Make Trouble

Make Trouble From An Icon Of Popular Culture, Here Is Inspiring Advice For Artists, Graduates, And All Who Seek Happiness And Success On Their Own Terms. Go out into the world and fuck it up beautifully. ORIGINALLY POSTED illustrated version of his 2015 speech to the graduates of the Rhode Island School of Design, my only fault with John Waters Make Trouble is that it wasn t updated to reflect our current political landscape Despite this shortcoming, Make Trouble is full of inspir
This illustrated speech that John gave to the graduating class at the Rhode Island School of Design is flat out amazing Everyone should be able to take something positive away from reading this All the stars Definitive proof that filthy and perverted are not only not diametric opposites of kind and wise, but that they don t even fall on the same spectrum.This funny, fierce speech was originally delivered to the graduates of Rhode Island School of Design, but I would cheerfully hand it, adorned with the biggest, tackiest bow I could find, to a high school grad, or even to my 8th grader as he finishes middle school this spring.I have an ARC of this book, and I have kept it close at hand recently, Definitive
This is just perfect Give this book to graduates after reading it to remind yourself it s not too late Make a splash Be unapologetic in your quest to be YOU The world will be better and different when you take a chance. I could never be friends with someone who doesn t like John Waters He is my hero and role model This book is a whole lotta FUCK YES. John Waters uma das minhas pessoas favoritas na vida, ent o claro que quando saiu a not cia de que um discurso dele para uma turma de gradua o o mau exemplo em pessoa falando para a juventude, a ironia n o escapa nem a ele eu sabia que precisava desse livro Waters continua t o debochado, anti stablishment, pervertido e relevante quanto era h d cadas atr s Temos muito o que aprender com ele Refuse to isolate yourself Separatism is for losers Gay is not enough any It s a good st John Waters uma das minhas pessoas favoritas na vida, ent o cl
Essential reminders for anybody creative go out in the world and fuck it up beautifully. Cutely illustrated But surprisingly safe speech from a historic shocker. It s John Waters, It s a graduation speech, whatdo you need to know Two Thumbs Up

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