Maria Takes a Stand

Maria Takes a Stand Time Period 1914 1914 Is A Tough Year For Twelve Year Old Maria Schmidt Ever Since The Kaiser Started A War In Europe, Maria S German Sounding Surname Has Brought Her Trouble At School Even Worse, Her Family S Been Threatened Because Of Her Father S Union Activities In The Midst Of All That, However, Maria Finds A Noble Cause To Support Woman S Suffrage Maria Takes A Stand Uses Actual Historical Events To Tell A Compelling Fictional Story Of A Girl Who Must Overcome Personal Hardships To Serve A Cause Larger Than Herself It S A Perfect Vehicle For Teaching Lessons Of American History And The Christian Faith. While I can definitely both understand and personally, emotionally appreciate the struggles and hardships Maria has to face, her desire to help fight for women s rights, her frustration at being a German American during WWI, when even having a German surname could easily and quickly bring both accusation and persecution often even being considered a potential traitor or spy , I find, and yet again, that this is another novel, another historical fiction story where there is a heavy and in this i While I can definitely both understand and personally, emot
This is a very good series for young girls women to read Each book has values to be learned for readers The plot of this story was about a young girl named Maria who believes she can be or do anything a boy can do, and is encouraged along the way to participate in the Woman s Suffrage Movement. JAR5 Sis

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  • Maria Takes a Stand
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  • 23 August 2017
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