Murder out of the Blue (Maliha Anderson, #1)

Murder out of the Blue (Maliha Anderson, #1) A Gruesome Death An Airship Full Of Suspects Maliha Anderson, A Brilliant And Fiercely Independent Anglo Indian, Is On Her Way Home To Make Peace With Her Past And Future When The Nurse Of A Wheelchair Bound General Turns Up Dead, The Accusations Begin To Fly As Fast As The Sky Liner RMS Macedonia Zips Across The Clouds Unlike The Baffled Authorities, Maliha Believes The General Is Innocent, And So The Mystery Begins With Landfall Just Hours Away, Maliha Must Find The True Murderer Before The Culprit Escapes, Even If It Means Putting Herself In Grave Danger Murder Out Of The Blue Is The First Installment In The Maliha Anderson Steampunk Murder Mystery Series Which Includes Unforeseen Twists, Vivid Descriptions, Intriguing Characters, And Crisp, Elegant Prose The Book Serves As A Great Introduction To The Steampunk Genre And As An Homage To Agatha Christie In An Alternative Edwardian Setting Steampunk is new to me and this book showed me how nice it is to just sit back and go with the alternate universe where a difference like Faraday s discovering anti gravity can change things I found it very relaxing to let my mind flow in this way From the beginning of the reading, I knew I was in good hands with Steve Turnbull His story has a classical feel to it I did not feel bombarded with odd things, but just fell naturally into the story where things are not like they are here now I enjoyed his main character and his developme
Murder Out of the Blue a review by Rosemary KennyNot on the same level as E M Forster s A Passage to India, but with some of the same elements, Steve Turnbull s fascinating tale of heroine Maliha Anderson s unconventional parentage a Scottish Presbyterian father and a Hindu mother , leaves her a somewhat of a social disadvantage as she travels to India aboard an airship powered by the Faraday effect, that has all the class distinctions of a sea going liner or indeed the Orient Express The latter similarity becomes marked when a young woman is found murdered and to have an even startling secret, which stimulates Mahila to join the ship s security officer in seeking out the culprit before anyone else prematurely meets their maker Who was the victim Why is their secret so shocking Why does Mahila question another person
As light relief after the intensity of The Ark Before Noah, I chose one of my new steampunk books for my next read Bought as part of the Indie Steampunk Book Extravaganza 2 a Facebook event , Murder Out Of The Blue is a novella by a new to me indie author and I was primarily attracted to it by the atmospheric cover art and it s price 77p on Kindle at time of writing.Murder Out Of The Blue is set a little later than other steampunks I ve read and this particular world isn t at all reliant on supernatural phenomena which is refreshing The fabulous air ship upon which the tale takes place is temptingly described and I would love for it to be actually invented I d certainly buy a ticket Maliha Anderson is a strong heroine with an interesting heritage, let down here only by the novella format in that I wanted to learn about her and her life but extensive characterisation is missing There are several teasing hints and presumably will be explai
Murder Out of the Blue is a steampunk murder mystery set aboard a luxury airship and strongly written in the Victorian style This is a thoughtful study of class, gender and racial prejudices in an alternate steam era history So if you re looking for air pirates and swashbuckling, this isn t it.The protagonist is a bi racial Indian and British young woman, at once driven by a strong moral code and tempered by the desire to stay out of the limelight Hints at her backstory make her complex and intriguing enough to overcome the Victorian manners that keep her at arm s length from the reader.The mystery itself resolved a little suddenly for my taste, but that may be down to the limitations of the novella as a vehicle for in depth sleuthing And there is a passage in which the POV shifts to that of the killer, which felt awkward both in th
Nicely plotted little mystery Maliha is an interesting character, but I would like to have known about her past There were only a few hints That was likely due to the short length of the book Also Mr Crier remains a total enigma That s notable because other secondary characters came in with spot on clarity.Incidentally there was very little mechanical or technical stuff in this book but that s not a minus for me What details the author used of journeying in a derigible were interesting, authentic, and exactly what a smart and sensitive young woman would hone in on.But I d
Despite its short length, I didn t find the story lacking in intrigue, suspense or mystery.I loved the whole theme of the book As a reader, I could almost smell the leather of those high backed chairs, the slight squeamishness of first being bereft of gravity and the overall atmosphere was altogether very well detailed And when the first of many plot twists hooked me in, there was no way I
Though this is ostensibly a novella of the steampunk genre, the milieu takes a back seat to the events and characters of this alternate point in history In truth, this is of a classical whodunnit and, while there are enough red herrings and misdirectors to keep you guessing, when the denouement arrives the earlier clues that may have seemed
This is the first book in the Maliha Anderson steampunk mystery series The worldbuilding is seamless being unfamiliar with steampunk, I wondered about the Faraday engines, but the world of steampunk is seamlessly integrated into the story And Maliha Anderson is a wonderful character in my opinion, Turnbull gave her not only a unique voice and gave her believable reactions to difficult and racially insensitive situation, but also provided an irresistible taste to an enticing backstory.However, the mystery itself leaves a lot to be desired The murder isn t uncovered until than halfway through the story, which is perhaps expected in a novel written in Victorian times, but not a modern novel simply set in Victorian times the first part of the novel drags a bit More problematic is that the murder is solved too quickly, and with too little detective work on Maliha s part at least, not that the reader sees It s a bit of conjecture followed by a lot of luck, and the arc of the plot that has to do with the murder simply isn t very satisfying.Turnbull s language is great, and quite appropriate for a Vic
This was my first steam punk story and if the others are as good as this one, it definitely won t be my last I was afraid it would be heavy on the technical end of things, but was pleasantly surprised There s enough technical description to satisfy my curiosity, but it is in the background It was important to the story, but was not the key focus The human story was compelling enough to make suspending disbelief relatively easy Despite technical advances of the steam punk gadgetry, social attitudes and organization were just what you would expect of the period The characters were a bit stereotypical, but were fleshed out enough for their individuality to come through I was surprised that Maliha, the main character, was only 19 years old, but given her history it seems plausible that she would have had to mature faster than her English peers and would have developed a rather jaded view of them A matter of social survival at the least, per
Interesting main character in the time of English colonial views still prevail pre WWI Main character is a young lady returning to Ceylon after English boarding school Maliha has an English father and Ceylonese mother After a world of downwards glances and snobbery towards her, she longs for home and family once again However she will come of age on