The Scars Catherine Left Him, Captain Leighton Atwood Has Never Been Able To Forget The Mysterious Girl Who Once So Thoroughly Captivated Him When She Unexpectedly Reappears In His Life, He Refuses To Get Close To Her But He Cannot Deny The Yearning She Reignites In His Heart.Their Reunion, However, Plunges Them Into A Web Of Espionage, Treachery, And Deadly Foes With Everything At Stake, Leighton And Catherine Are Forced To Work Together To Find A Way Out If They Are Ever To Find Safety And Happiness, They Must First Forgive And Learn To Trust Each Other Again 4.5 starsWhen Catherine Blade arrives in England, the last person she ever thought she d meet again is Leighton Atwood Afterall, she d thought he was dead They d last seen each other eight years previously But her erstwhile friend, travelling companion and lover is very much alive, and engaged to another woman.Set in 1891, England and written in alternating chapters with flashbacks to 1883, Chinese Turkestan when Catherine and Leighton met and fell in love, this is an absolutely brilliant read It is quite dissimilar to most of Ms Thomas s other historicals, much plot driven than character driven, which some readers may not appreciate This is action and adventure, than ballrooms and boudoir.Though not essential to read the prequel and first book in this duology, The Hidden Blade, it is advisable The early chapters will be better understood if you ve read the prequel, which though not a romance, is thoroughly enjoyable It lays the groundwork, shows the backgrounds of the protagonists as children, and how and why they became the adults they are today
Gah JustGAH I don t have the words to do this duology justice They were, simply put, a masterpiece New favorite HROFALLTIME This was the second book in a duology I read the first one, The Hidden Blade, a few months ago, but have finally gotten to this one The first one was mainly about two children growing up in kinda parallel or connected circumstances In this book they re all grown up and we follow their beautiful romance The book takes place in both England and also parts of Asia It has a present day timeline mostly in Victorian London , well interspersed with flashbacks that reveal Ying ying and Leighton s highly dramatic past what happened between the end of The Hidden Blade and the start of this book There are moments of violence, but it s almost stylised, and though not pleasant, the writer doesn t linger over these scenes There is wuxia style martial arts and one very evil bad guy.Sometimes I don t like a flashback style book structure, but in this case it worked well When Leighton and Ying ying have their first, shocking re meeting, you really want to find out how they got there The romance in the book is truly lovely the connection between our lovers is deep and real, and the time they spend apart is wrenching and painful Their final HEA is movingly done I loved this aspect of the book There are sex scenes outside marriage , but otherwise it s a clean read Nothing too explicit, and the scenes fade to black Quite suitable for older teens IMO.I guess this book co
I increasingly feel Thomas is constrained by the artificiality of publishing a historical romance novel The Hidden Blade, a supposed prequel, was a better book by far, rich with small details that brought the interior life of its two protagonists to the fore In comparison, My Beautiful Enemy is telegraphic, jumping from plot point to action scene in order to bring all elements to a resolution.I adore Thomas s choice to meaningfully set the book in Ch ing China, and the fact that while her leads may be British at least in part they have the will and desire to move through the world entire to find a place that suits them both However, this story had the potential to be a sweeping epic, big, meaty, sad, and sweet Instead, by cramming the second half of the story into the slight page count and format of a historical romance, Thomas lost the richness that defined the first chapter Key moments were compressed, leaving me so
It was good, but not great.Full review to come. Even taking into consideration the fact that I am used to an occidental pov, than an oriental one, it still doesn t explain the fact that I found this story somewhat lukewarm.I can t even give the explanation that I fell into this story without having read the previous story, because I did read it, and I pretty much loved it.I think that for me, Ying Ying s and Leighton s story would have worked better, if instead of two books, we were to have had three The second book following where the narrative stopped in the first book, allowing us to accompany their relationship, and all that happens next I can t help feeling that, that would have given strength to their story by allowing the readers to feel empathy towards their story.As it is, we are given flashbacks to see what happened between those two in the past, _for me the interesting parts of the book _ and then we are thrown into the present, with just too many balls up in the air We have Leighton who is engagedCatherine Blade, who is trying to find the Jade tablets..A maniacal foe who sounds as if he s been having too much fun with catnip o_OThe issue of both characters having met Herb Gordon..I don t knowit felt a little too much for nothing.Also, I really didn t appreciate the way the engagement between Leighton and his f
I ve given this a C for narration and B for content at AAR, which makes it a C overall 3.5 stars.I have to state upfront, that I m a Sherry Thomas fangirl of immense proportions I ve loved each and every one of her books including her recent YA titles and take delight in her skillful storytelling, her wonderful prose, the complexity of her characterisations, the angst and ultimately, the superb way her romances unfold and the depth of the connections she creates between her heroes and heroines.BUT.I hate to say this, My Beautiful Enemy didn t quite work for me Many of the things I ve mentioned above are undoubtedly present in the story The prose is beautiful, the hero and heroine share a deep connection, and the author s descriptions of the sights and sounds of the unfamiliar landscapes of Chinese Turkestan are incredibly evocative, putting the listener right there with the characters I also very much enjoy the flashback technique Ms Thomas employs it s a device she uses often and to great effect.I suspect, however, that this is a book best experienced in print Normally, when I enjoy a book, I will then look for an audio version so I can exper
A unique plot, riveting characters, and a heartfelt romance That s what you can expect from My Beautiful Enemy First and foremost, I highly recommend you start with the prequel, The Hidden Blade Although My Beautiful Enemy can be read as a standalone, understanding the background of Catherine s Ying Ying s turbulent childhood and Leighton s indirect connection with her gives the readers a greater insight on their characters Trust me, I don t think it would have been the same for me if I skipped out on the prequel Heads up though, the prequel is not a romance Moving forward The story alternates between past and present The past was the most endearing part of the book for me Cathrine and Leighton s meeting and their journey in an exotic backdrop was entirely engrossing and heartwarming Leighton is absolutely charming Historical romance heroes seem to be all the same to me though all enjoyable but Leighton is a certainly a keeper In the present, Catherine is in England on a mission to find jade tablets for her ste
The romance Loved it so 5 stars regardless of the mortal enemy plot and jade tablets mystery which was okay, not perfect, but whatever I don t think it s entirely necessary to read the prequel but I highly recommend it because it really enhances this book You see the details of Catherine and Lin s history and also Catherine and Leighton s connection All those things that helped shape them into the people they are in this installment.At first I wanted this told in a linear fashion It did throw me off that there were flashbacks just because there already was a prequel The present time revealed that there s a set history established between Leighton and Catherine Wait, what So it s like playing catch up as the story continues and the assumptions, misunderstandings, and unfortunate turn of events get revealed I did, after some time, like how the timelines alternated because it heightened the reveals and romance Oh and the backdrop to those flashbacks was so great Like the prequel, I just loved being outside the British setting Okay, the romance Hol
This is Sherry Thomas so right off the bat I want to emphasize that she writes very well She sets a scene with precision and paints a believable picture of late Victorian London, China and the East generally and a typical Sussex country House She writes strong dialogue Martial arts are not my thing, nor for that matter is the history of the East, but that aspect of this story wasn t too much and the descriptions of the battles and fights and the training were quite diverting There s a lovely moment where the heroine is training in her small flat in London and she jumps onto the table and balances on an upturned tea cup Thomas explains in the author s notes that she s played around with the realism of everyone s martial arts abilities, in a similar style to traditional writing on the subject So all that was good and I cannot rate the book lower than 3 stars given these successes The problem is this is a romance novel and, oh boy, do I feel like she phoned this one in Thomas has a favorite trope of reuniting lovers many of her books rest on this premise or variations on the theme She s also a fan of the flashback, not for everyone, I know, but it s worked well for me in the past Not Quite a Husband is on
What a disappointment.There are so many things wrong with this book Firstly, both hero and heroine were not who they said they were, so just because the heroine found out who the hero was before he found out who she was, he left her All those promises and vows So useless Was that supposed to be romantic Because there was nothing romantic about it.At the end of the novel when they get together again and he tells her he will never leave her and that only she will be in his heart, the same as what he