LycanthropeLycanthropes Be The Hunter Or The Hunted In This Jam Packed Anthology In These Remarkable Stories Of People Who Morph Into Other Creatures, Lycanthropes Takes The Reader On An Adventure They Wont Soon Forget Supernatural Curses And Fantasy Diseases Change Ordinary People Into Extraordinary Were Beasts Are You Afraid Of The Dark You Shouild Be Let Lucinda Siverling Take You To The Islands As She Shows You A Young Man Struggling With The Affl Iction That Has Overtaken Him Ever Since His Run In With A Komoto Dragon In Here There Be Dragons He May Not Get Involved When Foreigners Attempt To Change The Very Fabric Of His Traditional World, But When They Overstep Their Bounds And Hurt Someone He Loves, The Dragon Must Fi Nd Justice Traipse Through A Forest In A Chase To Save A Town From A Beast That Threatens All Of Their Safety Michael Shea Shows His Talent By Immersing You In A World Where Hunters Spend Their Whole Lives In Search Of Their Pray, And Sheriffs Put Their Life On The Line For Their Town Even In The Face Of Impossible Danger In The Bear Some People Get Their Mother S Blue Eyes Or Their Father S Temperament But Kristen Anthony Explores What Happens When You Inherit Something Far Animalistic An Ancient War Between Were Cats Threaten The Lives Of A Couple Of Teens Who Decide To Take Matters Into Their Own Hands In Unusual Legacy An Epic Quest Is Laid At The Feet Of A Warrior With A Secret Of His Own In The Frost Scarab Of Luunhaat A Warrior Is Charged With Saving The Town From A Dragon Who Terrorizes It By A Prince Rud To Be His Kin Christopher Heath Takes Us On A Journey As We Watch A Were Dragon Who Pulls Out All The Stops To Defeat His Foe, But At Whatcost Mysterious Deaths Plague A Community In J M Messana S Unnatural Changes Attempted Attacks And Death Consume The Life Of A Young Girl Who Begins To Wonder If Her Own Strange Experiences Might Be Related To The Horrors Surrounding Her.

!!> Epub ➡ Lycanthrope ➠ Author Jennifer Andersen –
  • Paperback
  • 172 pages
  • Lycanthrope
  • Jennifer Andersen
  • English
  • 09 February 2019
  • 9780976996071